6 Recommended Tool Sets for Motorcycle Maintenance!

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The coolest tool torque wrench.

I'm Nao, a Webike Magazine writer.

It's safe to leave the maintenance of your motorcycle to the professionals, but if you do the part you can do yourself, you'll get attached to your motorcycle.

But what kind of tools do I need for maintenance?If you're wondering what to do! Don't worry.

In this issue, I will feature "How to choose a tool" and "Recommended tools" to solve such questions!

3 Methods to Choose a Motorcycle tool!

There are 3 things to keep in mind when choosing a motorcycle tool.

1. Let's start with a "quality automotive tool"!

2. The ratchet handle is your best friend for maintenance!

3. If you're serious about maintenance, you could buy a "tool kit"!

I'll explain it one by one.

1. Let's start with a "quality automotive tool"!

I don't need the in-cabin tools because they came with it.It may seem like a good idea.

However, with the exception of a few in-vehicle tools that come with the vehicle, the quality of the tools is not as flattering as it should be. We recommend the use of good quality tools for routine maintenance to avoid unnecessary problems.

Buying a good quality in-car tool to start with will allow you to kill two birds with one stone, both on the road and at home. The tools needed for basic maintenance have been carefully selected.So, if you don't know where to start, don't worry.

It's a good idea to start with on-board tools and then buy more tools that are missing. Here are some of our favorite in-car tools!

KTC Rider's Maintenance Tool Set 21,466 yen (tax included)

KTC (Kyoto Machine Tool Co., Ltd.) is one of the leading tool manufacturers in Japan.
In order to maintain the quality of our products, we do not use subcontractors, but instead, carry out integrated production at our own plants.

Here's what's in KTC's very popular toolset.

Recommended Points

  • Compact size (when stored vertically): Approx. 13cm wide: (Approx. 27 cm)
  • A ratchet driver is used to make work easier.
  • A socket is used to work on the recesses that cannot be handled by a wrench.
  • The tool bag has enough space to hold more than just the set.

[Product Contents]
9.5sq. Semi-deep socket hexagon (B3M-08,10,12,14)
9.5sq. Slide head handle (BHM3)
9.5sq. Extension Bar (BE3-150)
Combination wrenches (MS2-08,10,12,14,17)
Ratchet driver (DBR14)
Locking pliers (100LN)
Adjustable Wrench (WMA-200)

[Bit Size Included]
Plus (No.1,2,3)
Minus (5.5,6,8)
Hexagon (2.5,3,4,5)
Torque (T15,T20,T25,T30)

The case and tools are all authentic KTC stuff, so if you take care of them, they'll last a lifetime! This is a "real" toolset that you will love as you use it.

2. The ratchet handle is your best friend for maintenance!

Once you have the basic tools, such as a box-end wrench and screwdriver, the next thing you want to have is a ratchet handle.

The ratchet handle is used to tighten bolts and nuts with a reciprocating hand movement because it can be loosened. Work efficiency goes up a notch.

The time it takes to perform maintenance without it makes a huge difference, so it's a must-have tool. Here's the ratchet handle we recommend!

PROXXON|65-point Auto-mechanic Set 3/8 16,841 yen (tax included)

PROXXON was established in 1977 and is a well-established tool manufacturer in Germany. They have achieved excellent cost performance by manufacturing overseas while maintaining high quality.

Here's what PROXXON recommends for such a ratchet handle.

Recommended Points.

  • Special steel case (445 (W) x 198 (D) x 52 (H) mm)
  • 2-year warranty
  • German Industrial Standards/Acquired the International Organization for Standardization.
  • High strength chrome vanadium steel is used.

