Webike Garage Oil Drain Pot Overview

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We're going to introduce Oil Drain Pan with Container by Webike Garage.

There are three key points We would like to show.
this product provides a easy and secure way to carry the waste oil after an oil change.
When you finish the oil change, seal the tank with the cap. The waste oil will be stored securely.
You will be able to carry the tank safely to a waste oil disposal facility.
This drain pan will be useful for waste oil disposal at home, too.
there is a convenient space designed to put the cap temporarily.
It helps to prevent the loss of the cap.
we offer two types of capacity: 4L and 8L.
So, you can use this product not only for a motorcycle oil change but also for a car.

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Webike Garage
Oil Drain Pot with 8L Tank

Webike Garage
Oil Drain Pot with 4L Tank
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