Small Parts Great Effect on the Much Talked About Hunter Cub! [Weekly Review]


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This week's pickup impressions

Correction of OEM defects by outside manufacturers, I should say.

Rating: ★★★

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Installation is a little tricky, but not too difficult.

My review after installing it was that the gears that were clunking into place were now clunking into place. I can feel that the power that was escaping to the side or diagonal when I pedal is now going straight ahead.

These are parts for which external manufacturers compensated for Honda's structural defects. If you extend such a long shaft to the pedals without holding it in the middle, you will lose the feeling of operation.

Some people say it's too expensive for what it is, but if you consider that it includes mass production and support, it's probably something like this. By the way, it is now for CT125 (dual use), but at that time, it was a special part for C125.

Shift pedal removal

Step board removal


Manufacturer's installation image

Manufacturer's installation image

You can't see it when it's installed, so it's not suitable for flaunting your customization, but if you're an expert rider who knows what he's doing, you'll understand that it's very effective! This is really recommended because you can feel the high precision every time you shift gears.
(From Webike staff: Kadowaki)


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