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What type of gloves do you use? Racing type? Stylish? Or maybe military gloves? I'm a motocross glove user, except in winter! There are many different types of gloves, some for protection, some for a more natural feel.

I borrowed a pair of demo gloves from GENIUS, and I'd like to introduce the features of each series and my reviews after using it on my commute!

What is GENIUS anyway?

Founded in 1987, the company is a leather clothing manufacturer that specializes in full-order production, consistently offering products that put the safety of riders first.

In recent years, the company has expanded the scope of its production from suit to gloves, offering a wide range of products! In recent years, the company has expanded the scope of its production from tuna to gloves, and now offers a wide range of products. In particular, the company's fully custom-made gloves, which cannot be imitated by any other company, as well as its existing size gloves, are highly evaluated by many riders who say that once they have them, they cannot use any other gloves.

GENIUS gloves on sale!

Once you have it, you can't use any other glove? Then what makes you different from other manufacturers!

1. Three-dimensional cutting

The shape of your hands when you ride the bike, they're not shaped like par, are they? It should be closer to go as you grip the grip. Let's say you make a leather glove that is flat like a military glove. When you grip it, the leather on the palm side folds and overlaps, and the leather on the backside is not enough and sticks out, resulting in a glove that you can't do anything about. Because all GENIUS gloves are 3D cut, the palm side of your hand doesn't fold over and overlap the leather when you grip from fingertips to flat!

The image shows the semi-winter globe in a freestanding position on a table. There is no human hand in it, and it is not bent on purpose. This form just by placing it. It is a level that can be used for drawing.

2. Do not wear a protector.

Many gloves have built-in carbon or other knuckle protectors to prevent damage to the joints in the event of a fall. However, GENIUS gloves do not use a hard protector.

A hard protector may seem safe at first glance, but it can break on impact in a fall or accident, which often results in secondary injuries such as broken bones and lacerations.

On this point, GENIUS has thought about the protection and sewing method by the experience cultivated in the leather connection, and it is finished in the glove which is safe and easy to move with less fraying.

This image shows the development of the racing model. It is made by combining various materials of different hardness to absorb the impact.

3.Everything from design and design to sewing is completely made in Japan.

Planning and sales: Higashi Osaka, one of the leading manufacturing cities in Japan!
Glove manufacturing: Higashi Kagawa, Japan's largest glove producer, is also known as Udon Prefecture's Tebukuro City!
Leather manufacturing: Tatsuno, the largest leather manufacturing town in Japan!

In all parts of the company, professionals in each field are fused together to give shape to the products.

4. Repairable

If it's starting to fray, or if there's a hole in it, you can send it to GENIUS and they'll repair it! (Charged)

It's GOOD to be able to use it for a long time while it grows on you! The more you enjoy aging and the more time you spend, the more you will find yourself unable to let go before you know it.

Introduction and impressions of the GENIUS glove series

GENIUS gloves are made in a slightly tighter size. Because it is cutting while confirming the stretch of leather one by one, it is designed so that it may become familiar with the form of "the hand of the person who bought it" slowly, and the sense of unity that satisfaction goes can be obtained by repeating the time to use it.
In addition, by making a glove with a single piece of leather luxuriously on the instep side, you can experience very natural stretching and a pleasant natural feeling of operation and fit.

I'll post the sizes I've been freaked out about so you can take a look!
The gloves I usually buy are size L or LL, and my hand size is hand length: about 20 cm/hand circumference: about 24cm.

*The size chart is currently being prepared (January 2021).

RTG-03 Touring glove

Adopted a design pattern that prioritizes everyday use such as touring. Touring glove with a device that does not fatigue and feel good when wearing. This glove is made to be tight but easy to operate with less fatigue. The know-how cultivated in the racing glove and the device to prevent fatigue are applied in various places. Special conductive fiber and silver thread are sewn to the thumb and index finger, enabling operation of the touch panel while wearing it!

[COLOR] black
[Size]  S/M/L/LL
[Other] Touch Panel Support


Trial size: L
It is a glove here that has a thickness of quite firm, but the feeling of operation is GOOD thanks to the mellifluent making it thin where it goes out, and thick where it wants to protect! I also like the non-slip material sewn into the area that contacts the grip. The instep side is constructed with perforated leather & a floating protector, so it's gonna be comfy in the hotter months!


