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[HONDA ADV 150]Detail & Test Ride Reviews

The ADV 150 has been constantly trending about when it will be sold since its appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2019.
I took a test ride since a media test ride event for ADV 150 was held prior to its launch in Japan.

Not only looks reminiscent of the new adventure X-ADV equipped with HONDA 745cc inline 2-cylinder engine and DCT, but also the adoption of the PCX 150 eSP engine made the riders expectation increased even before riding, which has a proven track record of reliability.

I was able to test ride with the PCX 150, so I'm going to compare and introduce the review here!

1. User-friendly engine with a playful style is fun

The test ride time was short, but I went out of the venue and actually ride around the city. The difference in position was what I felt immediately after I started riding. Since the seat height is higher than the PCX 150, the line of sight is naturally higher, and the field of view is wider. The handlebar is a wide fat bar with a small aperture. With meters and windscreens that display a lot of information were combined at the same time, and the sight reflected in the field of view was exactly the same as the adventure motorcycle. The ADV 150 is a scooter but full of adventure from every aspects, including the playful style and the use of block tires that imitate the X-ADV. By the way, when I tried the ADV 150 to stunt riding like an adventure motorcycle, it was comfortable when standing because the foot pegs were not flat. Conversely, when sitting with the legs stretch forward of the foot pegs, the lower body was held stable because the buttocks fit in the hollow that is the boundary with the pillion seat.

The suspension has been designed exclusively, and the riding performance has been improved more than the PCX by installing wide block tires. Especially in this test ride, I felt the difference in a lot of gaps such as the rut of the road. As for the engine, the same "eSP engine" as the PCX is mounted on the ADV 150, but the torque and acceleration performance has been improved for low-med rev range through a detailed review of the intake system and drive system. In fact, I compared the acceleration from the start with the PCX 150, but the extension up to around 50km was better with the ADV 150. Among the same 150cc scooters, its driving performance ranks at the top.

Next, I will explain various parts in detail.

2. A style dissimilar to the PCX

Dimensions (L x W x H)

ADV 150: 1,960mm x 760mm x 1,150mm
PCX 150: 1,925mm x 745mm x 1,105mm

[Curb weight]

ADV 150: 134kg
PCX 150: 131kg

The engine parts such as the frame and engine of the ADV 150 are based on the PCX 150, but there were differences not only in the design but also in the parts related to riding performance.

For the design, the ADV 150 is equipped with a variable screen like the X-ADV, an exhaust system facing upwards, and a digital meter with an adventure-like visor. In terms of size, although there is no big difference from the PCX 150, the area around the front mask is rough, giving a bigger image than the actual size.

As for the riding performance, the suspension has been modified to not only increase the overall length, but also the reservoir tank. As the suspension has been extended, the seat height and minimum ground clearance have been increased, and riding performance on rough roads has been improved. The 13 inches rear wheel of the ADV 150 is 1 inch smaller than the PCX 150, but the width has been increased from 120 to 130 sizes, and block pattern tires are standard equipment. With the changes of the undercarriage at the rear of the ADV 150, the brake was also drum type in the PCX 150, but the ADV 150 uses brake disc.

▲ADV 150
▲PCX 150
▲ADV 150
▲PCX 150
▲ADV 150
▲PCX 150
▲ADV 150
▲PCX 150

3. Foot grounding

[Seat Height]

ADV 150:795mm
PCX 150:764mm

[Foot grounding]

The seat height is about 30mm higher than the PCX 150. Therefore, if staff with a height of 173 cm straddled for the foot grounding, the landing was able to sharpen to the heel on the PCX 150, and the heel of both feet was floating on the ADV 150.

▲ ADV 150's seat height: 795mm (Staff height: 173cm)
▲ PCX 150's seat height: 764mm (Staff height: 173cm)

4. Active lights like adventure

For lights, all LEDs are used without compromise although it is a scooter. Above all, the newly design hanging position light is cool! Combined with the "X-shaped" light emission shape in the taillight, it creates an active image.

It uses an emergency stop signal to quickly convey sudden braking to the following vehicle. The hazard lamp flashes quickly at high speed to alert the following vehicle during emergency braking.


[Tail light]

5. Separate-type meter with a lot of information

The meter layout can display more information by separating the speedometer and various indicators. The upper part of the speedometer displays the fuel system, date, clock, oil change indicator and odometer/trip meter from the left. The lower left side displays the fuel consumption system, temperature diameter, and voltmeter by switching. The big gauge on the right is an instantaneous fuel economy meter.

