Poi design “tour mask Poi-designed “tour mask” is effective against exhaust gas and pollen!

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Every year from February to early spring is a very troubling season for hay fever sufferers.
I'm one of the hay fever sufferers. Every year, when I hear the news that 'this year there is a lot of scattering of pollen', I am disappointed.

If such a hay fever rider straddles a motorcycle, the inside of a helmet is a picture of hell. You can't even look at it.
However, for riders who still want to ride a motorcycle and are allergic to "not riding", we recommend the "Poi Design / Tour Mask".

In this post, we're going to take our time unraveling the appeal of that tour mask!

 The use of masks that can be used repeatedly not only protects you from pollen, but also leads to consideration for those who really need disposable masks, such as those in the medical field.

What is Poi DESIGNS / Tour Mask?

Poi DESIGNS is a brand that is planned and produced by Bevel Gear Co.
The brand develops products based on the concept of "making people want to look attractive" by dispelling the heavy image of wearing protective items such as protectors.

The main subject of the article, the tour mask, is of course in the same vein, and features a somewhat futuristic design.

We've previously introduced the performance of the Tour Mask on Webike TV and tested it in a tough test, so please check it out as well!

Tour mask is a high-tech mask! Function Introduction

In a nutshell, a tour mask is a high-tech mask.

I'm sure there have been people who forgot to take off their disposable masks and rode their bikes in the past year.
Have you ever had the experience of the mask slipping off or the elastic being pulled and hurting your ears?
In this respect, the method of fixing the tour mask is not the ear-hanging type, but it is fixed by turning it to the back of the head, so it will not be displaced by wearing a helmet or cause pain to the ear.

Also, unlike ordinary disposable masks, there are less gaps near the cheeks and nose.
The main body fabric is made of neoprene, so it's free size and fits any face.

Also, as described at the beginning of this article as a high-tech mask, the tour mask is equipped with a one-way valve that locks the intake air and only allows the exhaust air to pass through.
Inhaled air is not only pollen but also PM2.It is filtered by a filter that also blocks 5, etc., and the exhaust does not allow exhaled air and moisture to stay in the mask, so it is designed to make it difficult to feel breathless.

In the filtration efficiency test of pollen particles and fine particles, the average filtration efficiency was 99%, which shows the high performance of the product! (Test results conducted by Kaken Test Center)

I used the Tour Mask on my daily commute and reviewed it.

It is as explained so far that the specification is excellent. However, what you are wondering is the part of "how it is actually used", isn't it?
So the Webike staff tried to use it during their commute!

The situation is a three-lane highway, traffic jam in front of the station, Igoigo behind a dump truck driving slowly in one lane, etc. ......, 50 minutes one way, about 20km commuting route, there are various sections prepared for it.

Thermal protection? It's not as cold as you might think!

This winter has been very cold compared to other years, and it is not uncommon for the minimum temperature to be minus.
The day we tested was one of those days, the seat of the bike was frozen in the morning.

And the first thing I noticed when I started driving was the reduction in the cold while driving.

Normally, my mouth would be cold from the wind, but with the tour mask on, I can't feel the chill.
That may have something to do with the neoprene material, which is also used in wetsuits for its heat retention properties.
I was so impressed with the effect of just one more layer between the helmet and the skin.

Concerned about exhaust fumes and harmful substances: ......

I deliberately chose a crowded road and stuck behind a dump truck for verification, but I did not feel any exhaust odor, nor did I get a sore throat after driving.
Unfortunately, the test was done before pollen started to fly, so we can't test how it is against pollen particles. We haven't tested it yet.
However, the fact that it was able to block the smell also means that it is likely to be effective enough for pollen.

Also, since the exhaled breath was discharged through the one-way valve at the mouth, the shield was also less likely to fog up and maintain a clear view compared to when I was forced to wear a disposable mask.

Full face, off road, jet. Mask wearing reviews by type

The concept of the tour mask is to make people want to be attracted to it, so it features a cool design.
And aren't you also worried about the match feeling when you wear a helmet?

Full-face helmets do not have as much space around the mouth as off-road types.
Because the tour mask itself is a three-dimensional molding, the mouth feels tight.

There is no problem in opening and closing the valve, and you may feel breathless, so it is "not impossible to use", but if you are worried, change the cap.

Unlike full-face helmets, jet helmets are made so that the mouth area is not covered, so there is no suffocation at all.
In addition, the mask does not shift even when you put on and take off the mask, and the compatibility with the tour mask is GOOD!

Off-road helmets are relatively stress-free because they are originally designed for easy breathing with clearance at the mouth.
But I wouldn't want to go to an enduro race or anything like that with a tour mask on.

BUY? or non BUY? tour mask is PM2.5, Works great on exhaust fumes and pollen!

The anti-pollen goods for riders introduced so far are also useful outside the pollen season.
In recent years, the PM2 emissions coming from mainland China on the prevailing westerly winds.5 is the problem.

PM2.5 is the diameter of the airborne 2.It is a mixture containing various components such as carbon, nitrate, sulfate, ammonium salt, and metal of less than 5 μm.

In 2013, the World Health Organization (WHO) expert organization reported that PM2.due to 5Carcinogenic risk.Highest level of danger.We categorized them into


A motorcycle is a vehicle that exposes your body to the elements, and it's a point that riders want to take special care of.

PM2.5 is even smaller than pollen (30-40 μm), but the filter of the tour mask is designed to prevent PM2.It also prevents 5.

Let's keep our health in check so we can keep riding our bikes forever!





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