Easy Installation Method Solves One of the Few Weaknesses of the CT125! [Weekly Review]

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There's a big difference between having it and not having it!

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HONDA CT125 Hunter Cub

[For installation]
To be honest, if you think that you just put on the helmet lock, there is the difficulty of the work, and the time and effort is also a little bit, but I think it is inevitable if you think about the fixation to the place called under the seat.

I've uploaded images of the key parts, but the key is to remove the seat, fix the helmet lock bracket, install the seat, install the helmet lock and then remove the seat, put the bracket back on, and put the lock on there.

To be honest, it's not the easiest place to fix a helmet (especially the type where the D-ring is close to the helmet), but if you're asking where else can you put it, I think it can't be helped. Considering the limitations of the vehicle's design, the negative feeling are more than compensated for by Honda's failure to provide locks as stock.

In fact, there are not a few ways to fix the met, such as hanging it on the mirror or putting it on the carrier, and it is not used frequently, but it is still very important to say that in the situation where you can not carry it, you do not have to worry about theft.

As you can see in the last picture, the helmet lock that is "co-fastened with the stock toolbox" of a certain company cannot be used because of the use of another brand rear carrier. In addition, because I have changed the air intake cover to an external one (the bolt and the cover interfere), I cannot use the helmet lock of a certain company. In such a situation, it is nice to be able to use only this lock.

Helmet lock installation.

Lock bracket fixing is completed.

Seat installation.

Helmet lock bracket fixed.

Seat removal.

K-SPEED Air Exhaust Cover


One of the few weaknesses of the CT125 is the lack of a helmet lock. This product from Kijima looks good, but I can't understand how hard it is to install it even if I see the picture of the product. Thank you very much for your great review that solved my problem! (Webike staff: from Kadowaki)


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