Spring & Summer 2021 Apparel | The Coolest Full Mesh Jacket in the Kushitani Lineup!

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Here come the new spring/summer jackets!

I'll focus on the popular brand KUSHITANI and introduce it in detail!

I'll present to you the coolest Full Mesh Jacket K-2370!

It's a sportier version of the "Full Mesh Hoodie Jacket K-2369" released at the same time this season! It is a full mesh jacket with a stylish design while maintaining its simple design.

Kushitani Full Mesh Jacket K-2370

Feature 1|Coloring

*The image shows the color: Blackout.

It features a simple design with a slub pattern embossed on the mesh fabric body. It comes in four colors: blackout, silver, navy, and orange!

Feature 2|Material and structure

The three-dimensional structure that fits the riding form, which is one of Kushitani's features, is realized by connecting the parts that are cut finely to assume the riding posture.

In addition, each part of the jacket is equipped with adjusters that prevent flapping due to wind, which not only reduces riding fatigue but also produces a sleek body line. The jacket has a full mesh construction for better airflow, making summer riding more comfortable.

The stretchy knit fabric at the collar and sides provides high mobility and a quality feel.

Feature 3|Specifications and Functions

The protector comes standard with removable Air CE protectors on the shoulders, elbows and back. The chest can be equipped with K-4452 Neo Racing Breast Pads, K-4395 Racing Breast Pads, or K-4409 Colloid Breast Pads (sold separately).

It is equipped with four pockets on the front, so it has excellent functionality.

The side waistbelt minimizes flapping at high speeds, and the fit can be further adjusted.


Highly recommended

This is the coolest jacket in the Kushitani lineup. The casual full-mesh parka jacket is great, but if you prefer a sportier look, this one's for you!


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