The NEW Pirelli’s High-grip Supercorsa V3 Tire! Used in the race track!

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Pirelli's Supercorsa V2 (SC) was popular as a high grip tire for grooved circuit.

How did the Supercorsa V3 (SC) debuted this year really evolve from V2?

This time, Webike staff will bring the initial impression of using this tire at the race!



Impression Condition

Location: Tsukuba Circuit - Course 2000

Race Participation: Tsukuba Tourist Trophy

Class Participation: MIP

Result: Preliminary 1st place, Final class Champion (3rd place overall)

Best time: 1'00.947

Motorcycle: BMW S1000RR

Tire Specification: SC1

Date: April 20, 2019

Weather: Sunny

Temperature: 20-degrees

Road Surface: Dry

Tire Pressure (warm)

・Front 2.2 kpa

・Rear 1.9 kpa


About Supercorsa

Supercorsa is a "Grooved Racing Tire" developed for the fastest laps of the latest motorcycles participating in the World Superbike Championship.

The overwhelming performance has attracted overwhelming support in local races throughout Japan "We can reduce the lap time by installing it.".

It can be fitted genuinely to overseas high-end Supersports motorcycle. In fact, the V3 tire that we introduce this time is also initially debuted as DUCATI PANIGALE V4's OEM parts.




The difference between Supercorsa SP and SC

The problem that the first timer rider always get confused when choosing the difference between SP and SC Supercorsa tire.

It looks exactly the same, but the fields that can be used are different.

It is explained briefly that the grooved racing tire conforming to the FIM standard is Supercorsa SC, and

the high grip tire that makes it easy to use SC for public roads is Supercorsa SP.

That's why SP is recommended for those who are riding a motorcycle mainly on a public road!


POINTSP→It is the ultimate racing replica tire for public roads used.

SC→It has a grooved racing tire for circuit(*Can be used on public roads)


The tires we'll be using this time is SC for the circuit.


The Evolution from V2 to V3


They are Supercorsa V2 with the impression that they are invincible, but V3 has evolved further!

First of all, it has further strengthened the grip that was strong even with the adoption of a new composition compound.

Although it is about the design of the groove, it does not understand the difference with V2 at first glance,

but in fact, the "Flash Design" of the Inazuma pattern of Supercorsa identity is extended to the slick area of the shoulder part.

This reduces the temperature dependence of the groove and provides quick tire warm-up and high loads,a practical grip forward.

Although the grip has improved, it is finished in perfect quality so that handling does not become heavy.


We asked the rider who won the race for the impression of using the Supercorsa V3 in the race.

What you most want to know is the impression of actually using the tire, right?

So, this time the Tsukuba Tourist Trophy MIP class (More than 400cc class) was held the other day. The rival was V4 Panigale, etc.,

and we received a report from the class winner, Matsunaga who won the overall as 3rd place, the impression that he actually used in the race!

Click here for more information about Tsukuba Tourist Trophy.


The sense of turning in the corner smoothly is alive and well!

It is the V3 which becomes a model change for the first time in about six years from V2. As with the conventional V2,

it is a magical tire that feels like it will collapse and bend by itself if you take care of the brakes without much-bending technique.

As a result, so-called "Turning" becomes easier, It makes you feel like your motorcycle is turning in the direction you are looking.

It is impression that we try on,V2but it feels as if the outer circumference of the front has increased slightly more than V2.

For those who have decided the suspension setting by the course & tire set, you may need to reset it again.


Start Up can be opened fearlessly,

The impression of using this tire was found that the feeling of grounding (A sense of stability) increased more than V2 in the entirecorner from entry to rise area.

What is particularly noticeable is the change in the direction of the corner rising. Even if it is V2 "is it a pleasant problem? If you open it at this bank angle?" you can open the accelerator to the rough.

It does not feel like slipping at all, and it feels like I could beat the time than the usual and earn cornering speed.

* In the actual race, I was able to break into the slick tire group that won the grip performance and enter into it!


It has definitely evolved more than V2!!

It may be possible to further extract the potential of this tire by deciding the suspension set to match V3.

I felt that it was necessary to run different from V2 such as the point to do the brakes and the point to start opening the accelerator.

As for Life, I can not say anything as it is only run 7laps in the finals (10 laps with red flag suspension).

However, the new groove flash pattern is adopted, and in addition to wearing resistance, it seems to improve the responsiveness to the lateral G, so Life may be slightly better than V2.


POINT・ Even if you don't dare to go to lean like V2, you can lean properly and turn the corner

・The sense of touch (A sense of stability) has evolved,As a result cornering speed up.

・ Suspension setting may be necessary because the outer diameter is increased


If you really want to win on the circuit, Supercorsa V3 is the best choice!

It was Supercorsa V2 which had overwhelming support from circuit users with outstanding performance, but

V3 seems to be evolved into a totally different-dimensional tire that evolved to a higher technology while taking advantage of the good aspects of that V2.


In fact, this time, when I covered the impression of V3 to the rider who had racing experience in Supercorsa V2 including the rider who was in charge of impressions,

they said that "V2 has achieved a special rating evolution""very good!"

The evolution of the tire is progressing rapidly, and many manufacturers have released many unique and high-performance tires,

tires that can be recommended for Sunday racers who are active on the circuit are likely to be Pirelli's Supercorsa choice for some time!


*By the way, Mr. Matsunaga, who was in charge of the impression this time, is said to be acclaimed for sponsorship.


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