The World Best Selling Brake Pads: SBS Review

SBS Brake Pads Parts & Gear Reviews

Speaking of the classic brake pads "EBC" and " ECCPPP ", which are famous, did you know that the world's best selling brake pads is SBS? Why SBS is chosen worldwide? I would like to check based on the characteristics of SBS and the reviews by WEBIKE staff!

1. Denmark brake pads are the best in the world


This photo is from Denmark. I don't know if this is actually Denmark or the same division.

SBS is a brake pads manufacturer headquartered in Denmark, Northern Europe. SBS was founded around 1964, and has been a long-established brake pads for motorcycles since the '70s. It is known for being active in OEM supply and racing. SBS also produce brake pads for motorcycles and a wide range of other applications, such as for automobiles and ATVs.

2. High control performance and wear resistance

What is a best brake pads?

It is certainly necessary to stop firmly, but it can not be said to be an excellent brake system by itself. In the role of the brake, besides "stopping", there is also a brake for "turning" to control the posture of the cornering. Considering these factors, "excellent braking" is linearly effective depending on the amount of brake lever grip. In other words, it is very important to have excellent controllability.

Another important thing is "endurance". In other words, the ability to use for a long period of time. When used on public roads, absolute braking performance is also required, but touring is not possible with pads that have a short lifespan that can be used up in a few months. Using brake pads for a long time is ideal for the riders.

SBS will fulfill your ideal brake pads!


This is a comparison between the brake pads of the SBS and other manufacturers. The SBS brake pads, both ceramic and sintered metal, show excellent wear resistance and controllability.

What is worrisome here is the initial braking when feeling cold, but is it okay to lose other products? That is the point, but it is okay! This represents the so-called "suddenly effect". Other products with a high point will certainly feel its high brake performance, but because the torque sensitivity which shows the grip response of the lever is inferior, the grip and the braking are not proportional which means that the controllability is poor.


You might say, "It is fine because it works after all!", but there is a big difference when panic braking.

3. SBS brake pads 3-layer structure


The brake pads have a structure in which overlaying the lining material that actually rubs against the disc on a metal backplate. The brake pads of the SBS are characterized by suppressing heat conduction and exhibiting excellent fade resistance because it has a structure that sandwiches fiber ceramic recently.

4. Only in the industry! Without adhesive use

Harshly is the key point

Spike is the key point

The backplate and lining are usually bonded together, but if the adhesive is used, there is a risk of peeling off in the worst case due to repetition of pressure and frictional heat. Therefore, SBS has made a special hook on the backplate to enable bonding without adhesive material. *Excluding some parts

There is no worries about peeling off! No adhesive thickness! Resonance is also suppressed and it is doing what is good. I don't think it's almost unrelated case to the ordinary rider that it does not exfoliate, but there are no worries if well prepared.

5. Product lineup that are too detailed according to the situtation

The SBS brake pads also features a detailed selection according to riding situations and effects. Usually, it seems to be enough for city riding, touring, and racing, but the lineup is too abundant with 4 types for city riding, 1 type for off-road, 3 types for mountain pass and 2 types for racing. If you have this much, you will surely find the brake pads that you want.

street_mark.jpg street_ex_mark.jpg dirt_mark.jpg sports_mark.jpg racing_mark1.png

By the way, isn't SBS the only pass-friendly brake pads (referred to as racing with mountain pass)?

6. My review since I tried to actually use the SBS

I think usability is more important than specs, and I also tried using this in fact. However, since I don't have a motorcycle with disc brakes, I just asked the staff who had a motorcycle with disc brakes to perform the brake pads replacement and made a review!


Before the 18th years of Street Twin, the brake pads evaluation was not well appreciated, probably because it was a single disc in a large motorcycle, and I also had that trouble. I was also thinking about replacing calipers, but I couldn't easily go financially...Since it was time to change the brake pads, I tried to install the SBS.

The brake pads I used here is the newly released SP series, the strongest for city riding!


The SP series is a high-grade model that brings braking performance closer to the RS series for sprint races while ensuring the durability and abrasion resistance of the HS pads for the street model. It is a pad that best matches the situation for the on-road sports model, "a pad that works better than OEM brake pads and has a longer, better lifespan".

In other words, "it is well effective and long-lasting".


With OEM brake pads, the performance is clearly different, and braking from the initial touch is better!


