The Toughest Warm Jacket ‘WS PrimaLoft Warm Parka’ for Motorcyclist! [Fall/Winter 2021]

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There are actually many different types of winter jackets. This is the same with gloves, but some jackets are mainly used in the early fall when the sunlight is still soft, while others are cold-resistant jackets that show its true value only during the harsh winter months of December to February. The WS PrimaLoft Warm Parka is one of the winter jackets that ROUGH & ROAD will be releasing this season, and it is classified as an ultra-warm jacket.

Apart from this, there is the WS PrimaLoft Polar Jacket FP, but since this is the spec used for New Year's Day touring in Cape Soya, this is the mainstream spec used for everyday touring.

I would like to introduce the WS PrimaLoft Warm Parka.

What are the features of WS PrimaLoft Warm Parka?

ROUGH & ROAD|WS PrimaLoft Warm Parka


This is a riding jacket with a hood made of so-called textile material. However, the inner jacket is removable and has ventilation in each section, so it can be used as a 3-season jacket if the inner jacket is removed. The longer hem length makes this design suitable for a wide range of applications, from gentle sports with forward lean to naked and adventure models. However, it comes into its own in the middle of winter. The inner padding is made of PrimaLoft, and you can feel the benefit of it in rather extreme cold. Of course, the outer layer is breathable and waterproof, so it can be used in changing weather conditions or even in a flurry of powdery snow.


What is PrimaLoft?


Having written all this, let me return to the original question: What is PrimaLoft? I'm sure there are many of you who are wondering. Primaloft is an ultra-lightweight, highly heat-retaining, water-repellent microfiber material developed by the American company Albany as an insulating material for the U.S. military. Moreover, PrimaLoft is highly durable and can maintain its performance for a long time. This is a so-called military-spec cold-proof material, and there is no doubt about the cold-proof performance of fabrics woven with this material. Recently, outdoor jackets made of PrimaLoft material have also become a common sight.

WS PrimaLoft Warm Parka Size


I actually borrowed the WS PrimaLoft Warm Parka.
The sample I borrowed was in size L, so I asked Tako with a 177cm height and a 72kg weight to be my model here. The sleeve length and the length part seem to be just right. Looking at the standing posture, I thought the length might be a little long, but as far as the riding posture on the YZF-R6 is concerned, it is not so dull as to be worrisome. I don't have a picture of it, but if I were to wear a large size (164cm, 58kg), I would look like a kid who borrowed his dad's shirt. So, I decided to go with a medium.

To whom can I recommend the WS PrimaLoft Warm Parka?


The size is not particularly unusual, so I think it can accommodate a wide range of users, from normal to relatively large. The colors are also limited, but women's sizes (WM/WL) are also available for Black x Khaki and Black x Red. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are almost no restrictions on motorcycle models. With its outdoor style and hooded design, it can be used from relatively casual short distance to long distance touring. However, the big difference between this jacket and other brands' winter jackets is in winter x touring using high speed. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a warm jacket other than an electrically heated one, as I'm pretty sure it's that well designed!


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