Trying Out “SCOYCO” Riding Gear with Excellent Cost Performance!

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The autumn season is starting to get colder every day, but it is the best season for riders! I borrowed a 3-season jacket, a winter jacket, winter gloves, and riding shoes from SCOYCO, and I'd like to introduce these items with my actual riding reviews!

What is "SCOYCO" anyway?


SCOYCO is a brand that was launched in 2003 based on feedback from motorcycle apparel sold around the world.

The 3 "S "s in the logo represent "SAFE", "SPEED", and "SCIENTIFIC", and the brand is sending out sporty riding apparel to the world. What makes it interesting is that it is a comprehensive clothing manufacturer that offers not only on-road apparel, but also off-road apparel such as motocross jerseys. There is also a wide selection of on-road equipment, including jackets, pants, gloves, and boots.

SCOYCO's website is here →

JK92 Winter Jacket


Price: 175.52 USD
Color: Black, Blue
Size: M - 2XL


The "JK92 Winter Jacket" has a tight European-style silhouette.

The outer fabric is made of 600 denier, which gives it a solid feel, while the three-dimensional cutting makes it comfortable to wear. As a winter riding jacket, it is also equipped with a removable inner lining inside, allowing the user to adjust the temperature according to the outside temperature from late autumn to winter.

Details Check

01_JK92_jac_05-min.jpg Equipped with 5 protectors on the elbows, shoulders and back, the shoulder and elbow protectors are CE standard.

01_JK92_jac_06-min.jpg Equipped with air ventilation in the chest, back and upper arms, it can be used in a wide range of seasons.

01_JK92_jac_07-min.jpg In addition to adopting a 3-dimensional cut, the arms and elbows are shirred for easy movement.

What do I think of this when I tried it?


At 175.52USD (tax included), the price range is quite low, yet it is equipped with protectors and removable innerwear. Moreover, it's waterproof, so it's a great deal. The appearance is not cheap or bad, and the use of 600 denier material gives it a solid and luxurious feel. If you have one, you will be able to use it for a long time from early fall to early spring.

JK42 Winter Jacket


Price: 238.53 USD
Color: Green, Gray, Black, Orange
Size: M to 3XL

The "JK42 Winter Jacket" is an all-weather winter jacket made of 600 denier fabric and waterproof film. The design is long enough to be used on a variety of motorcycles, from sporty models to adventure models, and the colors range from the standard black to orange and yellow, with gray available this year. On the front, there is a large ventilation opening, a staple of Adventure jackets, which can be used in a wide range of seasons.

Details Check

02_JK42_jac_05-min.jpg Equipped with 5 protectors on the elbows, shoulders and back, the shoulder and elbow protectors are CE standard.

02_JK42_jac_06-min.jpg Pockets with watertight zippers on the right side of the front and on the top lid of the ventilation opening.

02_JK42_jac_07-min.jpg The back is equipped with a large pocket that can fit Shobunsha's Touring Maple with room to spare, making it easy to use for touring.

What do I think of this when I tried it?


My first impression is that the outer fabric is thick and firm.
The inner layer is also very thick and very warm. There is also a large adjuster on the side so that you can tightly squeeze it to shut out the cold air during the harsh winter months. It also has 2 large pockets in the front and 1 in the back. If you have a cell phone with a map and personal items, you can ride empty-handed.


MT016-2 Riding Shoes


Price: 89.63 USD
Color: Gray, Denim x Black, Denim x Blue, Gray x Brown, Gray x Black, Camo x Gray, Camo x Brown
Size: 37-46

The price of 90 USD without tax for sneaker-type riding shoes is just eye-catching, "MT016-2 Riding Shoes. The MT016-2 Riding Shoes have a shift pad, side zips, and ankle protectors, all of which are necessary for riding shoes. The design is casual and comfortable for both touring and walking around town.

Details Check

03_mt016-2_shoes_02-min.jpg The side zipper makes it easy to slip the shoes on and off! The Velcro on the top is a perfect way to keep the zipper metal from being exposed.

03_mt016-2_shoes_03-min.jpgThe sneaker-type flat sole makes it easier for riders with small feet to use, and there is a wide range of sizes from 36 (23.0cm) to 46 (29.5cm).

TG02 Winter Sports Glove


Price: 107.56 USD
Color: White, Black
Size: M-XL

The TG02 Winter Sports Glove is a mid-length winter glove made of luxurious cowhide and sheepskin. It is cold-proof and waterproof, with a waterproof film insert inside. The inner padding is made of Thinsulate, which has excellent heat retention effects, making it a thin yet warm sports glove that is easy to operate. The index finger and thumb are compatible with touchscreens for smartphones and other devices, and it's great to be able to operate without having to take off your gloves every time.


Details Check

04_tg02_glove_04-min.jpg While the knuckle cups are made of carbon material, the fit is enhanced with supple sheepskin and shearling.

04_tg02_glove_05-min.jpg It comes with a wiper to remove water droplets from the helmet shield, and of course it is waterproof.


What do you think of "SCOYCO" winter gear? I was surprised by the high cost performance of the product. Looking for a model with similar specifications in a clothing that might be a rival, you can see how reasonable SCOYCO items are. It was launched in 2003 and is new among clothing manufacturers, so it may be perfect for riders who want to stand out from the crowd with a different brand.


Photo by: Daisuke Takeda

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