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Windproof, waterproof, and moisture permeable functions are great to have in a motorcycle jacket.

I think this function is especially useful in the rainy season and winter.

In recent years, high-performance materials have been introduced into motorcycle clothing.

The most famous of these is GORE-TEX.

In this article, I'll focus on GORE-TEX, a highly functional material that we've all heard of, and will introduce you to some recommended clothing!

What is GORE-TEX?


GORE-TEX® is a high-performance material with "waterproof, breathable, windproof" features.


Some of you may be thinking, "I know what waterproof and windproof are, but what is "breathable"?

Breathability simply means that it allows moisture to escape.

In other words, GORE-TEX does not allow water from the outside, such as rain, to pass through, but allows sweat on the inside to escape as water vapor.

As a result, GORE-TEX is waterproof and windproof, but prevents the inside from sweating, thus eliminating disadvantages such as sweat chill.

The fabric is made of a three-layer structure called GORE-TEX laminate.

The most important of the three layers is the central fabric called the GORE-TEX membrane.

The GORE-TEX membrane has about 9 billion holes per square inch, which allows water vapor to travel through. However, these holes are too small to allow "water droplets" to pass through.

This is the strength of GORE-TEX, which keeps water droplets out but allows water vapor to escape.

GORE-TEX is a good overall cost-performance product.


GORE-TEX is a highly functional yet easy to maintain material that can be washed quickly at home if it gets dirty or smelly.

Motorcycles are used in an environment that is prone to dirt, especially dead insects and exhaust fumes. It is good to be able to wash it easily as part of your daily maintenance.

In order to ride a motorcycle comfortably, it can be surprisingly costly to focus on comfort, such as "mesh in summer" or "electric heating in winter.

In the case of GORE-TEX products, you only need to change the inner lining according to the season, so although the initial investment is rather expensive, the overall cost is high.

Recommended GORE-TEX products

GOLDWIN|GORE-TEX Multi-Cruiser Jacket


A simple GORE-TEX jacket that is more outdoorsy in design.

This jacket is suitable for all seasons. The ventilation on the back and the zipper that is easy to open and close even with gloves on are made with motorcycle use in mind, but since it looks simple and not like a motorcycle jacket, it can be used for everyday wear without any problems.




This is one of the jackets that are positioned as the flagship model of ROUGH & ROAD.

It is a product that has garnered the support of many touring riders by successfully combining the company's characteristic large number of pockets with the windproof, waterproof, and breathable properties of GORE-TEX.

The position of the pockets has been carefully calculated to make it a product that stands out for its ease of use.


GOLDWIN|GWM Euro Classic Jacket


The "Euro" series is GOLDWIN's high-end line that pursues functional beauty, comfort, and durability.

Each piece is carefully finished by hand by craftsmen, and is characterized by its comfort and high degree of perfection.

This jacket is no exception, boasting a large ventilation system in the summer and a special inner layer in the winter for outstanding thermal protection.

The GORE-TEX features an initial water pressure resistance of over 45,000mm. It is a piece of clothing that is suitable for all seasons and all weather.




This model was newly introduced in 2021 and has become one of GOLDWIN's most popular models.

The GOLDWIN Hunter Jacket has been completely redesigned and has a more casual trend.

This one has a casual design that can be used for everyday wear as well as motorcycles.




Made from GORE-TEX denim, a rarity in clothing.

It is therefore a little hard to wear. The inner shell with a protector is removable, so you can wear the outer shell alone when you are not on the bike.

In addition, by adding a thermal inner lining, it is possible to wear in all seasons.


GOLDWIN|GORE Real Ride Winter Gloves


Waterproof glove made of GORE-TEX (R) material.

Durable cowhide leather on the palm side and boa lining on the back side to keep you warm.

If the jacket is made of GORE-TEX, the gloves should also be made of GORE-TEX.




GORE-TEX is also used in outdoor clothing for camping and snow sports.

Rather, motorcycles are also used close to the hard outdoor genre.

If you have one, you can use it all season long by adjusting the inner lining, so although the initial investment is a bit pricey, it is definitely recommended in the long run.

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