What is flushing to make your bike healthy! Top 10 Oil Additives Ranking [2021 Edition]!

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I want to take care of my car.
What rider wouldn't think so?

If it is visible, most things can be dealt with immediately if something unusual happens.
However, if this is an invisible place, it may be too late to detect it in the first place, and it is not easy to deal with it.

This time, we will talk about the oil additive that maintains the inside of the engine, the heart of the motorcycle, from the inside, where you cannot see.
"What kind of effect does it have? "Is it necessary to use oil additive in the first place? We'll be answering these questions and also introducing the top 10 oil additives that were supported by Webic users in 2020!

What is an oil additive?

I think of oil additives as "sprinkles" when oil is "white rice".

(The image is the author's favorite, Ajidoraku)

White rice is delicious and nutritious enough on its own.
Sprinkling furikake over the rice not only makes it more delicious, but it also provides nutrients such as calcium and vitamins that you can't get from white rice alone.

The premise is that the oil already contains the required additives.
Oil additives serve to enhance the effectiveness of the additive or to reinforce it by adding components that are not included.

And the effect of the oil additive is not to be forgotten.flashingIt is.

What is flushing?

The debris that accumulates in the engine, such as fuel combustion debris and scraped iron powder, is removed.sludgeIt is called

We have to get rid of this sludge and clean the inside of the engine.flashingI say.
By flushing, the inside of the engine can be brought to a more normal state, reducing damage to parts and power loss!

Flushing is often done at the same time as the oil change.
Mix it with old oil or inject it by itself and circulate it before an oil change to flush the inside of your engine!

I need an oil additive for situations like this!

On modern bikes, if you change the oil regularly and correctly, the additives in the oil alone will keep the engine healthy.

But for older bikes, bikes that are ridden in extreme conditions, or bikes that have been slightly neglected in terms of oil changes and maintenance, oil additives can go a long way in keeping or restoring the health of the engine!

Eat good food right, and nothing bad can happen to you.
Oil additives can also improve driving performance, including power output, fuel economy, and feeling!
Let's get them in shape early so they stay healthy!

Too easy! How to use the oil additive

The oil additive couldn't be easier to use!
Just pour the right amount of oil from the oil filler.

In most cases, the amount of oil additive injected is generally 10% to 20% of oil.
Don't be stingy, don't overuse, read the instructions carefully and use the correct dosage!

In addition, there is a thing that can be used besides adding it to oil in the oil additive though this is an application story.
If you're interested, you'll find all the info you need here!


Latest! Oil Additives Ranking!

From here, we will introduce the top 10 oil additives that we have independently compiled from the data of Webic Shopping in 2020, in the form of ranking!

No.10 OMEGA OIL - Friction reducer 1000 [300ml]

First up, we have Omega Oil's Friction Reducer 1000!
When added to engine oil, it forms a strong oil film on metal surfaces in the engine, filling in micron-level irregularities and reducing friction and wear!
It increases lubrication properties, greatly reduces friction loss, and improves response!

No.9 TITANIC|flashing titanium

The feature of Titanic products is that they form a titanium film inside the engine when used, protecting the engine!
It's also a flushing agent that removes dirt from inside the engine, and you can flush it by injecting and circulating this alone before putting in an oil change!

No.8 WAKOS|EF Engine Flash

The next one I'd like to introduce is Waco's "EF Engine Flush".
At the time of oil change, by adding it to the oil before the change and idling, a powerful flushing effect can be expected!
Don't forget to change the oil element (filter) as it will gobble up the sludge!

No.7 Castrol|Engine Shampoo

Shampoo your engine from the inside out! Castrol's Engine Shampoo!
The powerful cleaning ingredient "PCA" powerfully lifts stubborn sludge (oil sludge) that has accumulated.
Compare the feeling of shifting before and after use!

No.6 MOTUL|Engine clean (for motorcycles) [0.2L]

Motul Engine Clean is one of the most popular oil brands in the world.
A special cleaning and dispersing agent powerfully cleans and disperses carbon and sludge contaminants that adhere to piston rings and other parts of the engine → Cleans the inside of the engine and makes the inside of the engine clean!
This will restore tension to the piston rings and reduce compression variance, which will improve power and feel!

No.5 EPL|PL-500 Oil additive

EPL's PL-500 is a metal treatment that provides extremely strong lubrication with a long-lasting effect.
They say it can be used not only as an additive in engine oil, but also in fork oil and other places where metal rubs against metal!


The OIL Additive MoS2 SHOOTER improves engine response, fuel economy, shift feeling and other driving qualities, and features high durability.
It can be used on 4 stroke bikes, 2 stroke bikes, catalyzed cars!

3rd Hiroko(Hiroshima Kojun)|KZ Heat Cut [100g]

Hiroko's KZ Heat Cut, which uses plant-derived castor oil, comes in at number three!
There is no need to worry about the clutch slipping, and friction loss and chattering (minor shaking) during driving can be expected to be reduced!
This product can also be used for both 4-stroke and 2-stroke bikes, and although it is only recommended, it can also be used for suspension oil.


In second place is Superzoil's FLUSHING ZOIL!
KING of additives, Superzoil is a work of confidence that is described as "revolution of flashing", and is dedicated to flashing, and the capacity is large 2 liters.
You can count on the "metal surface modification" effect that is synonymous with Superzoil!

No.1 SUPER ZOIL[superzoil] SUPER ZOIL for 4cycle

Is there really no rival! I knew Superzoil was awesome!
Continuing from second place, Superzoil's SUPER ZOIL for 4cycle takes the top spot!
What a recovery from the damage to the metal surfaces in the engine, and what a reduction in the deterioration of the engine oil!
It contains no PTFE, molybdenum, or other solids, no organic solvents, and will not cause clutch slippage, clog oil filters, or damage gaskets or rubber.
There are four sizes to choose from... 100ml to 450ml!

Now, we have introduced the top 10 oil additives.
But if you notice, we have not been able to introduce the oil additive for 2-stroke so far.

Don't worry!
There's a decent oil additive specifically for 2-stroke bikes, so here we go!

[Extra] SUPER ZOIL[superzoil] SUPER ZOIL for 2cycle

Superzoil won the 2-stroke specific oil additive too!
Two-stroke motorcycles are now few and far between.
I want to use this metal surface modifier "SUPER ZOIL for 2cycle" to extend the life of my 2cycle engine!

Thank you for reading this far.
Again, if you have a healthy bike and are changing the oil regularly and using it correctly, oil additives are not an absolute necessity.
On top of that, I'm sure the oil additive will keep your car running healthier, more pleasantly, and with more peace of mind!
I hope this post has been meaningful to your motorcycle life!

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