Introducing All the Gorgeous Motorcycles Spotted at the “Z900RS CLUB JAPAN” Meeting!

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The "Kawasaki Z900RS CLUB JAPAN" held a nationwide meeting (Kawasaki Z900RS CLUB JAPAN ALL MEETING2021 in Fujiyama P) at Fujiyama Parking in Yamanashi Prefecture on October 03 (Sun).

There were 500 Z900RS from all over Japan! This is a large-scale meeting with over 800 visitors for a single motorcycle model, so there are lots of custom motorcycles to look out for!

In this issue, I' d like to introduce the personal customization of the meeting participants as well as the store demo motorcycles. Please use them as a reference for your customization. Even if you're not riding a Z900RS, you'll find these little tricks very useful!

20211105_001_243258548_601556527537577_7765808340535781226_n-min.jpg This is the group photo of the day. It's amazing!

20211105_002_243328976_2034121890089513_6296188840756070599_n-min.jpg Even the motorcycles were in this situation.
As you would expect from an event hosted by the Owners Club!

People entering the event hall one after another.

Unlike a simple motorcycle event, this is an event hosted by a single model owners club, so the majority of people arrive at the venue on their own.

Both the Z900RS and Cafe are not designed to be raced on the track (although there are many people who bring their motorcycles to the track), but to be ridden comfortably on public roads. It's only natural for them to arrive on their own if they know the Z900RS well.
I'm impressed.

It is also important to have a cool motorcycle to look at while taking a break so that you can drive through it comfortably.

No matter what kind of motorcycle you own, you always think "my motorcycle is the coolest", but the looks of the Z900RS are even more important. The moment you drive up in your beloved motorcycle is probably similar to the elation you felt when you slid into the Hodogaya parking lot on Daisan Keihin in the past.


Different from the Z900RS CAFE, the pattern with a general-purpose bikini cowl
Modernized at a glance (it is a modern motorcycle), the smart impression is zero discomfort. Because it is a large motorcycle, the bikini cowl is not too big to be something like a strange

20211105_004_DSC_0180-min.jpg This is the universal bikini cowl installation pattern with a different shape. It looks like an OEM style, but the handlebar is sharper than OEM Cafe. Cafe's neo-retro style is good, but the fact that it also looks good like this is proof that the material is good.


This is the OEM Cafe style. The key is that its clip-on handlebar like a cafe (maybe)
Is it hard on your posture? It doesn't matter!


The version with a harder posture. But I'm not a drag racer type, and neither am I a wonky type, it's a neo-classic type. However, there were no such amazing 'zero-yon 04' back then, so it's like an endless dream come true after 40 years!

The coolest in the parking lot.

After entering the venue, I parked my motorcycle. If you're not careful, you won't be able to recognize your motorcycle because all around you are Z900RS! Because everyone has some kind of customization.

There are a lot of things that can be said to be custom-made, but the Z900RS is one of them. If you're looking for an old motorcycle, you're not going to find a lot of modern motorcycles that are as chic as this one!


Is this really the same model? The three motorcycles are so different! The one on the far left has its lights raised, the one in the middle has an evil look reminiscent of the Eliminator, and the one on the far right has a white seat and heat-resistant black exhaust pipes.


Stylish silencer and matching grab bar. In contrast to those flashy parts, all the added aluminum parts are unified in black, and the sense of color use shines.


This is a CAFE-based motorcycle with rotors that have been casually replaced. But the front fender bracket is painted with plastic wrap (I think), so it's not just a performance type.


At first glance, it looks like it's just an OEM motorcycle with a new exhaust system, but in reality, it's an expertly crafted motorcycle. If you look closely, you'll see that the entire exterior has a red gradient, which is quite intricate.

20211105_011_243797512_653761862253779_794070886434776087_n-min.jpg Full of fireball colors

20211105_012_244362345_598493591306386_6739337513598677048_n-min.jpg No single motorcycles are alike.

Let's look at the details!

Don't miss the fine art that is scattered here and there, not to mention the entire vehicle.
In fact, the Z900RS series may be characterized by the fact that many owners seem to be concerned with the details while the overall flavor is normal.

