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The MONKEY 125 was introduced in 2018 and has quickly become popular. It is loved by men and women of all ages because of its cute looks, and it has become a machine that can be used for various purposes such as touring and riding around town. Of course, the custom parts are also very popular.

The exhaust system in particular can be easily replaced with either the OEM UP type or the greatly changed DOWN type, and a variety of styles are available.

On Webike, UP type exhaust systems are popular by a very small margin, 52% for UP type and 47% for DOWN type! In this issue of Webike, I will present a ranking of the most popular exhaust system for the MONKEY 125 in particular!

Top 5 Standard UP type exhaust system to keep OEM image

No.5 OVER RACING: TT-Formula Full Titanium UP Exhaust System


The TT-Formula UP exhaust system from OVER RACING is very popular with other 4mini models. The exhaust system is made of titanium and has a beautiful burnished finish on the end of the pipe and silencer. By laying out the silencer and pipe with the best pipe length, the custom feeling comes out great, but it is the best match full exhaust system with no sense of discomfort.

No.4 OUTEX: Exhaust System OUTEX.R


The OUTEX brand, as it is known to many, is a manufacturer of a variety of interesting products.
There are many variations of silencers for the MONKEY 125, and the material lineup includes aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. In addition, you can choose from a total of seven different designs and types, including gradations and cone ends with cool designs. It uses the OEM heat guard, so it doesn't ruin the look, but when you ride it, the bass sound will give you a subtle custom look.

No.3 YOSHIMURA: Machine Bent  GP-MAGNUM Cyclone TYPE-UP EXPORT SPEC Government Certified Full Exhaust System


This is the GP-MAGNUM Cyclone from YOSHIMURA, which was also very popular with the 50cc MONKEY. This exhaust system is made in YOSHIMURA's Asian factory, but it is also very high quality and has excellent cost performance. By installing the optional carbon heat guard, you can create a different sporty atmosphere from the OEM one. I recommend this exhaust system to experience the YOSHIMURA quality at a low price!

No.2 SP TAKEGAWA: Scrambler Exhaust System (Japanese Government Certified)


The classic brand of the 4mini world is finally here! The Scrambler exhaust system lineup from SP TAKEGAWA. This exhaust system was developed based on the motif of the CL72, and it has a wild and retro atmosphere. In addition, you can enjoy the unique sound by using twin silencers even though it is a single cylinder.

No.1 SP TAKEGAWA: Sports Exhaust System (Normal Look Style)


SP TAKEGAWA finishes 1-2 in the UP type exhaust system category! The most popular exhaust system in the UP type category was SP TAKEGAWA's sports exhaust system. You may look at the picture and think, "Oh, isn't this OEM? This is a custom exhaust system that can be installed with the OEM heat guard and exhaust end, so you can get the performance and sound without losing the cute OEM look and image.

Top 5 DOWN type exhaust system that can produce more custom feeling


No.5 YOSHIMURA: Machine Bent R-77S Cyclone Carbon End TYPE-Down EXPORT SPEC Full Exhaust System Japanese Government Certified


YOSHIMURA, which also appeared in the 3rd place of the DOWN type, ranked in the UP type as well. Unlike the previously introduced GP-MAGNUM, the R-77S Cyclone is a rectangular-shaped silencer that was developed for more performance. This exhaust system provides mild sound quality and a torquey start, allowing you to experience a comfortable, stress-free ride.

No.4 MORIWAKI: Full Exhaust System MEGAPHONE


Speaking of HONDA, it's MORIWAKI! A combination of royal road & classic! A retro megaphone exhaust system that can emphasize the "cuteness" and "humor" of the MONKEY 125. It has a traditional design that goes well with any body color.



This OVER RACING is also ranked in the UP type as well as the DOWN type. The GP-PERFORMANCE Full Titanium RS-R also has a beautiful burnished finish on the bent portion of the pipe that extends slackly, and the slash end silencer has a more racy style. This is a sports exhaust system that not only looks good but also has a high rpm characteristic!

No.2 YOSHIMURA: Machine Bent GP-MAGNUM Cyclone EXPORT SPEC Japanese Government Certified Full Exhaust System


YOSHIMURA GP-MAGNUM Cyclone is also popular in the DOWN type. The slim circular silencer matches the body of the MONKEY 125, and even though it is inexpensive, the output characteristics are more powerful in the entire range. The GP-MAGNUM weighs only 2.4kg compared to the OEM 5kg, which is about half the weight. The GP-MAGNUM series is a popular series that allows you to experience YOSHIMURA's quality at a low price.

No.1 YOSHIMURA: Machine Bent Straight Cyclone Japanese Government Certified


The 1st place by far is the machine bent straight cyclone from the very popular YOSHIMURA brand, which appears for the 4th time! This is the traditional black short tube that has been standard on Z series motorcycles, CB400Four and Z900RS. The MONKEY 125 also features a lineup of styling that is just as exciting to look at as it is to ride. The Straight Cyclone, made with humor and tradition, is by far the most popular exhaust system, including both UP and DOWN types.

Extra | DOWN type exhaust system with the right side cover too!


When the MONKEY125 is customized with a DOWN type exhaust system, the right side of the OEM exhaust system becomes bare. For this reason, each company has a lineup of cool, stylish, and cute right side covers. If you want to customize to a DOWN type exhaust system, check this out too!

It's hard to choose the right exhaust system for the MONKEY 125, capable of handling anything!


YOSHIMURA, which was highly popular, also offers a lineup of exhaust systems in various variations. The popularity of the UP type DOWN type is also almost 50/50. I am sure many of you are wondering which type to choose. It is strongly recommended to buy popular products when you can, because they may not be available anytime soon.

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