The HEAVY DUTY Series is Here to Take on the Great Outdoors!

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Product development based on the keyword "HEAVY DUTY"

GOLDWIN has stepped into a new category that has never existed before. The concept is 'HEAVY DUTY'.

This is a proposal for a product that is rugged enough to withstand tough off-road situations, where you are heading for your destination on an uneven road, interacting with the wilderness. The first of these is the Hunter Jacket, Sabine Jacket and Road Book Jacket.

The Hunter jacket is a high-end model with various functionalities used in rally jackets, such as cutting with excellent mobility and the use of strong fabric. The Road Book Jacket is an entry-level model with minimal riding features that can be worn not only for touring, but also for camping and around town.

Keep an eye on GOLDWIN's HEAVY DUTY series, which will be enhanced in the future.

GSM22150 GWM Gore-Tex Hunter Jacket

Price: 548.74 USD
Size: M, L, XL, OL, BL
Standard protector: shoulder (waffle), elbow (waffle), back, chest (waffle)

20211116_gordwin_image-min.jpg Dark gunmetal

20211116_001_gsm22150-min.jpg Cloud blue

20211116_002_gsm22150_sa-min.jpg Sand

GSM22153 GWM Road Book Jacket

Price: 296.15 USD
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, OL, BL
Standard protector: shoulder (waffle), elbow (waffle), back, chest (waffle)


20211116_004_gsm22153_cy-min.jpg Coyote 

20211116_005_gsm22153_sl-min.jpg Stone Beige x Olive

20211116_006_gsm22153_dn-min.jpg Dark Orange x Navy


20211116_007-2_ph_0078-min.jpg Common to both models is the ventilation feature on the back.
For a more comfortable riding experience.
In addition, interchangeable waffle-type protectors are built into the shoulders, elbows, and chest, providing both safety and ease of movement.

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