Look Scary Wearing on the Helmet of Venom, Spider-Man’s Most Powerful Enemy!

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This is the Spider-Man that you've all come to love. One of the most popular villains in Spider-Man is Venom! The HJC's "HJH166 RPHA11 MARVEL VENOM 2" is a graphic version of Venom's face!


This is cool! I love the cuts on the front and right side. The design of Venom's open mouth is beautifully integrated into the helmet.

Which HJC manufactured the Venom helmet?

HJC is a helmet manufacturer that was founded in Korea in 1971. The HJC has two factories, one in Korea and the other in Vietnam, with the Korean factory being the production line for flagship models such as the RPHA11. When it comes to high-quality helmets, the image of helmets made in Japan is strong, but HJC also pursued high safety and quality from early on. Starting with the No. 1 share in the North American market in 1992, HJC is now the world's largest helmet manufacturer, selling its products in more than 60 countries. The HJC also owns an R&D facility equipped with the latest testing equipment, including a wind tunnel laboratory, which is rare among helmet manufacturers. In MotoGP, Cal Crutchlow, who announced his retirement last year, and Andrea Iannone, who had a lot of fans for his aggressive riding, used these helmets.


What is HJC's flagship model, the RPHA11?

The RPHA11 is HJC's high-end model. The shell is made of PIM PLUS, a tough yet lightweight material. The RPHA11 has an optimal aerodynamic form derived from wind tunnel tests and an airflow system that enhances comfort. The helmet is equipped with air ducts from the front to the rear to increase comfort inside the helmet, and air ducts at the mouth to reduce fogging of the shield. This helmet is used by top riders in MotoGP, so it not only looks good but also performs well as a helmet!

What are the specifications of the RPHA11 you are interested in?


  • Color: VENOM.2 (MC1)
  • Weight: 1,505g (*This is the average weight of size L)
  • Material: PIM PLUS (Fiberglass)
  • Standards: SG, JIS, MFJ certified

[Included Parts]

  • Spare shield (Dark smoke)
  • Anti-fog lens
  • Breath guard
  • Chin curtain

I actually tried it on! How about the sizing?

I'm satisfied enough just to keep it on display, but since I'm here, I went touring! Every time I stop at a traffic light, I can't help but gaze at the design of my helmet reflected in the window glass of the car next to me. Oops, the light is green. The temperature is still low and the shield tends to fog up easily in this season, but if you open the ventilation, the shield will not fog up. However, to seal the shield, you need to engage the lock, which is a bit annoying if you are not used to it. However, once I was on the mountain road, I didn't need to open and close the shield, so I completely forgot about it. But here's one problem. During the touring road was not much to worry about, but from around the time I got home with dusk, I felt like I had a headache. I wondered if I had caught a cold, but when I took a break at a convenience store, I took off my helmet, and the headache went away. This is what I call a helmet that is not the right size. I usually wear a size M in Shoei and Arai helmets, but it seems that the width of this helmet is too narrow for me. For your reference, here is the value of my head as measured by a simple measuring device of Arai. [Size M equivalent]

  • Circumference: 58cm
  • Length and width: 195mm
  • Width: 158mm


Does your helmet size not fit? I asked Yuri to test it.

Yuri usually wears an AGV K1 helmet (size M). His first reaction when he put it on, he thought that the sponge was hard.

"The entrance of the helmet is narrow, so I have to push it in a little bit when I put it on, which is similar to the LS2 helmet. The helmet fits well and there is no gap between the helmet and my face, so I can concentrate on riding comfortably without wind noise. I was curious about the size, but I didn't have much problem with the head length part. However, the cheek pads were too tight around the cheek area, so I wanted to use M size helmet with thinner cheek pads. Incidentally, when I wore a Shoei helmet, I had to make the cheek pads thicker." Yuri said.

It seems that Yuri was more concerned about the interior rather than the size of the helmet itself.


Some people have commented that the HJC helmets are one size smaller, but I think it depends on the person as to how it fits. I wanted to buy a helmet one size larger and adjust the interior. I strongly recommend you to try on the helmet before you buy it.

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