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HONDA CRM250AR Owner's Review

From Webike community "Let's talk about your beloved motorcycle!" campaign, here's an enthusiastic story from the rider named "Erushichi", who's riding with his beloved CRM250AR! Erushichi will tell us the reviews of the CRM250AR, which he understand well because he is the owner, such as the advantages and disadvantages.

[Simple self-introduction]

・Motorcycle history and how I usually enjoy my motorcycle.
I made my motorcycle debut in 2018 with the GSX250R (2018 model). So it's been about 2 years since I started riding a motorcycle. Basically, I ride a motorcycle for commuting and touring, but recently I am also going to forest roads, dirt courses, and circuits. The strength of Motard is that you can enjoy both off-road and on-road. CRM for commuting? I think some riders think that way, but the other S1000R is always for commuting to work with CRM because the fuel cost is not stupid.

・Period of riding this motorcycle
I encounter this motorcycle in March 2019 when I fell in love with CRM250AR at first sight in the shop and signed a contract. It's been a little over a year since then, and we've done a lot of work on it.

・Purchasing motivation
Originally, I wanted a 125cc class, light and powerful off-road bike and the KDX125 was the candidate at the time. When I went to the motorcycle shop to ask them to look for the CRM250AR, the staff was right in front of me, and when I realized I was pushing a stamp. (sweat) (What an OEM wheel was equipped at the time I purchased!)

Commuting, touring, forest road, dirt course, circuit
It's a really good motorcycle that can do everything on one motorcycle!


Motard's greatest strength, its overwhelming lightness and good handling make me feel like I can go anywhere. The fuel consumption also runs nearly 20 liters, so it would be excellent as a 2-stroke engine. The fuel tank capacity can hold 11 liters, so you can ride about 200 kilometers! Also, for a 2-stroke, there's almost no white smoke during the ride, so there is no problem with a mass touring.

・For riding
Here, I will write about the riding performance of the Motard. To be honest, you can ride the CRM250AR at your best. It has a horsepower that the current model just can't deliver. 40 horsepower at 112kg curb weight is pretty badass. (lol) There is a lot of power on off-road, but it is a strong ally on-road. And thanks to the ARC valve, the torque comes out from underneath so it is very sticky. Since I changed the suspension to a HYPERPRO model, the brakes work well and it stabilizes in the corners, so it is a great motorcycle to stand up with a bang.

・For appearance
The OEM product is still a vintage design due to its time, but if you customize it in various ways, you can get a unique style of it and I am now quite satisfied.


・For applications
I wouldn't recommend it to the riders who want to ride comfortably or who are concerned about fuel economy because the CRM250AR is very peaky. Also, I wouldn't recommend it to short riders because it has the worst foor grounding. After that, regular maintenance is required. If you don't want to do something by yourself, you can't maintain it. And, importantly, there are no parts other than the seal-related parts. That's what Mr. HONDA really is...

・For riding
It depends on the setting of the sprocket, but I think I can't ride at high speed. Also, because it's a 250cc single-cylinder, it has instantaneous power, but it doesn't extend upwards.

・For appearance
I don't have anything special to say about the CRM250AR, but I would have preferred the black chassis. I'm sorry to say that this is quite a personal opinion.


・I want to enjoy riding with my motorcycle!
・I want to enjoy the aggressive acceleration of the 2-stroke!
・I want to ride a Japanese Motard faster than WR!
・I want to ride a light, high-powered motorcycle!
・I want to ride a motorcycle that doesn't belong to anyone else!

I would recommend it for such riders. When I purchased the CRM250AR, it is encouraging when there are a major dealer or a detailed person nearby (I have been helped many times). Lol! It's a difficult motorcycle, but it's really enjoyable!

Thank you, Erushichi, for a narrative that shows so much love for the CRM250AR!

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