New KUSHITANI Apparel Recommended for Fall or Winter

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KUSHITANI, high-performance wear that shines with craftsmanship, has new apparel recommended for Fall or Winter.

Once you wear it, you'll definitely be a captive of KUSHITANI!

I'm Miya, a Webike staff member, and I'm having a hard time deciding what to wear every morning when going to work. The weather was hot the other day when I introduced RS TAICHI's fall and winter apparel, but now it's getting colder in the morning and night.

You can still do well with spring and summer apparel, but it's time to start preparing for fall and winter apparel. The competition for KUSHITANI apparel, in particular, has begun this season! Would you like to take a quick look before it sold out?


Most of you already know about KUSHITANI, but let's give a brief explanation for those who heard KUSHITANI for the first time.
KUSHITANI was established in 1947 in Hamamatsu. Originally, KUSHITANI was a small leather product shop, but as the motorcycle industry in Hamamatsu, where the company was founded, expanded, they started to manufacture leather trousers for motorcycles.

The excellence of KUSHITANI's leather trouser became popular in races, and people started asking us to make their own motorcycle wear as well. KUSHITANI, which has continued to evolve with this thought in mind "We wanted to make high-quality products and make our customer satisfied", has now become one of Japan's leading motorcycle wear brands.

KUSHITANI still specializes in leather products, but their apparel made of other materials is also of very high quality and riders who use it once become captivated by KUSHITANI. It is one of the reliable brands that meets the needs of the user firmly in recent years with a lineup of many casual designs that are easy to use in daily life.

MID Hooded Jacket

This MID Hooded Jacket is comfortable to wear. It doesn't have any of the stiffness of conventional motorcycle jackets, and its stretchy nature doesn't interfere with your mobility. The sleeves have a hole for your thumb to pass through, so you don't have to worry about the wind blowing through your sleeve while you're wearing the gloves! It's also extremely windproof, so it's a versatile hooded jacket that can easily be used in the middle of winter.

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Winter Amenity Jacket

This winter Amenity jacket that can be used for outdoor activities as well. The outer layer is made of water-repellent material and the detachable inner layer is made of light and insulating down-like. It can be worn as outerwear only or innerwear only. Another advantage of this jacket is that it can be used in different ways depending on the temperature.

If you hear the word "with innerwear", you might have an image that it's going to be fuzzy, but the Amenity jacket has a thin inner layer and is made to be warm, so you can wear it with innerwear and still have a clean silhouette.

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Aloft Hooded Jacket

For those who want to do some serious touring or long hours of riding, I recommend the Aloft Hooded Jacket, a hoodie-style waterproof jacket. High water pressure and moisture permeability eliminates the need for rain gear, and it's also equipped with a ventilation system to ventilate the inside of the jacket when it gets hot during the day, so if it rains, you won't have to worry about it at all!

The innerwear is removable, so it can be adapted to a wide range of situations and you can travel comfortably in this outfit. Down and feathers are used for the inner padding that can be worn alone, boasting warmth that can be used for touring in the middle of winter. It is lightweight and not tiresome even when worn for long periods of time, making it ideal for both everyday use and long touring.

The design is finished in a classy piece by the laminated tape and water-resistance zippers on the original material with a wooden and plaid pattern.

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Don't miss this chance! Let's take this opportunity to experience KUSHITANI!

I've briefly introduced 3 products in this article, but have you found your favorite jacket? In my point of view, I'm particularly interested in the winter AMENITA jacket, which could be used for camping as well. It can be used for everything from riding to everyday use and even for outdoor activities. It is a versatile jacket that I feel like I'll be able to survive this winter with just this one.

Find more new KUSHITANI apparel items on Webike! We have a lineup of products that put the user first, such as jackets and gloves that mainly use leather, and pants with excellent wind resistance. Experience the seriousness of KUSHITANI without any compromise in quality, function, and design! Try it for yourself!

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