Spring & Summer 2021 Apparel | Completely Waterproof! Kushitani Aqua Jacket Boasts a Water Pressure Resistance of 30,000mm!

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Here come the new spring/summer jackets!

I'll focus on the popular brand KUSHITANI and introduce it in detail!

I'd like to introduce you to the Aqua Jacket K-2363, which excels at touring!

This is a continuation model of the Aqua Jacket that was previously released. It is a 3-season jacket that excels at full-scale touring and long hours of riding with its overwhelming lightness!

KUSHITANI |Aqua Jacket K-2363

Feature 1|Coloring

The image shows color: Navy/Yellow.

The use of a three-dimensional fabric with a plaid pattern in a unique wooden pattern makes it light and allows a lot of air to be taken in, so it is always comfortable to wear. It is available in three colors: blackout, navy/yellow, and brown! You'll enjoy the completely different coloring from before!

Feature 2|Material and structure

It is made of a solid fabric with a three-dimensional feel, and the printed design gives it a sense of class. The three-dimensional structure that fits the riding form, which is one of Kushitani's features, is realized by joining the finely cut parts together, assuming the riding posture.

The high water pressure resistance and breathability means you don't need rain gear, and the zipper is covered so you don't have to worry about a sudden rain. Wearing just one of these will reduce your luggage and allow you to enjoy long hours of riding with peace of mind.

Fabric performance: water resistance 30,000mm / moisture permeability 19,000g
Moisture permeability is the property of letting moisture in a vapor state escape from the fabric before it turns into water droplets. Products with this excellent moisture permeability have the property of fabric that does not easily get steamed by sweat.

Feature 3|Specifications and Functions

The protector comes standard with removable Air CE protectors on the shoulders, elbows, and back. The chest can be equipped with K-4452 Neo Racing Breast Pads, K-4395 Racing Breast Pads, or K-4409 Colloid Breast Pads (sold separately).

Air ducts, which are indispensable in summer, are also equipped in two places on the sleeve and back. The air ducts on the sleeves can be buttoned up to allow more air to enter.

The sleeves and body are equipped with adjustments that minimize flapping even at high speeds.

Sleeve width: 1-place
Waist: 1-place


Highly recommended

Wearing rainwear over a riding jacket is bulky and hot. At that time, I wanted a jacket like this! It looks stylish and is overwhelmingly light, so you can use it from spring to fall without worrying about the weather.

There's more new stuff on the way than I've shown you! Please check them out!

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