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TRIUMPH Daytona 675 Owner Review

Webike Community "Let's Talk About Your bike! From the campaign, here's an enthusiastic narrative from "Tomo", who rides a Daytona 675!
He told us about his in-app review of the Daytona 675, including the good, the bad, and other things he knows because he's the owner.

brief self-introduction

Motorcycle history and how I usually enjoy my bike.

I've been licensed for 14 years now, and for various reasons I was a paper rider with just a license for a long time.
I started riding PCX on my commute to work and came to own a motorcycle, and since then, in 7 years, I've been riding variously and now the Triumph Daytona 675, Vespa Sprint 125, Aprilia SX 125 and a Honda HRC Grom. I ride it for touring, commuting and track use respectively.

How long have you been riding this bike?

Daytona is a 2014 model purchased in 2015 with 18,000km in 5 years.

Purchase motive and purpose

While I was narrowing down the candidates for the middle SS, the most important factor in my purchase was the unparalleled engine sound.


For the purpose

The use of the bike is mainly for long distance touring as it's not really suitable for city riding.

For running

It accelerates comfortably. If you're not aware of the speedometer, you'll soon exceed the legal speed limit.
The ABS seems to intervene a little too quickly in the normal setting. (You can change the ABS mode.)

For appearance

The three-cylinder engine is slim and looks like a 250cc at a glance. I like the overall curvy design and the beautiful pearl painted color.


For the purpose

I don't feel like riding around town to buy a few things. Even in touring, when there is a lot of traffic jams, my neck hurts especially because the steering wheel position is low and the position is tight.

For running

I have no complaints about the ride, but the fact that I can barely open the gas pedal can be stressful at times.

For appearance

Because the body of the bike is small, sometimes a hot car comes to stir up a little bit. It is a motorcycle that can easily do more than 200 km/h if the accelerator is opened a little. The shortcoming may be that people think it's a small bike.

Summary (Recommended for people like this, etc.)

If you're on the fence about the middle SS, I would encourage you to listen to the actual sound of the bike. The 3 cylinder sound of the Triumph has an uplifting sound like no other and it's pleasant to drive.
Because it's a foreign car, there's not much to match with other people, which is also a good thing.
In addition, because of the small size of the body, it can easily fit in a light van, and it is easy to use it for circuit and long-distance touring.

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