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Kawasaki ZX-25R Review

I will introduce "Owner Review Summary", a collection of reviews based on the voices of owners who have actually ridden various motorcycles from the Webike Community's My Bike.

In this article, I will bring you the real voices of the owner about the ZX-25R!

This is what the ZX-25R is!

The ZX-25R has always been the center of attention among the motorcycles released in 2020, and its greatest feature is that it is the first 250cc inline four-cylinder engine sports model in a long time. Today, two-cylinder engines are the mainstream for 250cc sports models, but a long time ago, when they were called "racer replicas," four-cylinder engines were used in sports models from many companies. Many riders were excited by the appearance of a 250cc four-cylinder model after a long absence, but one of the most appealing features was not only the engine, but also the full range of equipment, including electronic control, upside-down forks, and radial-mount calipers.

As it was a popular model even before its release, the Webike community had already gathered many owners' voices. Looking at the owner's comments, many were satisfied with the high-revving sound of the 250cc 4-cylinder. Also, some of the owners chose the ZX-25R as their first motorcycle, and it has gained support from users who are not familiar with the old racer replicas.

However, there are a few things that owners are concerned about, such as the weight of the vehicle and the difficulty of break-in driving. In particular, the instruction manual says that the break-in speed should be limited to 4,000 rpm for the first 200 km, and when you actually try to ride at 4,000 rpm, you can only get around 40 km/h.

It's a motorcycle that requires a lot of patience, but if you can get through the break-in period, you'll be rewarded with a great sound that goes all the way up to 17,000 rpm!

A quick summary of the ZX-25R


  • After all, the sound of four cylinders!
  • Class-leading power of 45hp
  • Full of electronic control despite 250cc
  • The quick shifter for both up and down
  • Equipped with inverted front forks and radial-mount calipers.
  • Headlights are bright with LED


  • The weight is one of the heaviest among 250cc class sports models.
  • The high-revving engine makes break-in difficult.
  • The price is also top class.
  • The water temperature is relatively high.

Foot grounding

About 100% of riders in the 166-170cm height range said the ZX-25R's footing was " stable, comfortable".

ZX-25R owner's voice

By Hide

Purpose of purchase, use, comparative modelsThe H2 has violent acceleration, the 900R is a moderate all-rounder, and I wanted a motorcycle that I could enjoy cornering on winding roads with a straight four, but I didn't want to buy a liter SS. But I didn't want to buy a liter SS. Then I saw a 250 with lots of electronic control and 4 engines that looked interesting, so I bought it right away.
  • The inverted front forks is very stiff under braking and allows you to go deep into the corners, so downhill hairpin turns are especially fun.
  • As for the face, I think the two-cylinder face with the inverted slant will be liked or disliked.
  • LED lights are as bright as a car.
  • Quick shifter and auto blipper are easy and convenient.
  • It sticks pretty well at 4,000 in 6th gear (on level ground) at 50 mph.
Weaknesses and complaints
  • The catalytic converter of the exhaust is fixed to the frame, so the heat is transmitted and the frame gets hot.
  • The water temperature rises quickly. As soon as I ride behind the car, the fan turns over 100℃. After that, the engine does not start well.
  • I don't know if it was made in a hurry because of Corona, but the quality of the paint on the frame and wheels was poor. The paint near the swingarm pivot looks like it has been scuffed and I wonder how it passed inspection.
  • There are grease and oil all over the body of the motorcycle. The stem nut was loose when I had a two-cylinder, and I'm not sure if it's still the same outside of Japan.
  • There is no low speed after all.
Advice to prospective buyers.The engine is a little heavier than a 2 cylinder, so when you wake it up it feels a little sluggish, but it has good footing and once you get going it's light, so don't worry about what the media says. It's fun to ride!

By Midwinter

Purpose of purchase, use, comparative modelsI had CB400SB and H2SX at that time and both of them had tourer element, so I sold my CB which I owned for 5 years, and booked it. It was my first 25 and I was attracted by the 4 engine.
Strengths/SatisfactoryThe footing is not as good as the SS of the 90's, but it is about the standard of the modern 250SS. The weight is not so light (180kg), but the size and the sound of the engine make it worth it. It also has a stock quickshifter, so that was another point.
Weaknesses and complaintsI think it's not as good as I thought it would be, but it's not as good as a naked motorcycle. This is the only thing that bothers me about it.
Advice to prospective buyers.It's a great motorcycle for a first motorcycle or an addition to your collection, but as I said, it's a little heavy for the class and not cheap. However, considering the recent price hike of 250 four-cylinder, I think it is possible to have a FI model with the latest equipment such as quick shifter, power mode, and ABS. As for the driving, I won't mention it because I'm breaking it in.


Purpose of purchase, use, comparative modelsIt was intended to be an addition to the motorcycle, but it might be a relay while the H2 is being repaired. The use is completely for fun & prevention of falling in love. The motorcycle model that I compared is H2 Carbon.

I'm satisfied with it because it's light, has 45 hp for a 250cc size, and doesn't cost a million yen. The price is not more than 1 million yen. I can change the sprocket and play with it. The fuel consumption seems to be good. I'm looking forward to riding it after breaking it in. (The results are good, it's a fun motorcycle.)

Under 8,000 rpm, it's not very powerful. But it's 4 times more powerful than a Grom. I like the looks of the motorcycle, it looks like a ZX-10R.

Weaknesses and complaintsProbably unpowered and high-revving, it needs to be ridden at 10,000 rpm or more to be worth talking about. But a 10Hp Grom is a fun enough motorcycle. The motorcycle is unexpectedly heavy, I wonder if it can be made to weigh 160kg. I was shocked by the quick shift from low to second, so I used the clutch.
Advice to prospective buyers.If you can dream of a four-cylinder 250cc motorcycle. The clutch is smooth and the quick shift eliminates lost time when changing gears. A motorcycle equipped with the latest digital assist is very appealing, isn't it? The break-in conditions are the worst.

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