It was trouble until before that the awkward braking force is smooth and firmly demonstrated, and the OEM brake pads are discontinued than other brake pads brand! Likely, there is no such thing as "it works well but it is difficult to control", and I felt that the controllability was extremely high because the effectiveness changed linearly as I squeezed. This pad performs well not only for city riding but also for sports riding.

In short, it is easy to control and exert a flat braking force when squeezing the grip while demonstrating the initial braking force firmly!


In this case, reliable braking power can be expected even in dangerous situations on the street, such as braking against sudden jumps from the side of the road. The security that created from being firmly stopped will greatly enhance the comfort of touring.

I tried riding on off-road and forest road


It was originally an on-road motorcycle, but I changed it to the trendy adventure tires and rode in off-road! For off-road, the road surface conditions are worse compared to the paved roads, and it can be said that it is a severe environment for braking, but SBS has a different level of security.


It affects the high controllability, and it is easy to control even on rough roads! In accordance with the lever touch, the feeling that works effectively makes riding easier. It has a sense of stability because the brake pads hold the brake disc firmly even when braking continuously on a downhill slope or on a rough road where a fine operation is required.


It might sound like an exaggeration, but it may have been the most effective item among various customizations.

This product is highly recommended for those who are dissatisfied with the effectiveness of the brakes. With high-cost performance, there is no doubt that your motorcycle will be upgraded.

7. SBS brake pads selection method

Since there are many different types in the line up, you can choose the SBS brake pads that are perfect for your motorcycle. However, for those who don't know these types, I have summarized the characteristics of each series. Please refer below the list of recommended SBS brake pads which shows the following motorcycle type and its usage!


HF / E series


  • ● STD brake pads for scooters and up to 250cc
  • ● STD brake pads for sports model up to '80s
  • ● Easy to handle, both effective and durable


CT series


  • ● STD brake pads for 125cc scooter
  • ● Both stable effectiveness and durability
  • ● Upgraded brake pads for E / HF users


Street EX

HS / LS / MS series


  • ● STD brake pads (HS / LS) for sports models from '90s
  • ● STD brake pads (MS) for 250cc overscooter
  • ● Upgraded brake pads for E / HF users
  • ● Both effectiveness and durability suitable for sports riding


SP series


  • ● Upgraded brake pads for HS users
  • ● Both braking power and durability suitable for sports riding



SI series


  • ● Excellent controllability on rough terrain
  • ● Upgraded brake pads for E / HF users



RS series


  • ● Upgraded brake pads for HS users
  • ● Prohibited to use for cast iron rotor


RSI series


  • ● Ideal for mini motorcycle in road courses
  • ● Upgraded brake pads for HF / HS / SI users


RQ series


  • ● Recommended for rear use when riding on a circuit
  • ● Upgraded brake pads for HF / HS / LS users



DC series


  • ● Developed for endurance road racing
  • ● Reduces damage to the rotor by forming a carbon film on the rotor surface


DS-1/2 series


  • ● In addition to the strong initial braking force, it has an amazingly long lifespan (2-3 times DC, 4-8 times RS) at the circuit level
  • ● This provides a gentle and strong "familiarity" braking feeling that does not reduce the concentration of riders during the race because it does not rise up unintentionally
  • ● The DS-1 is an initial braking bite type, while the DS-2 is a type that works flat until deep grip, and can be used together depending on the feeling
  • ● DS-1 / 2 has a metal case packaging


8. Recommended choices in combination of vehicle type and riding style

SBS has a lineup of brake pads with various characteristics according to motorcycle and its riding situation, but since it has too many types, there is a possibility that you don't know which type of brake pads to choose. But it is fine! If you look at the recommended brake pads chart, you can quickly find the perfect brake pads for your motorcycle!

Recommended for mini motorcycles and scooters


Recommended for on-road motorcycles


Recommended for off-road motorcycles


The HF / E series is recommended for commuting to school, work, and city riding with STD performance.
The HS / LS / MS series is recommended for short touring during the holiday but mainly for commuting to work and school.
If you doubt, this SP series has a better braking force with motivation!
The SI series for adventure can be controlled even in poor road conditions such as forest roads.
The RS series has firm initial braking recommended for sports-oriented riders who would like to try first.
The RSI series is developed for motocross and also recommended rear brake pads for the mini motorcycle.
The RQ series for racing brake pads have stability regardless of rotor material.
The DC series for racing brake pads has a high lifespan developed for endurance racing.
Overall, the next generation. The DS-1/2 series has the new generation sintered brake pad exclusive for racing.

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