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What does 'good' riding look like? There are many different ways to be a good rider, but for me, as a touring rider, I think it's being able to get the basics of riding, turning and stopping right, and having fun doing it safely.

One of the essential skills for such good riding is the "knee grip".

I want to make my knee grip more secure. But at the same time, I don't want to ruin the look of my motorcycle! I will report on the texture and color of the "Knee Grip Support TANK GRIP PERFORMANCE" and the new "Tank Guard Film Tank Paint Protection Kits".

What is EAZI-GRIP?

Eazi-Grip is a British manufacturer of tank pads and other motorcycle parts such as meter panel protection film.

Eazi-Grip products are used by many of the teams that compete in the British Superbike Championship (BSB) and the World Superbike Championship (WSBK). This feedback is used in all of our products, from racing to touring and street use.


It's also used by Webike-supported professional teams such as Webike Team Norick Yamaha and T.Pro Innovation.

EAZI-GRIP masterpiece "Knee grip support TANK GRIP PERFORMANCE

First off, let me introduce you to Easy Grip's hit product, the Knee Grip Support TANK GRIP PERFORMANCE!

Many of you may have been instructed by your instructor at the driving school that "Knee grip is important! Knee grip is a necessary technique to stabilize the vehicle during acceleration, cornering and braking. However, it is quite tiring to keep holding the tank with your legs. In addition, depending on the material of the garment, you may not be able to hold the tank well because it slips and slides when you shift your weight in cornering.

As the name suggests, the Knee Grip Support is designed to make your knee grip more effective and easier by simply attaching it to your motorcycle! And because it's designed specifically for your vehicle, even the most complex cowl and tank shapes won't disrupt the look of the motorcycle!

There are three main types of knee grip supports available in different materials and shapes to suit different tastes and applications!

PRO (Circuit) type

Of the three types, the PRO type is the most popular! Compared to the EVO type described below, the protrusions are lower, smoother, and laid out more evenly.

As the word "circuit" implies, this type is most commonly used in racing, gymkhana, and other competitive driving situations where a large load is applied during cornering and braking. And this one comes in two color options, black and clear!

EVO (Standard) Type

Of the three types, the EVO type boasts the highest grip performance. The secret of the high grip performance is the large, clearly discernible mussel!

This protrusion grips the garment so tightly that you'll never have to worry about it slipping off when cornering again! They're available in black or clear!

SILICON (Street) Type

This SILICON type is the only one among these three types that does not have any visible bumps. It has gained the support of users who want to improve their knee grip, but are somewhat uncomfortable with the knobbly feel of the PRO and EVO types. The color is black only. Depending on how the light hits it, it may look slightly gray.

The new common sense of the future? Tank Guard Film, Tank Paint Protection Kits.

Many of us use protective film on our smartphones to prevent scratches and to improve the touch feel. EAZI-GRIP new Tank Guard Film Tank Paint Protection Kits (hereafter referred to as Tank Guard Film) are based on the same idea of protective film for smartphones!

The point where you grip with the knee grip naturally comes into contact with the wearer each time, so the better the rider's grip is, the more it will rub and scratch. This tank guard film will protect your motorcycle from those scratches!

And as you can see, the tank guard film is completely transparent!

As you may have already noticed, this tank guard film is designed specifically for your vehicle model because it appropriates the shape of the aforementioned knee grip support!

This tank guard film is the ultimate item that will protect your motorcycle from scratches without ruining its appearance!

I know it by touching

The knee grip support and the tank guard film are both parts that directly touch the rider's body. Naturally, I'm all about the texture!

Knee Grip Support: PRO Type

The protrusions are lower than those of the EVO type, which minimizes the need for snagging on the wearer and allows for smooth weight transfer. When you touch it, it seems harder than it looks. When you rub the surface with your finger, you can see that the protrusions catch and grip well.

Knee Grip Support: EVO Type

Firm protrusions are placed at regular intervals. This protrusion bites the foot to hold tightly and creates a tremendous grip. The surface texture feels slightly softer than the PRO type.

Knee Grip Support: Silicon Type

Compared to the PRO and EVO earlier, I thought that the lack of unevenness made it less grippy from the looks of it. But it's actually very fine-grained and coarse with no gaps in between, and it felt like a solid grip!

Tank guard film

The purpose of this one is to protect the motorcycle, so you don't feel the grip as much. Having said that, it's going to grip better than the surface of the tank!

Pick the color that best matches your motorcycle!

Knee grip support and tank guard film are designed specifically for motorcycle models and do not significantly disrupt the appearance of the vehicle. The tank guard film is only available in clear, but the knee grip supports are available in black, clear, and black silicone and colors, and if you can, pick the color that looks best on your motorcycle!

So, to help you find the right combination, we've collected some images from users who have posted their review on Webike!

PRO Type: Black x Motorcycle Color: Gray

EVO Type: Black x Motorcycle Color: Black

Silicon type: Black × Motorcycle color: White

PRO Type: Clear x Motorcycle Color: Blue

EVO Type: Clear x Motorcycle Color: Orange

EVO Type: Clear x Motorcycle Color: Red


If you can't find one for your motorcycle...

As mentioned before, both of the EAZI-GRIP products I have introduced are designed for specific vehicle models. Currently, Webike has knee grip supports and tank guard films that fit over 300 different motorcycle models!

However, if you don't see something that fits your motorcycle, please contact us.

Don't worry! We have sheets that you can make yourself, that you can cut into any shape you want! The image below was posted on Impressions and is an example of a Webike user who actually made a mold and made it himself!
We'd love to see you take up the challenge!

Thanks for sticking with us so far! If you found this article helpful, please do seek it out! Have a more enjoyable and safer motorcycle life by riding "well" with the best two-grip!

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