2020 KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-25R Review [With Test Ride Video]

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The Ninja ZX-25R is one of the hottest motorcycles recently since it was unveiled at last year's Tokyo Motorcycle Show. The Ninja ZX-25R was released in the Japan market on September 10, 2020. Are you anticipating with excitement to the new Ninja ZX-25R?

ZX-25R reviewZX-25R review

NINJA ZX-25R Review Summary

Certainly, Kenny Sagawa, a Webike News Editor-in-Chief, don't want to miss anything about the ZX-25R. He participated in a media test ride event of the Ninja ZX-25R held at the Autopolis International Racing Course. I will introduce here Kenny's review about the ZX-25R briefly.

The new KAWASAKI Ninja ZX-25R is powered by a liquid-cooled in-line 4-cylinder engine, which is a fully new design. With a voluminous tank around the engine, ZX-25R is 18kg heavier than Ninja 250. The handlebar position is not too low, offering a comfortable ride. Furthermore, the ZX-25R shows its true potential at 12,000 rpm or higher and rev up to over 17,000rpm.

ZX-25R reviewZX-25R review

As the ZX-25R looks suggest, the characteristic of the engine sound has the advantage of being a high-revving, high-output engine. The screaming inline-4 sound is real. The torque is firm and responsive. You don't need to use the clutch except when you start and stop the engine to support up and downshifting, thanks to KQS (Kawasaki Quick Shifter). The seat cushioning is excellent, and the foot grounding is comfortable. Kenny traveled a distance of about 100km focusing on winding, but he felt less stress and ride comfortably.

The ZX-25R accelerates at full throttle when full banking on the corner even at high speed. With ABS and Traction Control, everything went smoothly where you can ride with confidence. Truly, the ZX-25R outperforms its characters that go beyond our expectations. Check out the test ride video below by Kenny Sagawa.

ZX-25R reviewZX-25R review

ZX-25R Test Ride Video

Comment in this video

Hi, I'm Kenny Sagawa. I have been to Autopolis, and I've taken the ZX-25R for a test ride, so I will do a review it. I took the ZX-25R for a test ride on public roads yesterday.

First of all, the ZX-25R looks impressive because it has a 4-cylinder engine. It's bigger and more massive compared to the Ninja 250. In fact, there's an 18kg difference in the specs. However, my test ride review is that the motorcycle has been infused with modern technology that doesn't feel like it weighs much.

This was Kawasaki's first 250cc, 4-stroke model to hit the market in 30 years. Kudos to Kawasaki. If you're familiar with big bikes, you'll find it a little calmer from the start. However, since this model is equipped with an ultra-high revving, high output engine, its impressive performance is only available from 10,000rpm to 17,000rpm at the redline. However, any weaknesses felt at lower revs are completely covered by the latest technology such as FI. For this model, the mid rev range (6,000 to 8,000 rpm) is also good enough performance to enjoy when touring.

The handling is not natural, and it needs to be handled in a manner typical of a Kawasaki, but it does tickle the sports mind. The riding position is very similar to the ZX-10R with the handlebar position being close, low, and tight for a sporty look. I did a 100km test ride on public roads yesterday and it was very comfortable. It's a super sport model that can also be toured. The thing I liked best was the very good quality of the seats. They are thin but have a firm hold feeling.

The other advantage is that it has enough steering angle for a sport model. The low seat height is one of the attractions. As you can see, the foot grounding is excellent. It's a user-friendly model. However, the stage where this model can show its true value is in sport riding, where it uses more than 10,000rpm. Keeping the revs between 12,000 and 17,000 rpm, and entering the corner at full throttle is the way this motorcycle meant to be ridden. It's a model that can perform it. It's a motorcycle that you can handle and enjoy.

Electronically controlled content is also substantial. The front brakes are a combination of a single disc and radial mount caliper. It seems that there was a proposal to adopt with a double-disc, but thanks to the ABS, it keeps sufficient performance. There's also a power mode that allows you to select low or full. It has a quick shifter that can be used for both upshifting and downshifting. The quick shifter is very easy to shift without having to worry about throttling or tire grip. The ZX-25R is a smaller version of the ZX-10R real sports model.

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