Spring & Summer 2021 Apparel | Kushitani Team Jacket, a Lightweight Comfort with Extra Stretchability!

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Here come the new spring/summer jackets!

I'll focus on the popular brand KUSHITANI and introduce it in detail!

I'd like to introduce you to the "Team Jacket K-2367," which is particular about its design and material!

This jacket is an updated version of the long-selling standard model, with a shirred hem for a more relaxed fit and size.

KUSHITANI |Team Jacket K-2367

Feature 1|Coloring

*The image shows the color: Blackout.

The main fabric is blackout with a stretchy camouflage pattern and black twill with wooden texture. It is a long-selling standard model, but it is a stylish jacket that is different from the previous image.

Feature 2|Material and structure

The three-dimensional structure that fits the riding form, which is one of Kushitani's features, is achieved by connecting the finely cut parts together, assuming the riding posture. In addition, the main fabric is made of a stretchy material that provides excellent mobility and does not strain the rider's forward-leaning posture.

Adopts a unique cutting pattern that improves neck mobility when riding, and reduces the burden of up-and-down movement around the neck. The left sleeve has a watertight zipper and is designed with care.

The TPU lamination fabric is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about a little rain when you're touring for a long time. Because the zipper is not waterproof, it is not possible to prevent rainwater completely. Please note.

Fabric performance: water pressure resistance 10,000mm / moisture permeability 5,000g
Moisture permeability is the property of letting moisture in a vapor state escape from the fabric before it turns into water droplets. Products with this excellent moisture permeability have the property of fabric that does not easily get steamed by sweat.

Feature 3|Specifications and Functions

The protector comes standard with removable Air CE protectors on the shoulders, elbows and back. The chest can be equipped with K-4452 Neo Racing Breast Pads, K-4395 Racing Breast Pads, or K-4409 Colloid Breast Pads (sold separately).

It is equipped with air ducts on the sleeves and back, which are indispensable in summer. Large air ducts are used in the back to replace the hot air that has accumulated inside the jacket.

The sleeves and body are equipped with adjustments that minimize flapping even at high speeds.

- Sleeve width: 1-place
- Waist: 1-place

Because the sleeves and hem are elastic shirring, it has become a specification that fits the body.


Highly recommended

This jacket is designed to be worn from spring to early fall, not too hot or too cold, and is waterproof, so it's perfect for touring with just a jacket on. It is designed to be worn from spring to early fall, not too hot or too cold, and is waterproof, so it is perfect for touring with just a jacket.

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