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[HONDA CB1100 EX] Detail & Test Ride Impression

CB1100 which can be said as a flagship model of HONDA air-cooled four-cylinder model.
As its derivation, there are two types of model "RS" which was reinforced suspension and "EX" which was finished in more classic style.
This time, in the neo-classical heyday, I focused on "EX" that stuffed the real classic style.
For those who are concerned about CB1100, we will deliver a must-see test impression!

[Table of contents]

2.Seat Height and Foot
7.Engine and Exhaust

Classic style with air-cooled engine

Among the CB1100 series, the biggest feature of EX is the front and rear 18-inches spoke wheels.
Plating parts attached to each part express the texture and luxury of the metal.
By combining these, it is creating a classic style that is somewhat nostalgic though it is the latest model.

[Overall Length / Overall Width / Overall Height]


[Vehicle Weight]


It is not a perfect foot grounding, but it is a sufficient.

[Seat Height]


[Foot grounding]

The seat height is not high so far, but due to the sense of volume of the engine and tank, it was not a perfect foot grounding.
Because the center of gravity was low, there was no concern to support the motorcycle body with signal wait even if the heel was floating.

• Seat Height: 780mm (Staff Height 173cm)
• Seat Height: 780mm (Staff Height 161cm)

EX is equipped with LEDs for headlights and taillights

The headlight is equipped with a headlight cover with chrome plating treatment together with the LED.
It also adopted LED for the tail lamp and visibility is outstanding even at night.
Luxury feeling of each part is further increased by chrome plating.


• Low Beam
• High Beam


• No holdeing brake lever
• Holding brake lever

Analog double meter with full function

It is an two analog lens meter with full function which is common style for CB series.
Between the speedometer and the tachometer are equipped with a liquid crystal panel that displays a lot of information such as clock, shift indicator, fuel gauge, and switching type ODO, trip, inverse fuel margin meter. The temperature setting of the grip heater is displayed on the liquid crystal panel.

• It has a shift indicator in the center of the meter.
• The temperature of the grip heater is displayed in 5-stages.

Usefull Grip Heater.

As a standard grip heater, the grip and switch become a unitary compact design.
The temperature can be adjusted in 5-stages, but the grip warms up quickly!

Flexible suspension of "EX" specification


Front and rear 18-inches wheel are 40 stainless steel spoke wheels combining aluminum rim and small diameter hub.
Wheel weight reduced from the previous model contributes to light and stable handling.

▲110/80R18M/C 58V
▲140/70R18M/C 67V


The front brake is equipped with a floating disk of Φ296mm in diameter and an opposed 4 pod caliper.
The rear brake is equipped with a single disc of Φ256mm and a single pod caliper.
ABS becames standard equipment, brake performance is satisfactory.


For the front fork, "Showa Dual Bending Valve" is adopted which can adjust damping.
As a seasoning, it is a supple and soft fork, but you can set the elongation side and shrink side according to your preference.
Fork boots were attached to the inner tube.

Rear suspension adopted single-cylinder type with chrome plating treatment.
Adjustment with the preload adjuster is possible.

Air-cooled four-cylinder gentle sound and easy-to-handle torque

It is extremely easy to handle low-speed torque in a large displacement air-cooled in-line four-cylinder engine, and in the everyday area such as town riding and touring, between 2,000 and 3,000 rpm can run quite comfortably.
Also, not only the elongation of the high revolution when opening the accelerator tightly, as well as the powerful and sturdy sound like the air cooling sounds will raise the feelings of the rider!
It can handle long touring with plenty of clutch operation with assist slipper clutch and optimum gear selection by six speed mission.

A tank with beautiful shapes

A unique tank with a three-dimensional sense adopted a "flangeless fuel tank" that eliminates welding flanges.
The painting of the unified tank with the fender produces a high quality image with luxurious glow and stripes.
More than anything, "HONDA" three-dimensional emblem stands out the presence of the tank itself!

Retro and luxury seat

The tuck roll style seat not only increases the thickness of the cushion pursuing a comfortable feeling, but it also adds a high quality feeling by putting in silver piping.
There is not much space under the seat, but a separate ETC 2.0 is standard equipment.
It is equipped with a handy item such as a luggage hook and a helmet holder next to the seat.

The price to be worried about?!

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (including consumption tax 8%)

・CB1100 EX
1,338,120 yen (consumption tax excluded price 1,239,000 yen)

・CB1100 RS
1,378,080 yen (Consumption tax excluded price 1,276,000 yen)

1,231,200 yen (Consumption tax excluded price 1,140,000 yen)

* Prices (including recycling expenses) do not include insurance premiums, taxes (excluding consumption tax), various expenses due to registration etc.

The price of EX is about 100,000 higher than STD, RS is even higher than EX.
Compared to the same Big Naked CB1300, it seems that the price is suppressed.


The first thing I felt when riding the CB1100EX was "to feel comfortable by riding".
It is certain that there is plenty of power depending on the large displacement, but you can enjoy the feeling of the air-cooled engine even at low speed and low rotation, so I was able to run with margin without feeling shoulder elbow.
It is not a speed or a riding that raged violently, but it is definitely recommended for those who just want to stream the streets and winding.
It is a "gentleman" that turns riders into gentlemen, coupled with a classy style full of luxury.


CB 1100 Main Specification ※It also stated "STD" "RS" as a comparison.

General NameCB1100EXCB1100RSCB1100
Motorcycle Name and TypeHONDA・2BL-SC65
Overall Length (mm)2,2002,1802,190
Overall Size (mm)830800835
Overall Height (mm)1,1301,1001,130
Wheelbase (mm)1,4901,4851,490
Lowest Ground Height (mm)135130135
Seat Height (mm780785785
Rut Weight (kg)255252256
Passenger Capacity (person)2
Fuel Consumption Rate*2(km/L)Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport notification value:
Regular fuel consumption value*3
31.3 (60)31.1 (60)31.3 (60)
WMTC Mode Value(class)*418.9 (Class 3-2)
Minimum Turning Radius (m)2.7
Engine ModelSC65E
Engine TypeAir-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 4 valve In-line 4-cylinder
Total Engine Displacement (cm³)1,140
Inner Diameter x Stroke (mm)73.5 × 67.2
Compression Ratio9.5
Maximum Output (kW [PS] / rpm)66[90]/7,500
Maximum Torque (N-m [kgf-m] / rpm)91[9.3]/5,500
Fuel Supply TypeElectronic
Starting MethodSelf type
Ignition Device TypeFull Transistor Type Battery Ignition
Lubrication MethodCombined Cascade Pumping
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)1617
Clutch TypeWet Multi-plate Coil Spring Type
Transmission TypeConstant Mesh 6-speed Return
Gear Ratio1-speed3.083
Reduction Ratio (primary /secondary)1.652/2.222
Caster Angle (degrees) 27゜ 00′26゜ 00′27゜ 00′
Trail Amount (mm)11499114
TireFront110/80R18M/C 58V120/70ZR17M/C(58W)110/80R18M/C 58V
Rear140/70R18M/C 67V180/55ZR17M/C(73W)140/70R18M/C 67V
Brake TypeFrontHydraulic Double Disc
RearHydraulic Disc
Suspension MethodFrontTelescopic Type
RearSwingarm Type
Frame TypeDouble Cradle

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