Fashion Starts with Your Feet! Gaerne VS Dainese Casual Shoes Showdown!

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Recently, more people are riding motorcycles not in riding clothes, but in casual wear that can be easily used in everyday life. However, it is the feet that are often overlooked.
While ordinary sneakers and sandals are out of the question, you don't want to break a bone when your foot gets caught in a fall.

So, I'm going to introduce you to casual shoes from two of the most high-end riding gear companies, Gaerne and Dainese!

Review of Gaerne and Dainese!

Many of you know this, but let's start with a review of the two companies. Gaerne and Dainese are the same Italian manufacturer. Gaerne was founded in 1962 and the company name is derived from the first letter of the founder, Gazola Ernesto. On the other hand, Dainese was established in 1972. It is said that it started from leather pants manufacturing.

Here's the great thing about Gaerne!

It can be said that the manufacturer always continues to evolve by adopting the latest waterproof and breathable materials such as Gore-Tex® while inheriting the Norwegian manufacturing method, which is indispensable for sturdy shoemaking, from old times.
In addition, the manufacturer's page offers a service called G-Fit, which shows you the optimal size by simply entering the dimensions of your feet. In addition, although it is made in Italy, it reduces the gap of the size feeling that tends to be in the overseas product by adopting a Japanese exclusive wooden form.

This is what's great about Dainese!

The product of Dainese is developed by the research and development organization "D-Tec ("Dainese Safety Program")" established by the hand of the professional of the way such as the doctor and the engineer, and the product of Dainese even develops the space suit jointly with NASA beyond the frame of the goods in recent years. The products include a wide range of self-developed systems and materials, such as the D-Axial anti-twist mechanism and the D-WP® waterproof membrane, showing our high level of development capability.

Introduction of Gaerne and Dainese shoes

The main points to consider when choosing shoes for motorcycles are waterproof, with ankle protectors, and built-in shift guards. I will pick up the shoes that cover those three points this time and introduce them to you.

Gaerne: G Stone Gore-Tex® Neo-retro Waterproof Boots

It is designed with full-grain leather, which is considered to be the most durable of all cowhide leather while being waterproof and full of luxury. Of course, looks are important, but The zipper guard that does not damage the motorcycle and other equipment that makes the rider happy is also a high point.

Gaerne: Voyageur CDG GORE-TEX®

This sneaker look is made of suede, but of course it is also waterproof. I'm also satisfied with the side zips and the scratch-resistant outer zipper.


Dainese original waterproof material D-WP ® waterproof membrane adopted sneaker model. It's also important to note that the york uses a sole that increases the grip of the scooter against the floorboard.


Further high cut york of the previous, reflective material and ankle protector is adopted in the ankle portion, also safe for night touring.

Here's a pair I highly recommend!

Of all the shoes introduced here, my top recommendation is the Dainese York shoes!
  The reason for this is that it is the only one of the products introduced here that has a blue lineup, and above all, it has a grip rubber sole, which is great for scooter riders!
The relatively reasonable price of less than 30,000 yen is also a point of recommendation. I've introduced the typical shoes this time, but you can also find other shoes from Gaerne and Dainese at the following links, so please have a look!


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