I need to keep it on hand for the rainy season! I submerged the Wingrove Rain Boot Cover in the water.

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You ride your bike in the rain!
Your rainwear may be perfect, but what about the rain protection for your feet?
Have you ever been in a situation where your torso didn't get wet, but your shoes are soaked and it's already bad...?
The convenient item that saves you from such an unpleasant thought is "Boot Cover".
While there are various boot covers, the product I recommend this time is "WINGLOVE Rain Boot Cover"!
Speaking of WINGLOVE, the function and design of the fusion of "Bike & Town Use" is very attractive Boots manufacturer. These boots are designed for motorcycles and yet they are stylish.
The design blends in with the town without any discomfort even if you get off the bike. I'm glad that the price is also reasonable.
This time, the long-awaited boot cover appeared from there, and I wondered "What is it like? So we did a flooding experiment like that!

It's tricky to get them on, but the fit is good!

While many manufacturers are selling boot covers made of nylon, WINGLOVE is a rubber material. It is a cover that wraps around the entire boot like a rubber glove.
That's why it takes a bit of a trick to put them on. By the way, I chose the size L cover for my 27.0cm boots.
It may depend on the shoes you wear, but the sole part of the shoe fits snugly and just feels loose around the ankle.
The material itself is soft, so it did not interfere with shifting or braking.
Because of the rubber material, you need to be careful not to force them on or put your fingernails on them as they may tear!

Non-slip soles for peace of mind

The soles of the shoes have a special treatment that makes them stick to slippery surfaces on rainy days.
I tried them out on a slippery concrete floor and they stayed in place without slipping, making a squeaking sound.

I actually submerged it in the water.

I'm going to try a flooding experiment. The other party is, of course, "water"!
I covered my right boot with it to see if it would really stay dry.
I thought for a moment that I might have to go home with only one foot soaked, but I ignored it and tried.

Experiment A: Water Hydraulic Rubbing

As a test for water pressure resistance, we tested to see if the hose would be flooded by water for about 3 minutes.
The hoses were used to test whether the water would be applied in a manner that would allow the water to flow from a jowl (weak) to a shower (normal) to a diffuser (strong) to a straight (straight). (Ouch)" and experimented with different types of water pressure.
The result..... "No flooding! No flooding! It seems to have plenty of durability against water pressure.

Experiment B: Submerging

Now that we know it can withstand water pressure, let's see what happens when it's submerged....
We filled it with as much as three liters of water and left it in for about three hours as an endurance experiment.

I like it here!

  • You can put it on any shoe.
  • easy to put on and off
  • The controls are excellent!
  • Compact and portable
  • Reliable water resistance (based on experimental results)
  • Easy to use (it can be used for more than just bikes!)

They are made of rubber and very flexible, so they are easy to take off once you get used to them. And they're also very easy to operate!
When not in use, the product can be stored in a compact package for easy transport.
Have you ever had the experience of washing your car or motorcycle with a car or motorcycle wash, for example, and your shoes got soaked when you were washing them carefully?
Or, if your shoes got dirty on the muddy ground in "camping and other outdoor scenes"........
You can use it to prevent your shoes from getting soaked even in these situations! It's easy to use not only for motorcycles, but also for car washes and outdoor activities.

If you store it, it's not much bigger than your phone.

I'm curious about this part...

  • Beware of sharp steps.
  • There's a distinctively rubbery smell to it.
  • Be careful when you walk

Since it is made of rubber, it is best to avoid sharp points.
So the jagged steps of off-road bikes and other vehicles may tear. (I was too scared to experiment...)
I also personally found the back step step to be scary. Those steps are much sharper than I imagined they would be to make it less slippery...
Also, you may need to be careful when walking, as it may tear if you walk in a way that rubs your heels.

Addendum: Webike staff tried them once on an off-road bike and found them to be "gentle." If you put your foot on the steps, it didn't seem to tear. Just be careful with sharp edges in any case.

I need to keep it on hand during the rainy season!

Lightweight, non-slip, compact, water-resistant and easy to use rain boot cover.
Made of rubber and flexible, it fits a variety of shoes, including sneakers and boots.
This rain boot cover fits any shoe and is easy to use. We think it's going to be your strongest ally!

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