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It's almost perfect, though.

Rating: ★★★★


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I would like you to read this article with the assumption that you are replacing the SP TAKEGAWA sports exhaust system, not the OEM exhaust system.

First of all, the fact that the difficulty of installation is very low is a high point. Because of the high precision of the parts, there is almost no need for adjustment at each installation site. Also, it is possible to securely install the product by simply assembling it according to the manual. As a result, there is less fatigue. I have owned big motorcycles and have had to change the exhaust systems many times, so I appreciate it.

By the way, "I have no other choice. But YOSHIMURA has an old-fashioned image. I don't even like the design that much. I bought it even though I had a cynical view of it. As it turned out, the YOSHIMURA tube was quite good when I installed it. I feel like I've been cheated in a good way. But I also feel a little frustrated.

Now for the review. First of all, the torque feeling in the whole range has been improved. This is very important. Power can be obtained by revving the engine, and the SP TAKEGAWA exhaust system was able to produce a good amount of power as long as the engine was revved above 6,000 rpm. However, this exhaust system has a great sense of torque from the low RPM range.

It's easy to drive in this stage, which is usually around 5,000 rpm in 3rd gear, or slightly lower than 60 km/h, giving it a high rating.

Also, a model with more torque is stronger from the start. If you have torque up to a certain RPM range, you can then use the power to drive. This exhaust system has the feeling that the power takes over nicely from the part where the torque feeling breaks. I think the combination of these two quadratic curves is very skillful. It is indeed a major and long-established company. It is a little frustrating.

As for the looks, the silver color matches the bike better than I expected. I still don't like the "YOSHIMURA" in the emblem because it stands out, but ......70s would have been YOSHIMURA with white letters on a red background, and as a 90s motorcycle rider, I would have preferred the YOSHIMURA alphabet emblem. This is the only thing I can deduct points for (Katana, 1135R and the first SR emblems were alphabet emblems).

The only thing that bothered me was the reduction of the engine shake but to be honest, the engine shake is quite annoying (that's why I had to build an expensive T-REV), so I personally appreciate it as a factor that makes the ride more comfortable.
I personally don't like the vices of a single cylinder.

By the way, when I measured the outer diameter of the exhaust pipe at several places after assembly, there was a difference of +5mm compared to the SP TAKEGAWA exhaust system, so I don't think the character is different. However, it can be said that the exhaust system has shown a clear difference in performance that goes beyond preference.


The first step is to install the silencer bracket.


The thickness of the exhaust pipe is very different from the stock one as well as the one made by SP TAKEGAWA.


The exhaust pipe is fixed from the engine side. You can see the high accuracy.


Silencer installed. Good fit with the exhaust pipe.


Finally, the exhaust system guard is installed to complete the process.


This is a standard combination of a popular exhaust system for a popular car model, but it is very easy to understand, including the installation process and comparison with other exhaust system companies!

It should be an exhaust system that many people are considering buying because of its popularity, but it is also nice to see the parts of the product that you can't see just by looking at the product image within the impression image has been photographed. You can see the bend of the exhaust pipe when you look at it from the top, and the pipe diameter gets thicker and thicker with each weld.

In addition, the test drive impressions after installation are also excellent and will be of great help to those who have in mind for daily use on public roads.
Perfect as an exhaust system imprimatur!

Akihito seems to be dissatisfied with the design of the emblem, but this is a matter of preference, so I don't know what to say. I'm also a motorcycle rider from the 90's, so I understand what Akihito is saying, but I'm in the camp that the YOSHIMURA logo looks cool, even though it's black and gold with katakana. What do you think about it?
(From Webike staff: Kadowaki)


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