I haven't heard about the owner's intentions at all, but the person in charge will comment on what he thinks personally☆. Please forgive me if this is a case of "No, it's not"./p>

20211105_031_DSC_9975-min.jpgThis is the ultimate shrimp pipe! The TIG welding is too beautiful, and the assembly style tends to draw attention to the special exhaust pipes, but the underframe is also not to be missed! Both ends are machined and the center is bent from extruded material? How much it contributes to the rigidity of the motorcycle is a mystery, but it sure looks good!


Example of a unique paint job only on the first half of the side cover. I love that it doesn't have a carbon pattern.

20211105_032_DSC_0356-min.jpg I don't know if it's a universal cowl or an OEM cowl for Bandit 400V, but these two machines proved that the rocket cowl looks good!

20211105_018_DSC_9970-min.jpg A motorcycle that has a unique atmosphere with an awesome swingarm. Normally, this would be a bit strange, but with the Z900RS, it's possible. The silencer also has a different shape and color (probably Akrapovic slip-on silencer).

20211105_019_DSC_9923-min.jpg Point cover of YAMI Garage with the high installation rate. It doesn't directly affect performance, but these things are important!

How's that for a manufacturer and shop demo motorcycle.

This year's meeting had 25 companies exhibiting their parts at booths. Some of the more enthusiastic companies brought in their own customized demo motorcycles for display, but the custom motorcycles made by professionals are a bit different from the ordinary ones.

But that's not because a pre-release prototype is installed, nor because it has a fancy paint job. It is probably extremely well balanced. You can tell just by looking at it that it's going to perform well, as only a professionally built demo motorcycle can! Please take a look at this demo motorcycle that has no gaps at all.


Moriwaki's racer is designed for circuit use, and the public road vehicle is designed with a racer's taste in mind. The number that also serves as the meter visor looks very good even if it is diverted to other motorcycles.

20211105_021_DSC_0257-min.jpgEndurance racer style that no longer retains its original form
Although it looks like a racer, it doesn't have a full cowl like the so-called SS (it's cut off at the center cowl). If you look closely, you can see that the center cowl is not connected to the under cowl. It looks like an endurance racer from the past, but it's totally different.

20211105_022_DSC_9978-min.jpgAn example of the Z1's quadruple exhaust system. Plated fenders and point covers are also cool! The large blinkers are probably the key.

20211105_023_243643442_589461995833649_3978430194586516905_n-min.jpg Striker's TOT (Taste of Tsukuba) racer also makes an appearance
It's for the F-ZERO class, and in the race the other day, it was in the 1 minute 3 second range!

20211105_024_243334917_552892179332927_5579336978551177038_n-min.jpgA motorcycle with heat-resistant matte black painted Archi short exhaust system and TessenKrupp carbon wheels I think the red spring of YSS looks good on the black Z900RS!

20211105_025_244141667_558139738797559_5350445705733904614_n-min.jpg But Nitron's turquoise blue is pretty good too!
SP Tadao's exhaust system is a little longer

20211105_027DSC_9977-min.jpg But I can't get rid of the polish and chromium ones either. 
The beautiful curve of the burnished color is also a nice touch!

A commemorative photo like a manga cover

It's a very attractive motorcycle to begin with, so just a beautiful woman astride it would look so picturesque! It's just a parking lot! It's just broad daylight!
The background is a forest! That's not fair!
(The model is Ruriko, who served as MC on the day.)


Being cool is part of the performance!

After seeing all this, don't you think you understand a little bit why the Z900RS and Z900RS CAFE are so popular and selling so well?

Personally, I think the Z900RS is the equivalent of the old Zephyr.
It's not the most amazing performance, but it's more than enough, the style is a little bit like an old motorcycle, it's not for the track, but for the road, it's useful for everything, and it can be customized. What do you think? It looks just like it, doesn't it? The Z900RS is still popular today, but I have a feeling that 30 years from now it will be considered a classic.

What both of them have in common is that they have timeless coolness. Just as racing machines on the front lines do not lose their luster over time, I believe that there is a form that is cool no matter when or who sees it. In other words, coolness is a part of the performance. This is also my own theory.


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