Spring & Summer 2021 Apparel | Stay Comfortable in Summer with Air Contend Kushitani Jacket!

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Here come the new spring/summer jackets!

I'll focus on the popular brand KUSHITANI and introduce it in detail!

I'd like to introduce you to the "Air Contend Jacket K-2368", which is also comfortable in summer and is a perfect choice!

With strength and stretch, the specs are designed to keep you comfortable in the heat. A sports-inspired mesh jacket that offers both ease of movement and safety!

KUSHITANI |Air Contend Jacket K-2368

Feature 1|Coloring

*The image shows the color: Blackout.

This jacket is made of polyester mesh material with a spread pattern embossed on the front, giving it a sports-taste image. It is available in four colors: blackout, silver, white, and navy. The flashy, yet edgy design can give you a sporty impression.

Feature 2|Material and structure

It is a hybrid specification that combines the best of nylon and knit materials to enhance the strength and athletic performance of the jacket itself. In addition, by increasing the fit, it is designed not to burden the rider with a forward-leaning posture that is more suitable for riding form. Kushitani's characteristic three-dimensional structure that fits riding form is realized by connecting finely cut parts that assume the riding posture.

By adopting mesh and stretchy material under the arms and sleeves, we have improved mobility. The collar is made of a knit material and is comfortable to the touch.

Feature 3|Specifications and Functions

The protector comes standard with removable Air CE protectors on the shoulders, elbows and back. The chest can be equipped with K-4452 Neo Racing Breast Pads, K-4395 Racing Breast Pads, or K-4409 Colloid Breast Pads (sold separately).

The sleeves and body are equipped with adjustments that minimize flapping even at high-speeds.

Sleeve width: 1-place
Waist: place
Hem: 1-point


Highly recommended

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