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What would be the ideal windscreen for those who want to have a Sporty AFRICA TWIN look rather than an Adventure one? This is a Webike "Reviews" to collect the "Real Feedback" from the riders who said that they tried to purchased and used it! You can submit any motorcycle products and custom parts handled by us, Webike. We're giving away up to 500 points that can be used on Webike shopping to anyone who submitted it.

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For short windscreen
Rating: ★★★★☆

I bought a long windscreen for my Adventure Sports since it does not match my riding style. I also tried installing the OEM windscreen for the STD model, but I chose this because I still preferred the shorter one.

My motorcycle is equipped with a windscreen adjuster, and I installed a spacer in between since it couldn't be installed the way it was. I have tried removing the windscreen adjuster once and install it as it was, but some rider said that turning the handlebar will hit the knuckle guard.

Also, the accuracy of drilling a hole on the windscreen is very poor, and it will cause you so much trouble during installation.

There are 3 holes on both sides on the windscreen but the hole in the middle part is not really necessary since this is a short type. The OEM windscreen of the STD model has 2 holes on both sides but without a hole in the middle. For the long windscreen, it has 3 holes on both sides. When I actually installed the windscreen as it is, it could not be installed because the position of the bolt and well nuts were greatly misaligned in the middle hole.

Also, this product has this specification where you can install the screen mall on your own, but I wanted it to be installed by the manufacturer before it was shipped. I know I've written a lot of bad things about it, but I am satisfied with its shape and height. For me, the shape is very cool.
(Mr. Chama)

Mr. Chama ended up using the MRA/windscreen sport after trying both the long and STD EOM windscreen. He said it took some effort to get it to work with the windscreen adjuster, but it turned out beautifully! The windscreen height is even lower than the OEM windscreen, and the "motivation" aura is overflowing from the Africa Twin! (Webike Staff: KJ)

Click here for the MRA: Windscreen Sports Details.

Fashionable items except for the circuit
Rating: ★★★☆☆

This brake lever guard has been mandatory for MotoGP since 2012. When I decided to purchase it, I was kinda worried because there were so many different brands on the market, but I decided to purchase the GILLES TOOLING products used by YAMAHA that are available on the market today.

Drill a hole in the rubber part of the inner weight using an electric drill when installing it to R1 model because it is necessary to break and remove the inner weight that fixes the bar end. If you drill a hole around it, you can remove it by cutting the inner weight using a cutter and plucking it with pliers.

When working, do not forget to spread the sheet around your feet to lessen your cleaning works because this will give you a lot of cutting process from a drill.

When installing the lever guard, insert one piece of 5mm collar to provide a gap with the handlebar grip and adjust it with a 10mm collar so that it will not hit the lever.

Be careful when passing through narrow spaces because the width of the motorcycle has expanded and it has protruded by installing this. Be sure to check the width of the motorcycle because it will no longer pass to the vehicle inspection if it becomes 2cm longer than the STD.

This product is a universal type but it does not interfere with the cowl even if the handlebar is moved to the left and right.

After I tried about 100km of test driving, there was no vibration effect due to bar end replacement and I was able to operate the lever and throttle as usual without any discomfort.

Basically, it is almost useless except for the circuit because this part prevents the brake lever from interfering in the race. (Mr. Chiritaro)

The image on the circuit and race will rise sharply by installing the lever guard! As I read Mr. Chiritaro's review, I remembered that I had to deal with the cutting process while working (I got into the motorycle and ended up washing it). Also, the product weight image will definitely serve as a reference for those who are thinking of purchasing it next time! (Webike Staff: KJ)

Click here for the GILLS TOOLING: Lever Guard (Brake) details.

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