[Product Contents]
Standard Ratchet (3/8 9.5 mm)
Extension Bar (3/8 9.5mm) 75/200mm
Adapter 1/2 to 3/8
Universal joint(3/8 9.5 mm)
Socket (3)/8 9.5mm) 6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/21/22/24mm
Deep Socket (3/8 9.5mm) 10/13/15/17mm
Plug sockets (can be used as deep sockets) (3/8 9.5mm)14/16/18/19mm
Torque Socket E6/E7/E8/E10/E12/E14/E18
Hex bit socket (3/8 9.5mm) HEX4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11mm
Torque bit socket (3/8 9.5mm) T15/20/25/27/30/40/45/50
XZN Bit Socket (Triple Square) SP (Spline) 5/6/8/10
Torque Wrench L Type T6/8/10

It comes with a ratchet handle and various types of sockets, so it can be used for almost any part of the bike.

Part 3. If you want to do some serious maintenance, you could buy a tool kit!

If you want to do some serious maintenance, you can buy a toolset in a toolbox.
Every tool - wrenches, screwdrivers, ratchet handles, pliers, and hammers - is stored in its own box. If you buy this, the only thing else you'll need is a special size socket for each vehicle and a special tool. By the time you need them, you may be pretty good at maintenance.

So, here are a few toolsets that I recommend!

SIGNET |12.7SQ 45PC Tool Set 43,898 yen (tax included)

A SIGNET toolset that focuses on functionality and design. Cosmetology is excellent, including a set of ratcheting light SIGNET wrenches. This is a sufficient tool for DIY use.

Recommended Points

  • Comes with a ratcheting light SIGNET wrench
  • Convenient drawer-type toolbox
  • Available in red or black.
  • The bottom drawer can be used as a free space

[Product Contents]

1/2 SQ 60 gear ratchet handle
1/2 SQ sockets (HEX): 10/12/13/14/17/19/21/22/23/24/26/27/30/32/34mm
1/2 SQ universal joints
1/2 SQ extension bars: 125mm/250mm
1/2 SQ Sliding T-handle
1/2 SQ spinner handle: 380mm
Soft Grip Driver: (-)6×100/(-)8×150/(+)#2×100/(+)#3×150
Light SIGNET Wrench: 8/10/12/13/14/17mm
45-degree spectacle wrench (compact type): 10×12/11×13/12 x 14/14×17/19×21/22 x 24/24 x 26/27 x 30/30 x 32 mm
Strong nippers: 160mm
Slip Joint Pliers: 200mm
Ball Pin Hammer: 12 oz. (fiberglass handle)
9PC long ball hex wrench set: 1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10 mm
Adjustable Wrench: 250mm
Steel wire brush
Double Power Cross Wrench
Maintenance Sheet: 1
Dial Lock Key (Black)
Toolbox (matte black): Tray/with a cover

KTC|Motorcycle Tool Set 96,816 yen (tax included)

A 56-piece set of carefully selected tools for motorcycle maintenance. This authentic box with a locking mechanism is packed with high-quality KTC tools.

Recommended Points.

  • Set-up for motorcycle maintenance
  • Smooth opening and closing of the box with a bearing rail
  • A 56-piece set of KTC-quality tools
  • Includes a ratchet combination wrench.

[Product Contents]

Chest of drawers (3 drawers x 3): SKX0213
9.5sq. Socket (hexagonal): B3-08/B3-10/B3-12/B3-13/B3-14
9.5sq. Deep Socket (Hexagon): B3L-08/B3L-10/B3L-12/B3L-14
9.5sq. hexagon bit socket: BT3-03/BT3-04/BT3-05/BT3-06
9.5sq. Ratchet handle: BR3E
9.5sq. spinner handle : BS3E
9.5sq. quick spinner: BE3-Q
9.5sq..Extension Bar: BE3-075/BE3-150
9.5sq. T type handle: TH20
Eyeglass Wrench (45°x6°long): M5-0810/M5-1113/M5-1214/M5-1719/M5-2224
Ratchet Combination Wrench: MSR1A-08/MSR1A-10/MSR1A-12/MSR1A-13/MSR1A-14/MSR1A-17
Plastic handle stubby screwdriver, minus: D1MS-6
Plastic Handle Driver Minus Through Hole Type: D1M2-5/D1M2-6
Resin pattern Stubby screwdriver cross: D1PS-2
Plastic Handle Driver Cross-Through Type: D1P2-1/D1P2-2/D1P2-3
Split Handle Driver-Through Type (minus): FD-250
Cab-jet driver: CDZ-165
Combination printer (with soft grip): PJ-200
Adjustable wrench: WMA-200
PSL-150 radio pliers
Nipper: PN1-150
Combination hammer: UD7-10
Locking pliers, long nose: 150LN
Locking pliers with curved jaw: 175CR
Ball Point Type L Long Hexagonal Bar Wrench Set (Set of 9): HL259SP
Magnetic parts tray: YKPT-RM
Tray (Ratchets): ETKT64-001A1
Tray (Glass Wrenches): ETKT64-001B1
Tray (scissors): ETKT64-001B2


