Cardo “PACKTALK BOLD” boasts the next generation communication system and speech recognition!

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[Big Machine Zero: sentence - Hiroaki Numanao Photo - Shin Shizawa]

Having a headquarter in the US, Cardo is a long-established store that released the world's first bike bluetooth back in 2004 and boasts the top share in Europe and North America. This worldwide brand finally began to land in Japan. This packtalk bold will be the top model.


Audio is for the first time in Japanese that features advanced and gorgeous version.

20180531_p25-cardo_06-680x417.jpg •Tax Included Price: 40,000 yen (single), 80,808 yen (duo)

POINT adopt Dynamic Mesh Technology allowing up to more riders

Cardo is characterized by actively introducing new technology, and this work adopts original communication system = DMC in addition to Bluetooth. We can talk with 15 people at the same time, communication quality increases as the number of participants in the group increases. Third generation mesh communication improves speech quality (see below).


20180531_p25-cardo_04-680x644.jpg •Because it leads to a mesh shape, the restriction on the running order does not disappear. Even if one unit leaves the main body group, if someone nearby is connected, the conversation can not be interrupted. Even in the case of reconnection, it connects automatically.

Bluetooth communications led to a straight line relaying peers in a chain shape. Therefore, when communication on the way are interrupted, calls before and after the call are cut off.

Meanwhile, since DMC = mesh communication is connected to multiple communications in a mesh pattern as its name implies, the connection becomes stronger as the number of groups increases, and there is also a merit that the noise is reduced when the distance is away. After grouping for the first time, troublesome operations are unnecessary to talk later. The communication distance can be up to 1.6 km, and up to 8 km between groups can be connected.

Hey Cardo!

20180531_p25-cardo_02-454x680.jpg •Even if you do not touch the button you can just operate by simply say "Hey Cardo". It can also be used from music, built-in FM radio operation, Siri or OK launch. You can concentrate more on driving. There were also communication corresponding to native English until now, but this work is OK in Japanese. Continuous calling is possible up to 13 hours and it can be used while charging.

In addition, speech recognition was introduced. It corresponds to most basic operations by voice, and Japanese can be communicated for the first time in motorcycle communication. A special application (iOS, with Android) is also prepared, operation such as connection is really easy. High level of waterproof & dustproof performance "IP 67" can not be overlooked.

Jog dial easy and straightforward to operate

20180531_p25-cardo_05-680x550.jpg •The rear jog dial can turn volume, stop music, etc. by pushing and turning. The center panel is also a switch, press up and down to operate. Both gloves are easy to use. The antenna is foldable and stands up when using DMC.

Develop special application that makes it more convenient

20180531_p25-cardo_07-680x454.jpg •Prepare the exclusive application "Cardo Connect". Easy because complicated pairing and group management can be operated while watching the screen. If you mount it on a motorcycle it also becomes an operation panel. Both common Bluetooth incom is easy to connect with the application.

It can be said that it is an incredible income that is exactly right. The general shop starts selling on June 22. ※ Pro shop has been released since May.

Bluetooth's "free com" lineup

20180531_p25-cardo_08-680x454.jpg •Price: Free Com 1/2/4 = 17,280 yen / 25,000 yen / 32,000 yen (single), 38,888 yen / 38,888 yen / 50,476 yen (duo)

Bluetooth communicators also appeared at the same time. The wind noise is small due to the thickness of only 16mm and streamline shape. The waterproof & dustproof IP67 standard is the same as the flagship. Three models are prepared, one for single use, two for four tandems and four for talking.