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This week's pickup review

The diversion for installing a business box.

Rating: ★★★★★

This is a diversion for a 2020 JA45 Honda Cross-Cub 110 with a business box installation.

[My review after using it]
I  used to fasten the product to the motorcycle using a belt, but I have changed the fastening method to a bracket to ensure secure fastening and prevent theft.

If you're going to buy universal brackets and bolts and nuts at a home improvement store, it's better to buy these OEM optional parts.

It took the longest time to position the bracket because it was diverted to the installation of an external box. However, since the nuts are welded to the bracket, it is easy and reliable to tighten the nuts on the backside of the frame. Also, the mounting position is up to your ideas and wisdom lol.


Business box mounted on the motorcycle like a stock option... lol

Nice positioning!

Carefully position the bracket.

Naturally, there are no bolts or other interference with the frame.

Figuring out where to place the mounting bracket.
This took me the longest lol!


Even if you can imagine it somehow, it's hard to understand how to use it just from the picture of the product, but by actually installing it, you can clearly see the size of the product! It looks like it can be diverted to a totally different model from another brand, so it would be faster and more reliable than gathering materials at Home Depot as shown in the imprecation.
(From Webike staff: Kadowaki)


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