DEEN|Entry Inch Tool Set From 65,800 yen (tax included)

Factory Gear was born as a shop specializing in handling the world's finest tools, and its private brand is DEEN. This set includes a selection of tools from other brands as well as Deen tools for Harley maintenance!

Recommended Points.

  • Military-inspired matte green box
  • The peace of mind of a private brand of popular shop Factory Gear.
  • A selection of inch tools for Harley maintenance.
  • There is also a pro-tool set for more advanced users.

[Product Contents]

3-stage Top chest of drawers case x 1
3/8sq. ratchet handle x 1
3/8sq universal ball joint x 1
3/8sq extension bar 75mm x 1pc
3/8sq extension bar 150mm x 1pc
3/8sq 12 square socket 11pcs x 1 set
3/8sq hexagon socket bits x 4 pcs
3/8sq Torx Socket Bits 9pcs x 1 set
1 set of 7-inch combination wrenches
L Type Torx Wrench 9pcs x 1 set
L Shape Hex Wrench 13pcs (BONDHUS) x 1 Set
Piercing Phillips head screwdriver and flat head screwdriver x 6
Pick and Hook Tool 4pcs x 1 set
Combination Hammer x 1
Adjustable wrench 250mm x 1pc
Water pump pliers 250mm x 1pc
Nippers 160mm x 1pc
Radio pliers 160mm x 1pc
Short combination wrench 10mm x 1pc
SIGNET Mini Snap Ring Pliers 4pcs x 1 set

KTC | 56 items in a Metal Case Set with a Double Sliding Door From 62,513 yen (tax included)

The last toolset we're going to show you is KTC's double-opening case toolset that is easy to carry around. It is recommended for those who often carry it in their trunks or carry it around because of its double opening and compact size.

Recommended Points.

  • Active and hard to use case
  • Reliable KTC quality
  • Selected tools are included.
  • Available in red, silver and black.

[Product Contents]

Double Opening Metal Case 9.5sq..Hexagon socket(B3-08)/10/12/13/14/17/19) 9.5sq..Hexagonal Deep Socket (B3L-10)/12/14) 9.5sq..Short hexagon bit socket(BT3-05S)/06S/08S) 9.5sq..Ratchet Handle (BR3E) 9.5sq..Quick Spinner (BE3-Q) 9.5sq..Extension Bar(BE3-075)/150) 45°x6°Long glasses wrench(M5-0810)/1012/1214/1417/1719/2224) Spanner(S2-0810)/1012/1113/1214/1417) Resin handle driver minus Tang-Thru type(D1M2-5)/6) Resin patterned driver cloth penetration type(D1P2-1)/2/3) Stubby Slotted Screwdriver, resin handle (D1MS-6) Stubby Cross Screwdriver, resin handle (D1PS-2) Ratchet Slotted Screwdriver Set (TMDB8) Monkey Wrench (WMA-250) Combination Pliers with Soft Grip (PJ-200) Radio Pliers (PSL-150) Nippa(PN1-150) Combi Hammer(UD7-10) Ball Point L-Type Hexagonal Bar Wrench Set(HL259SP)


Good tools make for a better motorcycle life!

How was your experience? Just changing the oil and plugs in your car will make you love it a lot more. I was going to fix it, but I broke it backward! You want to use a good tool to avoid what's going to happen. This is a great opportunity to consider the tools of a lifetime!


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