Recommended and Most Popular Custom Parts for the Rebel 1100!

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The 1100cc big cruiser Rebel 1100 is the latest adition to the popular Rebel series. Based on the development concept of "Sit back & Enjoy the ride," the Rebel series' common feature which is the low seat height and narrow frame style, provide the rider with a low center of gravity and solid footing for a simple and cool image of a low and long style. It has already become a very popular motorcycle since it was introduced in March 2021!

In this article, we will introduce the recommended parts for such a popular Rebel 1100!

When it comes to customization, the first thing you need is an exhaust system!



HONDA x MORIWAKI, the royal combination! The NEO CLASSIC series that was so popular with the Rebel 250 and 500 is now available for the Rebel 1100!

It is available in 3 colors: stainless steel, black, and BP-χ (black gloss). The most popular color is black! By matching the color of the exhaust pipes, the atmosphere of the motorcycle will be much tighter! It is JMCA certified, so it can be used for vehicle inspections.

VANCE & HINES: Upsweep Slip-on Silencer [VH9034]


VANCE & HINES, an American manufacturer, popular with Harleys and other American and cruisers! The tapered upswept silencer and Cerakote matte black finish make the Rebel 1100 even more powerful!

TWO BROTHERS RACING: Slip-on Silencer Comp-S


This is another American exhaust system manufacturer, TWO BROTHERS RACING. Unlike other manufacturers, carbon is used for the silencer end. It features a slender, upswept silencer for a stylish look!

Exterior parts that make your motorcycle look even cooler!

HONDA: Headlight Cowl


Specially designed to accentuate the blackout style of the Rebel. It is also OEM HONDA accessory, so it matches the motorcycle perfectly! It is a popular product! Although it is small in size, it is effective as a cowl and softens the wind around the chest. A special bracket is required for installation.

HONDA: Windscreen Cowl


This is another well-balanced screen cowl that increases the power of the cruiser without making it look unrefined as it is OEM HONDA accessory. This so-called a "Kite-shaped cowl", which reduces wind contact around the arms and shoulders, and improves comfort in touring scenes. The cowl is equipped with ventilation to reduce negative pressure behind the screen. The styling matches the light and airy image of the Rebel. This product also requires a screen cowl bracket, screen cowl attachment, double-sided tape, and harness band (2 pieces).

DAYTONA: Blast Barrier (R) Kit by Motorcycle Model


If you are looking for functionality, this is the right choice! This screen is designed to reduce wind pressure during riding and reduce fatigue. The wide horizontal windscreen is designed specifically for the motorcycle model and has a great windproof effect! It provides a comfortable ride for both city riding and touring.

HONDA: Special Main Seat


A stylish seat with diamond stitching style! It is made using a stitchless patterning method to keep water from seeping into the fabric. This item is not only designed to look good, it's designed to perform and deliver quality!

MORIWAKI: Seat Cover


MORIWAKI's seat covers allow you to easily change the color of your seat. Just put it over the OEM seat and fasten with Velcro! Some users have improved their seating comfort by adding cushions like Gelzab between the OEM seat and the MORIWAKI seat cover! It gives you extra cushioning, and it doesn't ruin the look! Isn't it a nice combination!

*This product has been temporarily discontinued.
*Please note that availability will stop as soon as the Webike stock runs out.


KIJIMA: Tail Lamp Kit LED


This is a tough and cool design tail lamp kit that pushes the envelope of simplicity. Since the LED tail parts that make up the system are daringly black bordered parts, the blacked out image continues even when the engine is off. Since the OEM blinkers can be installed, it is possible to customize a natural finish without destroying the OEM image too much!

A guard parts to protect the motorcycle!

DAYTONA: Pipe Engine Guard


This is an engine guard that does not protrude too far and is hardly noticeable. If you want to have a guard, but don't want to have a strong presence, I would recommend this! While minimizing the overhang, it reduces damage to the engine and cowl in the event of a minor fall such as a falling on the ground.

K-FACTORY: Radiator Core Guard


This is an easy to install part by simply replacing the OEM radiator guard. It protects the radiator core from being clogged or crushed by flying rocks. The stainless steel construction is more than sufficient for cooling effect and aging. The "black type" is popular because of its chic color that perfectly matches the Rebel 1100!

HONDA: Tank Pad


This tank pad protects the tank from scratches caused by knee-grip. It is made of high quality rubber that is oil and weather resistant and does not transfer color to clothing. It is easy to install, just stick it with double-sided tape!


Definitely a useful loading item!

DAYTONA: Saddlebag Support


A saddlebag support is required when attaching the side bags! If you install the bag without support, the bag will rub against the motorcycle and cause scratches. There are also dangers such as getting caught in the tires while driving or having the bag burned by the exhaust system. This bag support is long enough in the vertical direction to prevent the side bags from coming into contact with the rear suspension and rear axle.

Also, since the left side and right side are lined up separately, many users put it only on the left side where there is no exhaust system!

DAYTONA: Grab Bar Carrier


A grab bar carrier designed to allow the pillion seat and carrier to lie flat. By flattening the top line, it is easier to load large items! There are 4 cargo hooks provided for convenient loading of luggage. It's a simple, user-friendly item!


Keep an eye on the Rebel 1100 for more new parts to come!


The Rebel 1100 has just been launched. Each manufacturer is still developing new products! Keep an eye out for the hottest new models and custom parts!

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