PCX160 Test Ride Review: The PCX Continues to Evolve! The 160cc Version Offers the Ultimate in Comfort and Spacious Riding!

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Honda PCX160 Details and Test Ride Review

The PCX series, which has boasted deep-rooted popularity in the scooter class since its introduction in 2010, underwent a full model change in 2018, followed by another full model change about three years later. This time, the lineup includes three models: the 125cc PCX, the PCX160 with an even larger displacement, and the PCX e:HEV with a hybrid engine.

I have had the opportunity to ride all the PCXs, from the early models to hybrids and EVs, and I am always amazed at how much they have evolved. I am always amazed at how much they have evolved, and this time was no exception. I had a chance to test drive both the PCX and the PCX160 at the media test ride held the other day, so I'll start by giving you my impressions of the new PCX160!

An evolution that expresses a higher class

Overall length/Overall width/Overall height


Curb weight


The first thing that always impresses me about the PCX is how light it is to handle. I think it's a relatively large moped scooter in terms of volume, but it doesn't feel heavy at all. This is largely due to the newly designed frame, which is made up of pipes and materials that have been revised to achieve both lightness and rigidity.
In particular, the smoothness of raising the center stand is exceptional. Naturally, lowering the motorcycle from the center stand is also very light, so there is no need to exert excessive force. It's also very easy to push and pull, and I was able to change the direction of the motorcycle many times during shooting. This lightness will definitely be useful when putting in and out of a narrow bicycle parking lot.

Even in terms of style, the flowing, elongated form and dynamic flowing edge lines inherited from the design of the PCX series to date embody the styling concept of "evolution that expresses a higher class". Not only the exterior, but also functional components such as the engine and muffler have been designed in line with the concept to enhance functionality and design.

Foot grounding and position

Seat Height


Foot grounding, Position

When I stepped on the motorcycle with a good review at the time of handling, I found that the position is rather comfortable. I'm 180cm tall, and most scooters have a cramped position because my body shrinks. However, I did not feel cramped on this PCX, and I was told that the foot space is more generous than the previous model. In addition, the seat surface can be used widely, so you can sit back and stretch your legs, or you can sit forward and sit normally.

Seat height: 764mm (staff height 180cm)
Seat height: 764mm (staff height 180cm)
Seat height: 764mm (staff height 173cm)
Seat height: 764mm (staff height 173cm)

Step board

As mentioned above, the foot space of the floor step has been widened by 30 mm in both the forward and outward directions. The result is a more comfortable riding position and a "higher grade of riding comfort".

Test ride reviews

When I rode 150cc before, I thought "It's so fast", but this time, I thought "Wow! It's fast! That was my first impression. The surprise is different from the last time. I felt that the initial speed is more powerful than 150cc. When I open the throttle at once, it pulls me. This feeling that makes you wonder how far it will accelerate if you keep opening the throttle is the best among all the scooters I've ridden. Even so, it has the same stability as a 125cc scooter, so you won't feel intimidated when accelerating.

The lightness of the motorcycle is what makes it particularly enjoyable to ride, and even at 160cc it feels almost the same as a 125cc motorcycle. With such a quick and stable ride, it can be used not only for daily commuting and city riding, but also for touring. There is also storage, and if you install the optional box, the load capacity will be further increased and pillion riding is also easy. The use will naturally expand. Also, although I didn't take it on the highway this time, I'm sure that it will be able to drive without complaint in acceleration and cruising speed. Honestly, I'm pretty sure I want one, lol.

Lights & Meter


The headlight and taillight continue to use LEDs, but the design of the lights is much sharper than the previous model. In particular, the tail light, which used to protrude in an "X" shape, has been replaced by a more integrated design that follows the shape of the cowl on the new PCX.


The LCD digital meter is positioned in the center of the instrument panel, with various indicators on either side. The new indicators include a battery warning light and a traction control (HSTC) indicator.

