Facts About SHOEI Z-8 Release Date, Weight, and Color Variations! [Z-8 Comparison Review]

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The new SHOEI/Z-8 helmet was suddenly announced at the end of 2020. One of the two major domestic helmet manufacturers, and the latest in a popular series that is sure to sell out, the Z-8 is so hot that it is sure to attract attention from riders.

The Z-8 has arrived at Webike Magazine's editorial office earlier than expected, so we'll be taking the time to review the capabilities of the latest helmet!

First, let's review the new helmet SHOEI "Z-8" and its release date!

When you think of SHOEI's X series, the current X-Fourteen probably comes to mind right away. This is the manufacturer's flagship model, with high safety performance and lots of the latest aerodynamics. This model is a favorite of many riders who compete in MotoGP and WSB.

While the Z series is the same full-face lineup as the X-Fourteen, it has become a series crowned by models that pursue compactness and lightweight. The appearance is the form that makes you feel pure sports, and yet the ventilation system is enough, comfort is high by quiet design, and the height of product development power of SHOEI can be seen.

I am also a lover of the previous model Z-7, and I can say that this is a model that I can truly feel that "this is good" rather than "this is fine" when compared to the X-Fourteen. The latest Z series has been further brushed up from the Z-7. Before we take the time to unravel its capabilities, let's review the information from the announcement!


  • Price: 56,100 yen (tax included)
  • Standard:JIS Standard
  • Size:XS(53cm), S(55cm), M(57cm), L(59cm), XL(61cm), XXL(63cm)
  • Structure:AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi-Fiber)
  • Accessories: Cloth bag, breath guard F, chin curtain D, silicone oil, CWR-F2 PINLOCK EVO lens, spare PINLOCK PIN set, SHOEI logo sticker
  • Scheduled for release in March 2021!

The price of the standard solid color, Luminous White, is 56,100 yen (including tax). The Z-7 of the same color was 49,500 yen (tax included), so it's a price increase of 6,600 yen. Whether you think this price is too high or too low is up to you, but if you are aware of the new features I'm about to explain, you may feel differently about the price.

By the way, more spare pin lock pins and stickers in the accessories!

What's new in the Z-8, and how has it evolved from the Z-7?

Improved aerodynamics and rigidity!

The Z-8 inherits the lightweight and compact development concept of the Z-7. While the lines on the side of the cap have been retained from previous models, the design has evolved to be more sporty.

And yet, the shell has been rethought for rigidity and is independent of the size of the hat, so comfort is optimized for each size (except XS and XXL). Aeroform also makes full use of the research and development data that SHOEI has cultivated over the years. Higher riding stability has been acquired.

The front is Z-8 and the back is Z-7. Z-8 has a more edgy line on the back of the head.

Shield lock system is adopted!

Shield open/close knob is changed from side to center. A newly adopted shield lock system improves the adhesion between the shield and cap side when fully closed. Shield lock can be unlocked only by pushing on a lower air intake. It does not make you feel troublesome to open and close a shield.

Pressing the button unlocks the lock. It's easy to operate with either hand, but you'll have to get used to it.

New features and a new cheek pad make it quieter!

Vortex generator is adopted on the side of the shield which is close to the rider's ear, and it works to reduce noise by suppressing turbulence of running wind. In addition, the cheek pads are newly designed for the Z-8 and have been updated to wrap around the neck for a more comfortable fit. The improved fit reduces wind penetration through the wearer's mouth and significantly improves quiet performance compared to the Z-7.

The new cheek pads are exclusive to the Z-8 and have been replaced with an insert type similar to the X-Fourteen.

The center pad is unchanged from the Z-7.

High-efficiency ventilation

From the previous model, one air intake hole, the air intake, has been added. The running wind travels around the inside of the cap through the air route provided in the shock-absorbing liner, providing superior coolness compared to the Z-7.

Weight comparison! The Z-8 is ☆ gram lighter than the Z-7!

The Z series claims to be lightweight and compact. From the time of the previous model Z-7, the lightness of the cap had attracted a certain amount of appreciation.

So what I'm wondering is the helmet weight of the Z-8. We actually measured the weight to see how much weight reduction was achieved while maintaining the same high level of safety! This time, both caps were measured with pin-lock sheets attached, assuming the actual use environment.

Let's start with the Z-7,

When I actually put it on the scale, the actual weight was 1457g. Incidentally, the product weight is also listed on the SHOEI manufacturer's page, but it is noted that it is an average value of mass-produced helmets and that it does not include the weight of the pin lock seat. 

In addition, since there is a difference in weight between the graphic model and the solid color model, I minus 21g from this figure to match my "If the Z-7 were a solid color model" condition. The resulting hypothetical weight was 1436g!

Next, the actual weight of the Z-8 solid color, which everyone is wondering about, is .......

1419 grams, it's lighter!

Some of you may feel that it is only 17 grams, right. However, as mentioned above, a lot of new systems have been implemented in the development of the Z-8. The fitting that is wrapped around the neck is also thicker, and it is likely to be heavier, but to shave off 17g is the result of SHOEI's extraordinary efforts!

*The product page for the Z-8 is under preparation! Please wait for a while!

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