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Since it was debuted in April 2017, sales volume has steadily increased, and in 2018, the Honda Rebel 250, which has made a breakthrough in the small motorcycle class by overtaking the scooter PCX150, carries out the first color change in the 2019 model. I tested ride on it in order to explore the popularity of the cruiser that is the Japanese unique class.

Pursuing the comfort of a good size

ホンダ レブル250 [2019]

ホンダ レブル250 [2019]

ホンダ レブル250 [2019]

ホンダ レブル250 [2019]

ホンダ レブル250 [2019]

ホンダ レブル250 [2019]

ホンダ レブル250 [2019]

(Advantages) Looks like a Cruiser but run like a Naked.

The Top Mini Motorcycle Sales (see table below) as if to support the Rebel 250 that certainly increased the opportunity to look around in the city. The rider's style is very much a combination of everyday wear on a jet helmet, and it can be easily imagined that the REBEL 250 blends into their lifestyles.

ホンダ レブル250 [2019]

In the 2018 sales of mini motorcycles, the PCX 150 has been reduced to 1st place. It may be the reason that only mini motorcycle cruiser in the lineup of 4 manufacturers in Japan was also supported.

The engine is neither air-cooled nor V-twin, which is the decisive factor of cruisers but a new water-cooled single-cylinder designed. (Right) The intake/exhaust system and FI setting are optimized based on the water-cooled single cylinder mounted on the CB250R etc. What I am particularly impressed with is the pulse feeling when you are passing in the highway at 40-60km/h, and you can enjoy cruising along with a good exhaust sound. By the way, because there is no tachometer, I calculated the number of revolutions at the top 6-gear 100km / h that is about 6200rpm. It blows smoothly up to a high-speed range even though it is a single cylinder, and it is enough to require power as well. It is a point that can not be overlooked that the clutch and shift operation are light.

Handling is brighter than this easy-to-use engine. From the fat front and rear tires, low seat height, and large laid front forks, it is easy to recall the unique maneuverability. However, the real face is so natural that it is so overwhelmed and it is easy-to-use to the same level as Naked motorcycle. The steering angle is attached to the inclination of the vehicle body, and the direction is changed while being accompanied by a solid feeling of grounding contact. Because the wheelbase is 1490mm long as a 250cc wheel, the turning force is not high by any means, but the cornering is finished to be a fun cruiser so as to glare a little bank angle that footpeg comes into contact with the ground immediately.

Regarding ride comfort, it is not bad to feel the effect of cost reduction on the suspension, but the air volume front and rear tires and the flexible steel frame follow it, which is not bad at all. The brakes were also required to have sufficient performance, especially the rear brake had a good feel to be controllable. The REBEL 250 is STD motorcycle with a cruiser style, and that's why it has been supported by a wide range of riders.

(Disadvantage) It is difficult to load, but it is one of the fun inventions

There are no loading hooks, and the seating surface of the tandem seat is narrow, so it is difficult to load a large load in the state body condition. However, the saddlebag and rear carrier are available as OEM included parts, and there are a lot of other brand products. It is a motorcycle that you can play including those choices.

Conclusion: Rebel 250 is one excellent model that doesn't force rider to overreach interms of driving technique as well as price.

The test ride vehicle is typesetting of ABS specification, with no other rider-aid electronic devices. Still, even if the rear tires flow, it's so light and manageable that you can control it, everything is in your hands. It will be handed down as a famous motorcycle of Heisei era.

ホンダ レブル500 [2019]

[Sibling Model "500cc" also set] The CBR500R-based 471cc water-cooled parallel two-cylinder is mounted on the vehicle body that is almost the same as the 250cc. The highest output is 46ps against 26ps of 250cc. The same 2019 year model carried out a color change. [HONDA REBEL 500 • Price: 785,160 yen]

• Satoshi Mayumi
* Coverage Cooperation: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

* Based on the article published in Young Machine 2019 May issue

Original Source[ YOUNG MACHINE ] (*Japanese)

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