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CB1100 is a flagship model that has colored the long history of HONDA.

Its traditional style and beautiful air-cooled 4 stroke engine has continuously fascinated riders up to today.

RC-Four is a long-awaited full exhaust from MORIWAKI developed especially for CB1100. The new quad exhaust resembles the exhaust of the early CB750 Four. MORIWAKI is making a challenge to replace the standardly installed attractive and awesome symmetrical dual exhaust with this quad exhaust. But no doubt this new shortened quad exhaust will attract long fans and also young riders who have owned a CB1100 for their first time.

Design Concepts


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Designs are based on the concept ''Learn a lesson from the past''.

By brushing up the classical image and engine tuning technology achieved from their long experience, MORIWAKI has succeeded in drawing out power and sound of the CB.

Strict evaluation has been made down to the smallest detail to install the up-to-date bypass exhaust and exhaust diffuser.

Some of you may have already seen the exhaust or are anxiously awaiting for it to be released because a prototype model named CB1100 café was exhibited at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show and at events held by MORIWAKI last year.

The exhaust off course acquires JMCA certification and is a Government certified product that can be bolted on to current models. When it is mounted, you wont be able to use your center stand, however, it won't get in the way of the oil filter or drain bolt; parts important for maintenance. Also, it won't bother you with noise, legal problems or desorption due to maintenance.

Color Variations

Up to the last minute, the two color variations will trouble you when deciding which color to chose.

On the premise both exhausts are made from stainless steel and have the same durability. You can chose from either

* ''Black Edition'' with black finish.

* ''Stainless Steel Edition'' with buffed finish.

Think well before you decide which to chose.


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Both exhausts are printed with MORIWAKI's traditional trade mark on the tail. If you are a MORIWAKI fan, you'll surely be proud of yourself to have this trade mark on your vehicle. The luxurious but discreet emblem will no doubt add a new feature to your vehicle.

Full Exhaust RC-Four/Stainless Steel Edition


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The Stainless Steel Edition features four exhausts with beautiful buff finish that will brighten up the image of the vehicle.

Although it is bright, the stainless steel surface won't stand out too strongly. That is, it won't shine in a bad way.

It has great effect especially when it's mounted to a vehicle with silver engine. Together with the spoke wheels, you'll be able to feel the joy of being an owner of the exhaust during rides and at maintenance.

On the other hand, if you have a black engine, it will make a sharp contrast with the black frames.

The CB1100 is originally mounted with a dual plated OEM exhaust, so the Stainless Steel Edition will match the body with no question at all.

It'll match the vehicle even if it has been customized.

You may have heard the CB1100 to be quoted as a model that matches the sceneries of Japan. Whether it's in the urban area, on a tour in the countryside or at night, the vehicle tends to melt into the atmosphere. If you prefer unity, we recommend you to chose the Stainless Steel Edition.

Full Exhaust RC-Four Black Edition


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The Black Edition will exaggerate the rugged characteristics of the vehicle.

The exhaust pipe is coated with heat resistant black finish that features a delicate but bold curve that merges with the frame and together hem the engine.

Together with the OEM plated fender for front and rear side, common for all CB1100 vehicles, the chic black color of the exhaust pipes will support each other and give the vehicle a sharp appearance.

It'll look awesome especially with CB1100's special color, Black Style. Together with the graphite black body, over half of the vehicle components will be colored in black.

The black colors (except for front/rear fender & mirror) will provide the vehicle with the taste of ''a man's spirit of adventure'' and independent existence that can't be find in any other vehicle.

The prototype mounted with black exhaust, was customized in café racer style. So that means you can mount it with single seat and bikini cowl as well.

With retro appearance the vehicle will no doubt offer unapproachable power that no Spartan Sports bikes can achieve. There even maybe riders who paradoxically purchase the vehicle just to mount this RC-Four Black Edition to it.



The red lines on the graph show figures when the vehicle is mounted with the OEM exhaust. Blue lines show figures when the vehicle is mounted with MORIWAKI RC-Four. As you can see, the lines are parallel. If you pull up the red lines they will almost cover the blue lines. The lines on the graph show output flat torque in wide rpm range. Usually engines that draw steady torque curves like this don't cause sudden drop in power also known as ''low torque range'' and are manageable because they can adapt to all situations. Maintaining its manageable characteristics, the RC-Four has succeeded improving over 10% output. It's no exaggeration to say that the exhaust is an ultimate solution for CB1100, a vehicle that is preferred for city riding and touring than for racing in the circuit.

You can hear the sound of the exhaust in the sample movie posted above. *The vehicle used in the movie is a prototype. The RC-Four has JMCA certification and is a Government certified product. You won't have to worry the sound might disturb your neighborhood. It has a gentle sound with Proximity 91dB/Acceleration 81dB. Once the engine is warmed up you'll be able to enjoy the air-cooled 4 stroke engine which is clearly distinctive with other engines, as much as you like. The bass sound of the quad exhaust is quartet.

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