RS TAICHI Spring / Summer Jacket: The Best Size to Match is By Height

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Selection of apparel size is quite difficult. You can never tell if it is the right fit or size for you if you don't actually wear it! This year, Webike will address that concern!

Four of our staff members are actually wearing the jackets to give their reviews from a motorcyclist's perspective! You can figure out the best match size for you by matching it to your physique.

Here are the following 2020 selection of motorcycle jacket sizes!

RS TAICHI RSJ330 Cordura Foodie

Product Description

This riding jacket is a sweat hoodie parka type of jacket that is popular nowadays. If you got a little shopping to do, then this won't look bad if you wear it.

When you look at it, it appears to be an ordinary hoodie, but it does have protectors all over the place, which is very crucial for safety when riding a motorcycle. In addition, the hood strings can be fixed with hooks on the side of the jacket to prevent from flapping due to the wind, making it a product that has been designed based on the riders perspecitve.

This type of hoodie has been sold out every year due to popular demand. It is highly recommended that you get it as early as possible.

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The staff actually tried wearing the jackets.

Everyone wears it on a short-sleeved T-shirt since it's a summer jacket.

For STD body shape: 183cm in height and 77kg in weight

The best match size for this staff is XL.

In L size, his back seemed to come out when he leaned forward on the motorcycle, and he felt that its length was a little short. Therefore, XL is probably the best choice if you are riding a motorcycle as XL has enough room to wear a thin innerwear such as a collared shirt.

For STD body shape: 175cm in height and 67kg in weight

XL is the best match here as well.

However, as you can see from the photo, it is a little loose, so it will be appropriate when riding, but it may feel a little bigger after getting off. The L size might be a good choice if you have long legs and want to wear tight with a slight forward lean riding position.

For slim body shape: 170cm in height and 52kg in weight

The M size is the best match.

The sleeve length was short for S when he was wearing the S and L. The L is slightly larger when riding, but the size didn't bother him at all. The L is not too large, but rather a bit large, so L is probably within the best match for L considering the layered clothes in the early morning and autumn.

For slim body shape: 163cm in height and 50kg in weight

The M size is the best match here as well.

M is definitely the right choice considering that you want to wear innerwear in the early spring. The fitting itself isn't bad when the staff wore the S, but it's a bit small considering that you'll be wearing layers underneath and leaning forward.

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