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Recommended 250cc Motorcycle for the “Sunday Race” [Webike Motoreport]

Sunday Race

Would you like to start a race with 250cc?

Hello! I’m Akihito, a member of Webike staff. Have you ever wanted to participate in a road race? When we hear “road races”, we usually remember MotoGP and WSB, which are based on market models.

In fact, anyone can start to participate in such a road race! It is named as a weekend race called, “Sunday Race”. Anyone can participate by modifying the motorcycle, which usually riding in the city, in accordance with the rules.

I will introduce the motorcycles that are mainly used in the 250cc class of the “Sunday Races”.

1. NEO STANDARD: Introductory class held at Motegi & Suzuka

Although it is called the “Sunday Race”, there are rules for a motorcycle that can naturally be categorized and participated in as well as for the scope of modifications. The rules are different for each race, but basically the class is divided based on the engine displacement.

Among them, I would like to introduce motorcycles that can participate in the “NEO STANDARD” class that has been run four races a year at the Twin Ring Motegi, where the MotoGP Japan Grand Prix has been held, and at the Suzuka Circuit, which is familiar with the Suzuka 8 Hours.

The “NEO STANDARD” class is an introductory class race that has been held since 2010, with 250cc motorcycles. Since this race is an introductory class, not only the range of remodeling has been limited, but only the specified tires can be used. It not only lowers the hurdle of motorcycle modification for the race, but is also devised so that there is not much difference in motorcycle performance. Since the number of motorcycles that can participate is limited to 5 models, it would be helpful for those who are considering entering the race or who already have a motorcycle.

2. CBR250R: Easy to handle with a single-cylinder engine

The CBR250R is one of HONDA’s 250cc sports models. In recent years, the CBR250R has tended to be hidden by the debut of the two-cylinder CBR250RR, but has been used successfully in races such as in the CBR250R one-make races. Therefore, many racing parts are sold by many parts makers, so it is an advantage of the CBR250R that you can customize it to your liking. The CBR250R is slightly inferior in power among the bikes that can compete, but its lightweight body is attractive.

Currently, the price of the used CBR250R has dropped, so the cost of entering the race can be kept relatively low. If you are not confident in modifying the race-spec, it is better you will purchase a complete machine for a one-make race.

3. YZF-R25: The best total balance

The YZF-R25 is a motorcycle that monopolized in the top position in the race until the CBR250RR appeared. Because the YZF-R25 is a late model, it has high total balance and abundant custom parts. The YZF-R25 is one that can be enjoyed by beginners as well as advanced riders. However, water temperature control is important because YZF-R25 tends to increase water temperature when racing.

The YZF-R25 got a new minor change this year, so there aren’t many new parts available. If you want to start racing with the YZF-R25, we recommend the old model, which has all the main parts.

4. NINJA 250: The most powerful engine in the participating motorcycles

The NINJA 250 is a model that was registered as a participating vehicle when the NEO STANDARD class was created. With the first NINJA 250R included, the current model is the third generation, so many used motorcycles are also available.

Depending on the model year, it is also attractive that cutting-edge technology is incorporated, such as equipped assist & slipper clutch. The current model of the NINJA 250 has the highest horsepower of 37PS and has the most power among participating models.

The previous model is also recommended because it has many used vehicle and custom parts.

5. VTR250: The only model with a V-twin engine

The VTR250 is an early participation model of the NEO STANDARD class like the Ninja 250. The VTR250 is often used for city riding and touring, and since there are few custom parts for racing, various preparations are necessary for attending the race. The VTR250 has the only V-twin engine among the 2-cylinder models.

Because of the end of production, the price of the used vehicle of VTR250 has not surprisingly dropped, the cost performance is bad considering the purchase from the vehicle to the custom…The appearance of riding alongside the sports model has a romance that other motorcycles do not have (lol). The VTR250 has many parts that can be diverted, so I personally think that it is a model of expert preferences.

6. G310R: Single cylinder naked model made by BMW

The G310R is a BMW single-cylinder naked model newly added from 2018. It is a single-cylinder the same with CBR250R, but the engine displacement is the largest with 313cc. Since it has been a short time since the G310R debuted, there are still fewer custom parts than other models, but the G310R is a fast-moving motorcycle like the appearance of a full cowl that simulates the BMW flagship model S1000RR.

The G310R has high-grade equipment such as inverted front forks and, radial mount brake caliper that other models don’t have. More than anything, the sound of BMW is really good, lol.

7. Summary

We introduced 5 motorcycles that can participate in the”NEO STANDARD” class that can be said to be an introductory class of the “Sunday Race”. In order to participate in the race, there are still some hurdles that you can face, such as licenses and equipment other than the motorcycle, but the unique tension that you can only experience in the race is the best!

All of the races of this season have ended, but if you’re interested in this race, How about aiming to participate for next season? I will continue to introduce motorcycles related to racing from now on.

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