6. A spacious fat bar with a scooter

The handlebar adopts a wide fat bar like an adventure. There are no major features in the switches, but an idling stop ON / OFF switch is provided on the right side similar to the PCX 150.

The smart key system eliminates the need to insert a key. Just by carrying a smart key, you can unlock the key, seat, and fuel filler.

7. Equipment to help comfortable riding

The windscreen is movable that can be adjusted in height from 2-stages. The difference is 17mm between the low position and the high position, and the height can be adjusted without using tools by the newly developed slide mechanism. The traveling wind hits the chest in the low position and is recommended when you want to feel a moderate wind in the city. On the other hand, when traveling wind is strong such as high-speed traveling, the high position reduces the amount of wind receives in the upper body and reduces fatigue.

The inner box has a storage capacity of 2L. Since the ACC socket is equipped inside, it is possible to charge the smartphone while riding. Since the depth is not more than I thought, 500ml pet bottles cannot be fit.

▲ Low position
<▲ High position
▲ Inner box with 2L storage capacity
▲ Equipped with an ACC socket in the box

8. Undercarriage special design

The front fork has a stroke of 130mm despite its upright type. It produces a high-quality riding comfort not only in the city, but also on uneven road surfaces. The rear suspension adopts a twin shock absorber with a reservoir tank. With a stroke of 120mm and a 3-stage rate spring, it demonstrates excellent road following performance even when pillion riding or traveling on rough roads.

It uses brake discs for the front and rear discs. Since the rear brake of the PCX 150 was a drum type, the braking force has been greatly improved by using a brake disc. ABS is equipped with a single-channel type that operates only at the front.

The tires are equipped with special block pattern tires in consideration of its riding performance. By changing the wheel size from 14 inches rear and front of the PCX 150 to a combination of 14 inches front and 13 inches rear, this contributes to improved handling performance and riding comfort.

▲ 110 / 80-14M / C 53P

▲ 130 / 70-13M / C 57P
▲ Twin shock with reservoir tank

9. Engine with an improved low-medium rev range

Max. output: 15PS / 8,500rpm
Max. torque: 14N. m / 6,500rpm

The engine is based on the "eSP engine", which has a reputation for being powerful but also excellent in fuel efficiency, and the intake system and drive system have been optimized to improve the torque and acceleration performance in the low-med rev range. The ADV 150 had better acceleration performance than the PCX 150 when I actually compared. Since the idling stop system has been adopted, it achieves quietness along with improving environmental performance and fuel efficiency. The exhaust system has also been newly designed for the ADV 150, and adopts an up-shaped layout that enhances driving performance like an adventure.

▲ A reputable ESP engine for fuel consumption with powerful riding performance.
▲ Up-shaped exhaust system from the X-ADV

10. Fuel tank capacity for long distance touring

Fuel tank capacity: 8L

The fuel filler port is located in front of the seat hinge like the PCX 150 and uses a smart key to unlock the fuel filler port. With a fuel tank capacity of 8L and fuel consumption of 44.1km per liter in the WMTC mode, a simple calculation enables continuous riding of more than 300km. It is not only for daily use, but also for long-distance touring.

11. Flexible seat and plenty of storage space

Seat storage capacity: 27L

The seat is slim toward the front to make the feet easier to move out. The seat is slim toward the front to make the feet easier to move out, but there is also a holding possession in the seat between the thighs. The storage capacity under the seat secures 27L. A full-face helmet can be stored in the space in front of the seat. By using it in combination with the rear space, it is useful for storing luggage where you can keep it constantly such as rain gear. It is easier to load and unload luggage since it opens until the seat is perpendicular to the ground. The foot pegs also has a highly flexible layout depending on the situation.

12. What’s the selling price concern?


Price: 3900
* As of February 2020

13. Introducing the custom motorcycles one step ahead!

I will introduced the options in this test ride, as OEM optional equipped motorcycle was presented as a reference exhibit.

With HONDA OEM equipment
Unlike overseas specs models, Japanese specs models have a large amount of power generation in cold-weather specs. The power that can be compensated enough even if the OEM optional grip heater is installed. There is also an exclusive rear carrier and top box setting, and the top box has a capacity of 35L, which is large enough to handle touring luggage.

With custom parts equipment
It had given a unified customizing with red anodized parts matching the style of the gay red. The dress-up parts include lever, bar end, master cylinder cover and clamp, and bolt cap. The hard parts include a sidebar, fog light, and tidy tail kit equipped with a full exhaust system made of MORIWAKI with beautiful roasted color. With abundant parts prepared prior to its launch, you have high expectations for new products in the future.

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