Triumph Trident 660 Test Ride Review: A Stylish and Great Companion Perfect for Your First Imported Motorcycle

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The new standard for middle naked

The Trident 660 is a new generation roadster that aims to set a new standard in the mid-engine class, which is becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

The Trident is one of the most famous motorcycles in Triumph's history, having won the Isle of Man TT race five times. The name "trident" refers to the trident spear held by the god of the sea in Greek mythology. It was a fitting name for a three-cylinder machine.

The engine is a liquid-cooled, four-stroke, in-line three-cylinder, DOHC, four-valve 660cc engine based on the Street Triple S. It features 67 new components, an optimized six-speed transmission and a slip-assist clutch as standard. With a maximum power output of 81 hp at 10,250 rpm and a maximum torque of 64 Nm at 6250 rpm, the motorcycle is tuned for ease of use, but features strong linear power and a rich balance of torque throughout. The stylish new silencers also give the motorcycle a distinctive husky triple sound.

Contemporary minimalist form infused with traditional DNA

The chassis is also newly designed and features a different steel frame and swingarm than the Street Triple series. The front and rear suspension are separate function upside-down forks made by SHOWA and a linkage monoshock with preload adjustment. Nissin double disc brakes with ABS are standard, and lightweight cast-aluminum wheels with Michelin Road 5 brakes are standard. The result is all-round riding performance in a wide range of situations.

The design is unique. With a muscular 14 litre tank and classic 7-inch full LED headlights, the motorcycle's modern minimalist form is infused with Triumph's traditional DNA. The motorcycle also comes with a range of 45 accessories to inspire customization.

Modern electronic devices include two ride-by-wire riding modes (Road and Rain), switchable traction control, and ABS as standard. With a new TFT display for connectivity, the new model is a simple, yet functional and well-designed model that fits today's sense of style.

The riding position is compact and easy to maneuver.

First of all, it looks fresh. The two sharp eyes and sharp design of the Street Triple give it a different look. The LED headlight is a classic round shape and the tank has been recessed to resemble the café racers of yesteryear. The front and rear of the motorcycle have been trimmed down to create a more compact, mass-focused design than the Street Triple.

The ride position is quite compact and the handlebar position is close to the ground, making it natural and less tiring. The seat height is standard at 805mm, but with the slim tank and soft initial suspension stroke, it's not hard to get on your feet. It's so easy to maneuver that it's hard to believe it's a big motorcycle.

Ultra-flat torque focused on the public road driving

And when it comes to Triumph, it's all about the three-cylinder engine. So why the 660 instead of the 765? Steve Sargent, head of development, said it was "the perfect unit for the new generation of riders to enter the Triumph world". It's based on the Street Triple S three-cylinder unit, but most of the parts have been redesigned to reduce peak power a little and give more room for low and mid-range torque.

It's easy to see when you drive it, but it's characterized by trapezoidal torque that looks like it's been raised off the flat earth, not surging like a four-cylinder, but flat all the way. It's unique in that 90 percent of the maximum torque is available in almost every rpm range. The engine characteristics are truly focused on driving on public roads.

Nimble but stable and friendly ride

Another thing that impresses is the gentle throttle response, which allows you to accelerate with confidence even when opening up at the exit of a corner as there is no thump. You can choose between "Rain" and "Road" ride modes, both of which have a calm and controlled feel to them.

The handling is also light but stable. The lightweight body weighs less than 190kg, and the wheelbase is short, but the forks are also laid back, which I think is the reason for the longer trails. The result is a motorcycle that turns easily and has a solid feel at the front. The use of a steel frame and swingarm is also a big help. This is partly due to the cost balance, but also because of its rider-friendly nature.

One more thing to note is the suspension. Showa upside-down forks, linkage monoshock, and Nissin brakes front and rear. The motorcycle is also equipped with Nissin brakes. Although the motorcycle is not equipped with high-quality parts, it has a reliable ride. The Traction Control system is quick to intervene and provides immediate support when needed.

The Trident 660 is a very Triumph-like model. It is a British model that respects history and tradition, but also embraces new things. I applaud the fact that they were able to achieve this level of performance and grade at a price below 1 million yen. I highly recommend this motorcycle as a change from a Japanese motorcycle or your first import motorcycle.

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