SG05P Touring Gloves

This touring glove has a classic feel with a direct control feel due to its unique three-dimensional design. Even though it is an externally stitched glove, it is made with GENIUS's unique three-dimensional cutting, so there is no excess leather on the palm of the hand or the belly of the fingers. The thickness of the leather is 1.2-1.3mm, which is a little thicker than normal gloves, but the leather is soft and will become the shape of your hand. The leather is made of leather that does not fade, fade, or change its texture, and can be washed in water.

[COLOR] Camel/Navy
[Size] M/L/LL/3L
[Other] Washable / Touch panel compatible


Trial size: LL
My first review was that it was a bit thick and hard. However, after 3 days, the leather suddenly became soft and I didn't feel any hardness or thickness! The softness of the outer stitching is addictive.


GUN-09 Gun Cut Glove

This is a new gun cut glove with the best grip, which is a conventional gun cut glove with a GENIUS style fit and a three-dimensional feel. The thickness of the leather is about 1.0mm, which is not too thin and gives a solid and secure feeling. The more you use it, the more it will become your own hand and you will not want to let it go.
The leather is designed to be a little tight so that it can grow into the shape of your hand, so it may feel tight at first, but when it becomes your hand, it is the best glove. Only dyeing, which is difficult to match colors, is used to emphasize the texture. Original oil is soaked into the glove to make it supple.

[COLOR] black/brown
[Size] M/L/LL
[Other Touch Panel Support


Trial size: LL
This model has the thinnest leather thickness of all the GENIUS gloves. The outer stitching + its thinness made for a great fit. I think it's due to the cutting pattern that gives the illusion that you are looking at your own palm.


GT-W07 Semi-Winter Glove

All leather for a great fit and grip! The durability of the leather also ensures strength in the event of a fall. This is a semi-winter glove with what Genius considers to be the highest priority of maneuverability, warmth and safety. The whole inside is made of G-Therm which absorbs human humidity and generates heat! On the instep side, a thin urethane was applied to gain a little space and make it warmer.
The fingers are equipped with aerodynamic parts to prevent the wind from hitting your hands as much as possible.

The instep pad, which also serves as a protector, has been fitted for safety and warmth. The instep is equipped with a protector and windproof part. The back protector with built-in absorbent material protects your hands from direct wind impact, and in case of a fall, the floating structure releases the impact.

[COLOR] Black
[Size] M/L/LL
[Other Touch Panel Support


Trial size: M
Of all the products we tested, this model is the only one where size M is just right. If you use an inner glove, you can go up one size to L. According to GENIUS, in order to provide a little space to secure warmth by taking advantage of the material inside the glove, and also assuming that the inner glove is worn, it seems to have made a larger production compared to other series.

There is more protection than any other series, and the fit is the same despite all the bells and whistles... GENIUS! As the name "semi-winter" suggests, it is a little bit difficult to keep warm in the middle of winter without grip heater or handlebar cover. I think 10 degrees Celsius is the borderline.


GML001 Mesh Glove

The palm of the hand is made of Japanese cowhide for an unmatched grip. Soft pad (shock absorber) is used for safety. The know-how cultivated in the racing glove and the device to prevent fatigue is given to each place. The mesh material on the instep side is uneven, which equates to a large surface area. It is easy to dry and serves to release body heat. It is perfect for hot summer.

[COLOR] Black/Navy/Red
[Size] M/L/LL
[Other Touch Panel Support


Trial size: LL
As a manufacturer that puts safety first, the mesh portion is small. In the middle of winter, mesh glove imprints are tough. It's a bit of a shame that the design aspect is x.


Let's grow 'em now for the spring season!

What did you think? I hope you enjoyed reading this magazine and are interested in GENIUS gloves.

This is true for all models, but they become more comfortable in the hand on the second day than the first, and on the third day than the second. There is no stiffness at the beginning of use, which is often the case with leather gloves, and the fit is good from the first day you wear it, and the fit gets better and better. I especially liked the Guncat gloves, I wore them to work for over a week and was so disappointed to return them.

It's a glove or brand of glove-like a slug, the more you chew, the more flavor you get. It's a little pricey, but if you consider the materials and the effort it's rather cheap! Grow a good thing while making it fit in with you. How about that kind of relationship? Please try to find the right glove for your motorcycle and your style at GENIUS!

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