The Key to this Leg Bag Style Waist Pouch is Having Only a Single Belt! | Weekly Review

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This leg bag is convenient when you go out for a while. It is a single waist belt, so there is no need to worry about scratching the motorcycle.

The outer pocket is not sealed. It's convenient to take out what you want quickly. I don't think anything inside will pop out while driving, but please be careful.

The main storage space is simple with no threshold. A long wallet would not fit, but a mid-size wallet will fit fine.

I put my compact windbreaker, wallet, and my phone in the outside pocket with small items and it was fully loaded.

The belt can be hooked with many carabiners, so there is a wide range of arrangements.


The size is compact and good.


The outside pocket is an open type.


It is small but simple and easy to take out.


Enough capacity for a short trip.


The compass on the handle is amusing.


The carabiner on the belt can be used in infinite ways.


It's hard for me to say that this is a great review because it's very short. However, I've decided to introduce it because it's easy to understand with plenty of pictures (which I wish was more detailed).

This may be ideal for both those who are not comfortable with waist pouches and those who have experienced scratches on their tanks due to leg bags. When you're looking for a bag like this, you don't want to take a large amount of luggage with you, so I think this level of capacity is the most convenient for you.

Whether you're doing full-scale touring with a large bag full of gear or strolling around empty-handed, it can be used in either situation and should come in handy in both!
(Webike staff: from Kadowaki)


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