The New Hayabusa Flaps its Wings Even More! Introducing the Recommended Custom Parts and Exhaust System!

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The first Hayabusa was introduced in 1999 as the "world's fastest" motorcycle, and since no other model surpassed it until 2000, when it was not equipped with a speed limiter, it remains in the memories of riders as the last model to exceed 300 km/h. Finally, the new Hayabusa, revived in Japan for the first time in four years, was launched in April 2021.

The design concept of the new Hayabusa is "The Refined Beast (intelligence that conquers ferocity)," and the lines leading from the chromium parts on the side cowls to the exhaust system express the flow of speed. The new Hayabusa, with its updated suspension and electronic controls, made a complete comeback as a popular model soon after its release.

In this article, I'll show you the recommended custom parts for the new Hayabusa!

Here are the most popular exhaust systems for the new Hayabusa!

YOSHIMURA: HEPTA FORCE Cyclone Dual Slip-on Silencer EXPORT SPEC Government Certified


SUZUKI x YOSHIMURA is a royal combination even for other models. Also, YOSHIMURA is the most popular manufacturer of the old Hayabusa! The seven-sided silencer has an edgy design effect, and the style is both sharp and powerful. This is an exhaust system that delivers a powerful sound quality with a bass sound, and allows you to enjoy the mature Hayabusa that is not just about volume!

AKRAPOVIC: Slip-on Silencer


AKRAPOVIC is the most popular exhaust system manufacturer for super sports motorcycles. This brand is also used in the world's most prestigious races such as MotoGP and WSBK. The weight is reduced by 3.9kg from OEM. The carbon end of the exhaust system just adds to the bodywork! Of course! There are 2 types in this lineup, one for racing and the other JMCA certified for vehicle inspection! AKRAPOVIC also offers a full exhaust system with a single right side outlet!

K-FACTORY: Full Exhaust System Dual Hexagon Silencer JMCA Certified


K-FACTORY has a lineup of pentagonal hexagon silencers that shine in a powerful gold color. The unique gold silencer and gold exhaust pipe create an even greater sense of presence. This is a JMCA certified exhaust system that can be used on public roads and for vehicle inspections!

Make your motorcycle look even cooler with these recommended exterior parts!

ACTIVE: Tail Tidy Kit with LED License Plate Lights


The tail tidy kit is one of the most popular customization to change the look of the tail area. This stylish tail tidy kit is designed to be used with STD blinkers without any modification to the motorcycle, and the mounting position and the shape of the bracket are carefully designed to meet vehicle inspection requirements.

SUZUKI: Single Seat Cowl


The single seat cowl is OEM SUZUKI accessory. The Hayabusa is characterized by its rounded, raised tail. Most people probably have this single seat cowl installed. It is also available in 9 colors to match the OEM color lineup.

CLEVER WOLF: Tank Protector


A carbon tank protector! It is easy to install with double-sided tape. It prevents the tank from being scratched by the hooks and fasteners of the belt and gives it a more luxurious look and feel.

Guard parts are an essential items to protect your motorcycle!

AGRAS: Racing Slider Frame Type


Set of base plate and slider made of machined aluminum!
The base plate allows you to install the slider through the gap of the cowl without drilling holes.
*This product may not be able to be installed on the cowl without modification.
*There is a possibility of interference with the cowl due to individual vehicle differences. If this happens, insert the included sponge or slightly shave the cowl. There is also a lineup of types that require drilling for a lower price.

K-FACTORY: Front Axle Slider


The front axle slider reduces damage to the axle shaft area in the event of a fall. The slider is made of standard DURACON and the base plate is gold for a dress up effect.

ETCHING FACTORY: Radiator & Oil Cooler Guard Set


Pebbles and debris rolled up from the front tires can damage the radiator core, which is made of aluminum fins. The cooling effect is adversely affected by the crushing of the fins. You'll need it to keep getting the best performance out of your machine!

YOSHIMURA: Radiator & Oil Cooler Core Protector


YOSHIMURA's unique mesh pattern increases the opening area by about 11% on both sides and 26% in the center compared to the standard hexagonal mesh pattern. It provides excellent protection while ensuring a cooling effect. The center area, where wind-up tends to be concentrated, is protected by a fine mesh pattern, while the sides are finished with a coarse pattern to prioritize ventilation. The aperture ratio is designed to achieve both cooling efficiency and protection performance!

Rearsets to improve riding comfort

BABYFACE: Performance Rearset Kit


BABYFACE's high precision machined rearsets are chosen by many riders. The shifter switch is also compatible for Hayabusa. The rearsets can be adjusted from 6 positions to suit your needs.
20mm Back / 15mm Up
20mm Back / 26mm Up
20mm Back / 37mm Up
31mm Back / 26mm Up
31mm Back / 37mm Up
It is available in two colors, gold and black.
The lineup is available in forward and reverse shifting.

K-FACTORY: Change Shaft Holder


This part is for more reliable gear changes! By supporting the change shaft, it reduces shaft flexing and rattling that occurs during shifting, allowing for smooth and reliable gear changes. The guide is equipped with a high-performance ball bearing and a stainless steel collar made by K-FACTORY to securely hold the shaft for smoother movement.

Keep a watch out for more parts for the new Hayabusa coming soon!


These are just a few of the custom parts that have been released for the new Hayabusa. There are various parts such as screens and exhaust systems being developed by various manufacturers! Stay tuned for new product info!

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