Blinkers Look Missing After Installing a Super Tiny LED with Position Lights on the Rebel 250! | Weekly Review

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Pick-up review

Changing the blinkers on a '17 Rebel 250 to LED

Rating: ★★★★★


These blinkers are sold as a left-right set, but some products are sold as a set of four (front, rear, left and right) or individually. In addition, what is required is a blinker conversion cord, mounting clamp for the front, mounting base for the rear, extension cord, and IC blinker relay.

As for installation, the front had to deal with the problem of how to fill the gap in the fork cover, and the rear had to remove the rear fender to install the extension cord. My Rebel 250 was changed to the new Rebel 250 LED tail lights at this moment, so it was an extra hassle.

I'm very satisfied with how slim it looks. The brightness is good enough to meet the inspection requirements, and it looks cool and discreet.


The blinkers have lost its significance.


White LED position lights


Front view and LED tail lights


Replaced with new Rebel 250 tail lights


Front LED blinker


The STD blinkers are too cool to look at. There's nothing at all like a Rebel 250. There's nothing wrong with leaving the blinkers as it is, but the impressions I'm going to introduce here are a sample of how much clearer it looks when you replace the blinkers with ultra-compact LED blinkers.

With numerous images, you can see at a glance what it will look like when installed on a Rebel 250. It has the characteristic appearance of super tiny LED blinkers that make you think it is without blinkers. Does it look like without blinkers? The LED blinkers have a distinctive appearance that makes you think that it has no blinkers.

In recent years, the safety standards have been changed to allow the use of ultra-compact blinkers, but this DAYTONA model also features position lights. Moreover, it is not just a blinker/position light switch, but a separate ring of light. I can see that glow in the picture, and it also says what other parts I need and what precautions I can take to avoid mistakes. It's a brief but good review.
(From Webike staff: Kadowaki)


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