Driving performance


Engine Type: Liquid-cooled 4-stroke OHC 4-valve single-cylinder
Maximum power: 12.0kW [15.8PS]/8,500 rpm
Maximum torque: 15 N-m [1.5kgf・m]/6,500 rpm

The newly designed "eSP+" engine has been changed from 2 valves to 4 valves. With the increase in displacement, combined with the 4 valves, the engine is much more powerful than the PCX150. The throttle body diameter and air cleaner box were also enlarged to improve the response and powerful performance even when the throttle is not opened much.

Electronic control

  • Idling stop system

The motorcycle continues to be equipped with an idling stop system that reduces excess combustion consumption and emissions when stopped at traffic lights. The system can be switched on and off with a right-hand switch.

  • Traction control (Honda selectable torque control)

The new traction control system optimally controls the amount of fuel injection when the ECU determines that the vehicle is slipping according to the slip rate calculated from the front and rear wheel speed sensors. Many people said, "Don't scooters need traction control? However, when I spoke to the people in charge of development, they told us that the purpose of the traction control was to assist with slippery road conditions such as manholes and white lines in the rain, and that "rather than reducing the engine power to cope with all weather conditions, we installed the traction control so that the increased power can be used in all conditions. This is the reason why we installed it. In particular, there are many users who ride motorcycles only for commuting to and from work, and many of them have inexperienced driving skills, so the aim seems to be to make it possible for anyone to ride with peace of mind.


In order to reduce the vibration transmitted to the rider's hands, a new rubber-mounted handlebar holder has been adopted. Attention to detail is also evident in the design, with the grip ends also silver to enhance the sense of unity with the handlebars and the quality of the bodywork.


The front brakes are equipped with ABS as standard, and the rear brakes are a new 220mm disc type instead of the drum type used until now, which greatly improves braking power.


Along with the newly designed frame, the rear suspension stroke was also increased by 10mm. The vibration when going over bumps and uneven surfaces felt milder, and the ride comfort was definitely improved.

Wheels and Tires

Front size: 110/70-14M/C 50P
Rear size: 130/70-13M/C 63P

The wheels are also newly designed, with a new 5 Y-spoke design. Along with the change in the wheels, the tires have also been widened from the CX150F's Ront 100/80-14 and rear 120/70-14 sizes. The rear tires have been reduced in inches and increased in size to provide more air volume than before, improving both handling and ride comfort.


Smart Key

It continues to feature the Smart Key system, which enables the driver to start the motorcycle, lock the steering wheel, and unlock the seat and fuel tank without removing the key from a pocket or bag. The design of the smart key system has been changed for the new model year.

Fuel Tank

You can place the tank cap

Tank capacity: 8.1L

The tank capacity has also been slightly increased to 8.1 liters. The tank cover also has a new space for the tank cap, which is convenient when refueling. It's a small thing, but this kind of ease of use is something that makes riders happy.


The seats are two-tone black and grey to enhance the sense of quality. The storage space under the seats has been increased to 30 litres, giving you more spacious for your luggage.

Full-face can be stored in the forward space

Glove box

The glove box can hold a 500ml plastic bottle and is equipped with a USB Type-C socket as standard. This makes it easy to charge your smartphone while on the move.

Equipped with a USB Type-C socket

Pillion footpeg

The pillion footpeg is retractable and does not detract from the design of the vehicle.


The stand has both a side stand and a center stand. It's great to be able to use them differently when parking depending on the situation.

Selling price you are interested in

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (including 10% sales tax)

407,000 yen
*As of December 2020


It's only been three years since the last model change and it's only gotten better! That's my honest reviews. The previous model was more than adequately built, but this is a step up from that. The equipment is getting more and more luxurious, and of course, it's great to be able to really feel the effects of the change in frame and engine.

The development manager asked me, "Do you have any requests for the future? I thought, "What more do I have to do? (lol). I didn't have anything in particular, but all I could say in anguish was, "At least 160cc with a higher windscreen...".

It was a very well-made motorcycle with a high degree of perfection. I would like everyone to experience this performance.

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