GPX GENTLEMAN 200 Test Ride Review: A Neo-Classic Model the Same Style as a Big Bike!

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[GPX GENTLEMAN 200]Detail & test ride reviews

The GENTLEMAN is one of the three models that GPX is selling in Japan, and is based on the neo-classic model. The GENTLEMAN 200 is equipped with a wide variety of parts, including inverted front forks, radial-mount calipers, under cowl, and a single seat cowl, at first glance. The single-round headlight and the spoked wheels are giving it a classical look.

The GENTLEMAN 200 may seem a bit unsatisfactory when compared to the 250cc class, but we will introduce the charm of GENTLEMAN with excellent cost performance!

A unique atmosphere and outstanding appearance

Overall Dimension [L x W x H]

2,020mm x 790mm x 1,160mm

[Curb Weight]


The dimensions of the GENTLEMAN 200 are about the same as the 250cc naked models such as the CB250R and MT-25. The curb weight is also 160kg on the specs, but I didn't feel much that weight when I actually pushed and pulled the motorcycle.

Not only the undercarriage, but also the under cowl, seat cowl, and 3-dimensional fuel tank design are combined, giving the GENTLEMAN 200 a unique atmosphere and presence. It also has pillion foot pegs, and pillion riding is also available if you remove the single-seat cowl of the standard equipment.


gentleman_06.jpg▲ The under cowl is also standard equipment.

gentleman_05.jpg▲ The pillion foot pegs are removable.
gentleman_36.jpg▲ Position adjustment is possible by rotating the pedal.

Foot grounding

[Seat height]


[Foot grounding]

TThe seat height is 800mm, but since the body is thin, the foot grounding is great in which you can have sufficient allowance to your knees. I didn't feel cramped at all even with my feet on the foot pegs.

gentleman_25.jpg▲ Seat height: 800mm (Staff height: 180cm)
gentleman_26.jpg▲ Seat height: 800mm (Staff height: 180cm)
gentleman_27.jpg▲ Seat height: 800mm (Staff height: 173cm)
gentleman_28.jpg▲ Seat height: 800mm (Staff height: 173cm)

Monocular and LED lights

Its headlight uses a halogen bulb for both high and low, but LEDs are used for the ring-shaped position lights installed around the headlight. LEDs are used for the tail lights and turn signals.



[Tail lights]


Compact meter without impairing its style

It is equipped with an integrated digital meter with a round design. The speed is displayed in the center of the meter, and the bar graph tachometer is placed along the bottom of the circle. The voltmeter is on the upper left, the fuel gauge on the right, and the ODO trip and shift indicator are displayed in the center. The LCD backlight is blue.


Aggressive position handlebar

The handlebar shape of the GENTLEMAN 200 is almost flat. Therefore, the position of the handlebar is lower than I expected when I straddled it. The DEMON 150GR had a choke lever on the left switch, but the GENTLEMAN 200 does not have it. The right switch is equipped with a hazard lamp switch.

By the way, the grip on the left has an OEM design. The right-hand grip on this motorcycle had been altered to adjust the throttle opening.

gentleman_19.jpg▲ Without choke lever
gentleman_20.jpg▲ Equipped with a hazard lamp switch

Sustainable undercarriage


Front: 10/70-17
Rear: 140/70-17

The GENTLEMAN 200 features 17-inch spoked wheels on both the front and rear. Tire sizes are 110 front and 140 rear, which is a familiar size for the 250cc class. Having a large selection of tires is also an important factor in maintaining your motorcycle. The OEM tires are PIRELLI's Angel City.

gentleman_08.jpg▲ Front: 110/70-17
gentleman_01.jpg▲ Rear: 140/70-17


The front brake is equipped with radial-mount calipers and double-discs, while the rear brake is equipped with a single pod caliper. The GENTLEMAN 200 may be the only current model with double discs, although the 250cc class has also seen a combination of radial-mounted calipers and inverted front forks.

gentleman_09.jpg▲ Radial mount calipers and double discs
gentleman_11.jpg▲ Single pod caliper


TThe front is equipped with inverted forks and the rear is equipped with YSS shock absorbers, just like the DEMON 150GR. My impression of the suspension was that it felt a little stiff when solo riding.

gentleman_10.jpg▲ Inverted front forks
gentleman_37.jpg▲ YSS rear suspension

Easy-to-handle 200cc engine

Horsepower: 11.5PS/7,500rpm
Torque: 1.34kgf/m/7,500rpm

The engine is equipped with an air-cooled 4-stroke 197cc, 6-speed transmission. Since it is air-cooled, an oil cooler is installed in front of the engine. The exhaust system extends to the rear tire has a gentle sound quality as its name implies.

The GENTLEMAN also uses a carburetor rather than a fuel injection. I was not able to verify the stamp of the manufacturer here. The choke lever pulls directly from the carburetor.

gentleman_13.jpg▲ Air-cooled 4-stroke 197cc
gentleman_15.jpg▲ Equipped with oil cooler


gentleman_35.jpg▲ Equipped with a carburetor
gentleman_30.jpg▲ Choke lever

A fuel tank with a classic look

Fuel tank capacity: 12L
There was no data on the manufacturer's official website for fuel consumption information. The banded design in the center of the fuel tank is combined with the color scheme to create a classical look. The "GPX" logo is also engraved on the fuel tank cap, giving a sense of commitment to the tank design.

At first glance, I thought that the fuel cock notation was written in the Thai language, but in fact, it was a picture showing the amount of gasoline. If you compare the letters on the sticker attached to the fuel tank, you can see that the fuel cock's notation looks like letters.

*The ON/OFF/RESERVE was written in pen on this test ride machine to make the notation easier to understand.


Luxuriously designed seat

The tuck-roll style design and the seat with red stitching gives a luxurious feeling. In addition, the standard single seat cover is detachable, allowing for different styles according to different purposes. The seat cushions are thick, so my butt didn't get sore while sitting.

The space under the seat was not sufficient enough.


What’s the selling price concern?

MSRP: Around 3100 USD

*As of March 2019

It is not only cheap compared to the 250cc class, but it is also by far the cheapest compared to the 200cc class! There aren't many manual motorcycles available at a new price of about 3400USD or less.

In terms of being easy to ride, it might be good as a second motorcycle.


The 200cc GENTLEMAN has a 50cc larger unit than the DEMON 150GR, but I didn't feel any big difference in power when I rode on it. In fact, it's the same with 11 horsepower on the specs. Still, I felt it had more torque than the DEMON 150GR, and I didn't feel a lack of power when starting up. It's easy to ride even at low revs, so you won't feel stress when riding around the city. I don't mind that much for riding around the city, but since the handlebar is low, the foot pegs are a little behind, and the position is tilted forward, so it may be a little tight for long-distance riding and touring.

Best of all, coupled with the various equipment, it has a nice style that doesn't feel cheaper than the price! The neo-classic appearance has an inverted front fork, radial-mount calipers, and LEDs used for lights, and many other attractive features not found in Japanese models. If you're looking for a motorcycle that doesn't look like anything else around you, check out the actual motorcycle!

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