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Hello! I'm Kohtaro, an off-road incharge who recently bought a ZX-7R. I have been riding not only on the off-road, but also on the asphalt! I'm going to tell you about a rare on-road story!

Webike has just started selling SUPER NOW! Do you know about it? This manufacturer is well known to those in the know and has course records at Tsukuba Circuit and Nikko Circuit, and has developed its products by feeding back its track record to its products. If you're familiar with 4-wheelers, you'll probably recognize the RX-7 from the Tsukuba Super Lap.

Rearsets are available for a wide range of models, from racer replicas of the 80s and 90s such as the NSR250R and RGV250Γ to the latest models such as the ZX-25R and RS660.

There are various types of handlebars, lever guards, and footpeg bars available to suit your needs. All the machining is done in-house, and the cutting marks, called "grind marks," are beautiful.

Let me introduce you to some of SUPER NOW's products!


The rearsets is the main product of SUPER NOW. Some of the products are priced at a whopping 175 USD, which is famous for its unusual pricing considering the quality and functionality. SUPER NOW's rearsets are available in 2 patterns, STD and Racing.

STD Rearsets = Products designed for use on public roads.


This product is designed to be compatible with the side stand, OEM shifter, OEM brake switch, OEM brake hose, and ABS. Naturally, it also complies with vehicle inspections. There are a lot of design constraints because of the auxiliary equipment, but it was made with maximum operability in mind. It's perfectly fine to use in a race!

Racing Rearsets = Products designed for use in racing.


It was built with the following ideas in mind: no side stand, no brake switch, ABS removed, brake hoses replaced, race cowl used, and interfering parts cut as necessary.

The OEM shifter is basically designed to handle this, but it does not take into account the direction of reaction (when switching the direction of the gear arm when shifting forward or reverse).

(For example, ZX-10R (16-20), RSV4, etc., if you shift in the opposite direction, the sensor response direction will be reversed and the shifter response direction will also need to be reversed.)

By eliminating the need to add unnecessary items, the product allows for more freedom in design, and specializes in the conditions necessary for racing, such as ease of operation, how it is damaged in the event of a fall, and ease of repair.

Footpeg bar

There are 4 types of footpeg bars in the lineup. Each has its own characteristics, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The M8 bolt comes out from the footpeg bar and is fixed with a nut, so it is very versatile and can be installed on other manufacturers' rearsets!

Footpeg bar type 1


This is STD type. Knurling followed by cutting process.

Footpeg bar type 2


This type has the same mounting dimensions as Type 1 but with as much grip as possible. Recommended for those who feel insufficient grip with Type 1!

Footpeg bar type 3


Based on Type 1, this type has improved durability in case of fall.

Footpeg bar type 4


Based on Type 2, this type has improved durability in case of fall. Recommended for those who feel insufficient grip with Type 3!


Lever guard


These lever guards are required to be worn in MotoGP and other races. There are 3 types available to fit most motorcycles.


The bar ends are made of plastic to further improve safety and are great! It is also recommended for lever protection when standing.


Clip-on handlebar


Three types are available in different shapes. Of course, it is an MFJ regulation-compliant product. There are many variations in the number of height increases and droop angles, so you should be able to find the handlebar you like!

Racing handlebar type A


[Handlebar Height] 18UP
[Hanging angle] 4 degrees to 15 degrees

The shape of the bar comes out right next to the fork.

Racing handlebar type B


[Handlebar Height] 38UP or 50UP
[Hanging angle] 6 degrees

The shape of the bar is out in front of the fork and out from where it rises.

Racing handlebar type C


[Handlebar Height] 18UP
[Hanging angle] 6 degrees

The shape of the bar comes out right next to the fork and from where it rises.


Oil filler cap and oil drain bolt


Both come with a hole for a wire lock to meet race regulations. The oil drain bolt has a built-in magnet, but the magnet will not fall out and enter the engine. When you remove the drain bolt during an oil change, the magnet is not there. This is a heartbreaking situation that does not happen.



The lineup of sizes covers almost all types of motorcycles, and even includes a drain bolt for the RS4V with a very special pitch of 1.5 M22! I recommend this product to anyone who wants to use Super Now products but can't find a product that fits their motorcycle. I use them on my off-road motorcycle too!





In addition to the products introduced here, Super Now also offers various other products such as crab hooks, frame sliders, and stem kits. Also, there are models and products under development, so keep an eye on Super Now! Please check it out from the link below!


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