2020 New GOLDWIN’s Fall and Winter Apparel Collection

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The winter riding jacket is used for skiing as well. We've introduced new fall/winter apparel from a variety of brands. The following brands are the RS TAICHI, KUSHITANI, ALPINESTARS, and the KOMINE. However, have you forgotten about the leading brands for fall and winter? That's right, the king of touring wear, the GOLDWIN.

I'm going to introduce you to the new fall/winter apparel from GOLDWIN. You'll be amazed at the design and unparalleled functionality designed for the rider!

GORE Denim Jacket GSM22051

This hooded jacket is laminated with Gore-Tex. The detachable protection inner design allows you to wear only the outer shell when you get off the motorcycle.

You can even add a warm inner layer for all-season wear! The good thing is that the inner detachment is dot-buttoned, so it's very easy to put on and take off.

GORE Multi Hood Jacket GSM22900

The GORE Multi Hood Jacket is the strongest jacket for all seasons. Despite being a riding jacket, its initial water pressure resistance is an astonishing 45,000mm or more! It's nearly double the number of typical riding rainwear.

The drawcord at the collar is hidden inside for a cleaner look, and the cord at the back of the neck is to hold the hood together so it doesn't flap around when you're driving. It's a great outfit for the outdoors as well.

GORE Multi-Cruiser Jacket GSM22901

The GORE Multi Crusader Jacket is a versatile jacket with a simple design that can be used for all seasons. The chest pocket has a curved opening for easy opening and closing with gloves on while riding a motorycle. The cord is circled inside the collar so it can be adjusted for size using the adjuster on the back. This is an easy to wear model designed for a wide range of users.


If you are cold in your outerwear alone, how about GOLDWIN's innerwear? The GORE INFKD Shirt is based on photoelectron, a heat-retaining material that maintains natural warmth. The front, back and upper arms are made of GORE-TEX INFINIUM, a high performance fabric that provides wind protection, water repellency and breathability while increasing warmth and comfort.

This is a great innerwear for motorcycle users to use even in the middle of winter.

Now you're ready for winter!

GOLDWIN has always challenged itself to develop clothing with the rider in mind. Starting in the 1980s with the motorcycle boom, during the 1990s and 2000s, when people began to demand real value in their wear, and now when people are looking for fun and unique riding styles that fit a variety of purposes, GOLDWIN is introducing jackets with new values.

The jackets featured here are just a few of the things that have that newfound value. Weike have a wide range of products available, including those with more advanced functions and those with a focus on cost performance. We invite you to experience the seriousness of the wear brand that has supported the Japanese motorcycle industry.

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