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The SV650/X was revived in 2016 featuring Suzuki's traditional V-twin engine and round monocular headlights. In fact, it is the most popular of Suzuki's current large models. Let's take a look at some of the most popular custom parts for this revived SV650/X!

Most popular exhaust system for STD customization!

WR'S: SS-OVAL Type Slip-on Silencer

The WR'S SS-OVAL slip-on silencer has a beautiful shape that suits the V-Twin engine. The dull look of the titanium silencer matches the simple design of the SV650 very well. The silencer end is made of baked titanium, a luxury item!

WR'S: ST-OVAL Silencer

The titanium oval silencer is shaped like a hexagon with the corners removed. Improves low and mid-range torque power with less thump when the accelerator is opened! Of course, both SS-OVAL and ST-OVAL are JMCA certified exhaust system that is compliant with Japanese vehicle inspections!

US YOSHIMURA: Slip-on Silencer ALPHA Cyclone

The king of the road for Suzuki motorcycles! This popular product is a US Yoshimura exhaust system that has been modified by Yoshimura Japan to be used in Japan. Even though it is made in the U.S.A., it is an exhaust system that is compliant with vehicle inspection because it has excellent sound deadening performance! The silencer end creates a strong impression, and the triangular silencer gives a unique shape when viewed from the side.

YOSHIMURA: Slip-on Silencer R-77J Cyclone

The R-77J Cyclone is available in two end types: shiny stainless steel and racy carbon. The most popular model is the SMS (Metal Magic Cover) type with stainless steel silencer end and carbon style stainless steel silencer shell. It seems to be similar to the ALPHA Cyclone made by US Yoshimura, but the different atmosphere is going to be a habit!

AKRAPOVIC: JMCA Spec Slip-on Silencer Line

Akrapovic is used by many of the top teams in the world's most prestigious races such as MotoGP/WSB/AMA! The silencer is made of carbon, and the design matches any motorcycle color! This is an overseas exhaust system, but it is JMCA certified and can be used on public roads in Japan.

Popular SV650 exterior parts!

DAYTONA: LED Tailtidy Kit

Tailtidy kit to clean up the tail of your SV650. DAYTONA products are lightweight & compact and can be used with OEM blinkers. The license plate light that comes with it is LED, so it's kind of a steal!


The RENNTEC grab rail is a versatile rail for a variety of uses. It can also be used as a cargo hook for touring, or as a grab bar for pillion riding!


Yoshimura products are very popular on the screen too! The material used is polycarbonate plastic, which is resistant to impact, flexible, and unbreakable. Despite its compact shape, the well-thought-out rectification effect greatly reduces fatigue when driving.

SV650 is too tight for your legs? Step on it and get comfy!

S2 Concept: Footrest Rearsets Riser Flat

I've seen a few comments from riders on the SV650 that their legs are cramped. The S2 Concept Rearsets Plate is an inexpensive solution to this tightness! This product allows you to offset the OEM footpeg position. It does not have the same amount of change or stick as the rearsets, but it is recommended for those who want to change the footpeg position inexpensively!

BABYFACE: Rearsets

The popular BABYFACE has become the STD for rearsets! There are 5 types of step positions, so you can choose the position that best suits your needs, from city riding to sport riding! Available in black, silver, and gold.


Yoshimura also has a lineup of rearsets. If you look closely, don't you think it has a similar shape to the BABYFACE rearsets that I introduced earlier? Yoshimura's back step was developed in collaboration with BABYFACE. However, the color and details of the heel plate have been upgraded by Yoshimura!

Guard system parts to prevent scratches!

BABYFACE: Frame Slider

The sliders are now installed on most people when they purchase a vehicle. BABYFACE sliders are slender and simple in design. The SV650 can be ridden in a wide range of conditions from city riding to winding roads, so it is a must have item.

SW-MOTECH: Headlight Guard

Headlight guards to guard against stepping stones! This item easily attaches to the stock headlight so you can enjoy the change in appearance without compromising the style of your SV650!

The all-around, easy-to-use SV650/X!

The SV650/X has a great mix of nostalgic and modern looks that you will never get tired of. The torque that comes from the engine is perfect for everything from city driving to winding mountain passes. It's also a motorcycle with plenty of custom parts to make it an all-around fun vehicle! Enjoy customizing your SV650/X on your own!

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