RS Taichi’s Quick Dry Hoodie for Summer with Sizing Review [2021 Spring/Summer Apparel]

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Are you ready for this season's spring and summer jackets?

It's time to change your motorcycle clothing. Is the jacket you wore last year okay? The trends in motorcycle wear change every year. Even with mesh, there are many designs that are stretchy and have a casual, rough-around-the-edges look.

The summer heat is a big enemy for riders who are riding with their engines. This time, I'd like to introduce you to a more fashionable RS TAICHI "Quick Dry Hoodie"!

RS TAICHI|Quick Dry Hoodie RSJ335

Specification Introduction

This military-inspired casual hoodie combines soft comfort with high breathability. Because it is made in the image of casual style, you can wear it without feeling uncomfortable even in the town where you got off the motorcycle.

When riding, the hood can be rolled up and secured with Velcro to reduce flapping.

The fabric is also excellent in terms of function, as it combines stretch and super water repellency. The surface of the fabric has been treated with a super water-repellent finish that prevents water droplets and dirt from sticking to it, so you can rest assured even in sudden rain.

In addition, you can wear it comfortably in the summer without getting stuffy because it is made of high-strength air-through stretch fabric. Reflective material is placed on the logo, which is ideal for night riding.

Introduction of colors and sizes

It comes in four colors: the standard black, khaki, which is a typical military style color, and ash navy and gray, which are achromatic colors that go well with any fashion. There will be a total of six sizes in the lineup, from S-3XL (black is available in sizes S-4XL), and there will also be a women's version (women's is available in three sizes WS-WL).

Webike staff actually tried it on.

I actually had a Webike staff member wear it!

Webike Staff: yuri

This jacket has a military style that is typical of the MA-1. It's not too sporty and can be worn casually. It gives the review that you can wear it outdoors, not just riding. The fabric is smooth to the touch and comfortable to wear.

I wore it in a men's size and it was a little roomy. If you are looking for a thinner fit, I would recommend a size M. If you go down a size too far, the sleeves and length may be too short, so choose with care.

Webike Staff: Kenji

The first look gave me the impression that "motorcycle apparel has come this far! I got the impression that motorcycle apparel has come this far. The orange zipper, the buckle on the chest pocket, the MA-1 style tag, the barcode on the back... it's a model filled with RS TAICHI's playful spirit. It's a great match for scrambler style bikes and camping touring, which is very popular these days.

Also, it was the best size for me. I think you can wear it without feeling cramped because it has excellent stretch.

There's so much more to RS Taichi's new spring/summer collection!

The Quick Dry Hoodie is a jacket that is recommended for touring because it is made with a casual style compared to other jackets. In addition, such as stretch and super water repellent fabric to adopt, I think it is suitable for long-distance touring because it is excellent in terms of functionality.

For riders who prefer a more casual wear than a quick dry hoodie,

If you prefer a jacket with a more casual style than the Quick Dry Hoodie, we recommend the Cordura Hoodie. This hoodie can be worn as an inner layer of a riding jacket even in the early spring when it is still chilly, and the temperature can be easily adjusted.


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